Best Maitreya Tool for Manifestation


Maitreya offers multiple tools for manifestation.

She also offers fields that indirectly help with manifestation:

Which of these is your favorite? Which one have you had most success with? I don’t have any of these, so hoping to buy one or two of these during the sale.


Note, Shift, Ruler


Thank you for listing everything nicely like this. :sunflower:

I only use one: The Reality Note :sun_with_face:

The Art of Letting Go - Detachment Field
I have to say this is very interesting, I had just written on another topic that I have trouble letting go. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I use this regularly on myself and my mother’s well-being too. I had some successes with this DM, sometimes in just a day or 2, results are evident.

I just bought this yesterday with a discount and if I were to choose only one purchase, this would be it. This DM bypasses your subconscious mind state and uniquely manifests your intent using the energy of illusions, so I think this is a luxury for me.

Also, I use the Subconscious Connector DM for problem-solving and manifestations too. I also had some successes with it.


I am thinking of going with Maya Ruler too!

The way to use it seems simpler than others (imagine, hold for 30-sec, release and thats it)…


What kind of manifestations have you manifested with the Subconscious Connector DM?

There are several more, like removing rodents from my house, strengthening my focusing ability, etc.


Any idea if this can help manifest material



thank you @skyhigh
somehow i didnt see that part

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I think, it should be on the list:

DM: Abrakadabra


You should also reduce the importance of having a result. May be by using The Art of Letting Go field. And treat the manifestation process lightly, not as a job. Its just a game.
The less expectations you have, the better result can be.

Nice results!

I can share one different point of controlling reality with those tools from personal experience from those days I had.

In my yard a few weeks ago had animals (don’t know their name in English) that are eating trees and going into furniture and even can start eating the construction of the house. It’s really hard for people to get rid of those even with chemicals.

As I am not a fan of any chemicals which I will have to breathe after I connected to the Atomic Tap field and give the intention to send to animal’s consciousness to get rid of the house/yard and everywhere where is my territory (visualizing it), so after less than 5 days they were gone.

People are spending thousands of dollars on to get rid of those animals and as I know the treatment is every week for about 3 months or so. And this doesn’t guarantee that they will be destroyed as they put their eggs deep in the wood and it’s a very hard and long process.

I am telling this story so people can see different angles of manifestation. You can change anything. :slight_smile: Use your imagination and play with mandalas.

If anyone is making gardening - can use this often. :smiley:


Simply great…

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I can share what happened when I used Maya Ruler as an experiment. I like one specific type of fruit that is not available in my country as it grows in different climate. I told the Maya Ruler that I want this fruit. What happened was that first I got an add for a service that ships this fruit from a farm in another country to my home, and ordered it. It was the best quality fruit ever, I could not believe it! And then suddenly, 1-2 months later certain grocery stores started carrying that fruit for the first time! So…it was a very cool experience.


Did people really forget the divine invocation field? :smiley:


Never used…Actually I’m focusing to destroy every energy blockage and to increase my skills in many things, and it’s going very well (in my free time).
Of course I’ll use it with Atomic tap and a ton of mixed boosters into various storage fields. I can suggest to use also Energetic Alchemy - Magician to increase the power.

My two cents:
If you have some money you can buy the DMs and you are able to improve yourself in no time. Life is a game, we are the players (so we need to work) and Maitreya is our Efesto. I love to think this.


And might I add Atomic Tap along with Reality Note, Shifter , and Maya Ruler. Boom Baby.
Power House for you on the Planet.