Question on covid vaccine

Hello everyone,

My country is rolling out vaccination in a large scale. My parents took the shot before informing me.

Now I have to do some researches to figure out what is mRNA vaccine.

mRNA stands for messenger RNA. It takes instruction from dna, and regular mRNA will use the command to create protein.

MRNA vaccines teach our cells how to make a protein that triggers an immune response inside our bodies.

“”“An mRNA vaccine delivers the instructions for making a bacterial or viral protein to our cells. Our immune system then responds to these proteins and develops the tools to react to future infections with the pathogen.”""

So what is the catch here? I remember someone said it will change your dna, but isn’t mRNA just the element in the 2nd chain? How can it affect the first chain, dna?

And for some conspiracy theories, some said you would be infertility, microchip into the body, the vaccine is the virus…

I don’t like chemcial, so I want to avoid it, until it becomes mandatory. Yesterday night I dreamed of an infected covid friend came to visit me. I hid from his sight. So I know, this vaccination is coming to my reality soon. I need to research a bit now

Any constructive thoughts or comments about the vaccine? Thanks so much.

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Wait out until there are more meta studies and informations regarding safety of covid vaccine.


This vaccine terror media that is curently still active after 2 years is becoming more obvious that it’s trying to force onto us the vaccine and i don’t like that. I remember the time when medicine was medicine. This all looks exactly like 11/9 propaganda. I am for masks and higiene, but getting vaccinated with unsafty chemical molecules every year, nah. This atmosfere is gonna last for couple of years so better be prepared and patient.


Are you looking for information or how to reduce its effects ?

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Hope this will help you


If you can do the Cupping therapy i highly recommended best thing to clean your blood


We need to prepare, that shit is no joke


mRNA doesn’t change your DNA. It’s contained in a cell, and is like a “recipe” to teach your immune system what to do. mRNA does not interact with DNA. There are other things to be said. Your whole body has mRNA, it’s nothing alien. It only really lasts for a few days max in your body/ If you are really concerned then there are other vaccines out there that don’t use that technique (only Pfizer or Moderna use mRNA thus far).

Too many stupid people spreading rumours out there (not you OP, you had a good question and I can understand your concerns). If some people want to scaremonger others then I hope you feel good about costing lives and others their jobs.

Pretty much any medication in history has been proven to have more severe side effects than the vaccine. If you take aspirin or paracetamol you are statistically more likely to get side effects than from the vaccines. You are more likely to develop blood clots from a long drive, flight or sitting at home during a lockdown.


At this point in the championship, you should know that we do not choose which vaccines to take, you will take whatever vaccine you have at the moment, and all vaccines have problems, the government is clearly hiding data, several people are having severe side effects and the media say nothing. , just simply read the comments of a video of some youtuber talking about vaccines, the number of people who report cases of relatives who took the vaccine and died, or had serious side effects, is extraordinarily large, are they all lying? Is it all a big conspiracy? I prefer to believe the reports of normal people than in the government, spreading fear is what this media does every day, because of a low-lethal virus, if people were concerned about their food and not just wearing masks, we wouldn’t have so many dead.


Thank you for all the replies.

I want to clarify that I want to avoid trouble, so my strategy is to prevent than to cure.

That is, to avoid the injection. However, I still don’t understand why people say this mRNA vaccine is dangerous, is it just simply due to a short research/production cycle?

Some people claim there is mircochip, infertility, and so, but where do these concerns come from? I mean, why suddenly people start to suspect on vaccine but not in before?

And has anyone spent enough time to look into this vaccination? My parents purely believe the media so they took it and not sure what is mRNA. Neither do I, still, up to present, or why the viral protein created by mRNA is harmful or potential lethal to our immune system.

I already took both shots as my school mandated it. Any suggestions on what I should do?

This whole controversy is from Bill Gates being the head of this vaccine. His dad, William Gates Sr., was pushing for abortions. The Planned Parenthood organisation (either he started it or he helped it get traction). He’s also written a book about how parents should consider abortions if they can’t take care of their kids (financially, because of physical or mental instabilities, etc…)

Whether this vaccine is part of an agenda or not, I have no idea. But that’s where all this controversy stems from. Most people will just read random things from websites and spread it around without doing research on it

My dad got the Pfizer one and a week later he was in hospital for extreme dizziness. He couldn’t even stand up without being dizzy. Six weeks later he’s still feeling dizzy but not as much. He’s getting close to being back to normal.

My mom, pregnant sister and her husband got Pfizer too and they are fine and healthy. It affects everyone’s immune system differently. Maybe it amplifies previous health issues I don’t know.


@lucas look above

mRNA doesn’t change your DNA, I rememeber reading about that. last year.
Of course that doesn’t mean these vaccines can’t harm you or have not side effects.

You do not have to go to the depths to know the harm of this, in the end what matters is the empirical result, in practice, and as I said in my comment above, several people are reporting the death of relatives because of these vaccines, in public youtube videos, just do a simple search and you will see, what good is the reports saying that it is safe if several are dying and having serious side effects? The government says that out of millions, only 7 people died, but in the video comments I saw at least 20 people reporting dead, how is it possible then?


Thanks. I only become aware about this covid vaccine until I heard of David Icke. He was named as a conspiracy activist. But I feel he is more like a researcher.

So up to present, we are just guessing that this vaccine will harm you, and there is no research or prove anymore on changing your dna or genes or immune system, neither any research on microchip that stuff. So it is all rumours? But if it is rumour, why would there so many unmask activists?

Regarding about bill gate’s father, I realize he helped Howard to buy Starbuck. At first when I first came across Starbuck in Hong Kong, I was like…who the fxxk think up this kind of ripped off business? How many bags of garbages of paper cups and lids will be sold to 3rd world country as landfill? Talking about how bill gate took the monopoly of software industry by driving out Netscape (now Firefox), WordPerfect …I cannot give too much respect to bill and his father.

Adequate time to be given and research/trials to be done for any vaccine. The covid-19 vaccine wasn’t tested as per SOP but made in hurry.

The present problem is Virus mutation and they are well know for their continued mutation.

The vaccines we humans have were made for covid19 which already mutated to multiple variants including a UK variant known as 501Y.V1, VOC 202012/01, or B.1.1.7 lineage, a South African variant known as 501Y.V2 or B.1.351 lineage, a Brazilian variant known as 501Y.V3 or P.1 lineage, California variants known as B.1.427 and B.1.429, and many others. Some emerging variants are believed to be more transmissible and therefore have potential to increase hospitalizations and deaths, especially in areas with already at-capacity healthcare systems.

Moreover the virus would mutate several times over the next years (may be the present vaccine may not be effective on mutated ones).

I wonder how single vaccine can alone help everyone, when everyones immune system is different and they react differently to foreign partial.


  1. We can wait for some more time (may be a year or so) for more and more vaccination results data accumulation [I believe the ongoing vaccination drive is history’s biggest trials].

  2. Wait Until it is mandatory to be vaccinated to live in Country.

  3. Those who aren’t vaccinated yet can still continue building their immune using natural remedies and protocols from MF, SZ and Sapien.

  4. Those who got vaccinated should keep an eye on their body’s reactions (up to a year at least), also use all cleaning protocols.

  5. A new protocol (healing masses) can be requested to our creators MF, SZ, sapien, this protocol when used by our community shall heal masses, kill the viruses, stop transmission so that their is no compulsion on vaccination.


Thank you happy manifesting.

To everyone, I have not verified ever piece of information in this video. This video said that hill gate has just divorced and he used lies to cover lies about his relationship Jeffery Epstein. Epstein is involved in sex trafficking, especially on young girls

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