The truh about covid

We need to talk about covid, really serious about it, we need a field for long-term effects healing, I know we already have a field, but it just works for prevention and use if you are already infected. It will not treat the damage the virus causes, and no other field on youtube helps in this regard, I know many people underestimate covid, but I know how serious this really is, recovery is fast, but the damage is deep , I know from my own experience, now I’m sure that all the problems I’ve had in the last 3 years are caused by covid 19. In 2020 I was infected, but I didn’t know if it was really because of that, now I’m sure, I was very well recently, exploring new subliminal technologies and having many results, until I caught this damn virus a few weeks ago going to the park where I go to ground myself, all the same symptoms that I had before came back. weakness, especially in the lower parts of the body, heavy and very weak legs, difficulty breathing, low energy, no matter how many hours you sleep it’s never enough, but I think the worst of all is how much it affects your mental, the negativism and stress increases to unbelievable levels, I think the purpose of this virus is to drive the population crazy, not actually kill people. I know that many people will continue to underestimate this virus, but I am also very sure of what I am talking about, I went to the doctor many times, several tests were carried out, and nothing was found, simply because lesions caused by the coronavirus are not detected by conventional tests , it’s not about spiritual obsessions, or even mysterious illnesses, just about this damn virus. Much is said about the side effects of the vaccine, but nobody is really concerned about the serious damage that this virus causes, at this point I no longer believe that the vaccine can be more harmful than this damn virus that destroys your body, mind and body. soul. I know that many people do not go through this, but it does not mean that what happens to me is not due to this, different people, different organisms, we need an effective field for the prevention and adaptation of all variants of this virus, as well as the complete healing and removal of long-term effects. Until the opposite is proven in any way, the vaccine seems to me a better option than going through this for the 3rd time.

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This field does that, unless I’m missing something. Another field that helps a lot is Psychic University’s Reverse the Effects of Viral Infections on his patreon. (though I get that that’s a little out of reach)


Whatever you do, don’t take the vaccine.


I’ve already tried this field, and I don’t think it solves everything.

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I didn’t say I won’t get vaccinated, I said vaccinating is less risky than getting this virus again.

both are black magicians don’t share these creators here :japanese_ogre:

body can fight with the virus but vaccine is far more dangerous it does changes to the dna

Not trying to be antagonistic here I promise, but if you have the time, could you explain why and how you believe they are both black magicians? I’m noticing that I automatically disagree with you on an ego level, because I’ve had great experiences with both of them as people and creators, but if you have good reason to believe that about them then I’d be willing to consider your reasoning.

Edit: Disregard, I read through this Debates - #170 by Samurai and I think I get the general idea. I’ll have to make my own intuitive judgments I guess.

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I appreciate you taking the time to share your perspective, and I apologize for derailing the thread. I think I’ll have to set aside my bias and do an intuition check on them. For what it’s worth I’ve been following dreamweaver for 6 years now and his stuff always helped me. If I was having an IBS attack at work I could listen to his stomach healing audio and suddenly be okay and able to get through the day just fine. He’s repeatedly said he doesn’t work with bad entities, although I understand that if he were the way you’re describing, honesty wouldn’t be part of the package.

As far as psychic university goes though, he’s a wonderful guy. He’s gone out of his way multiple times to help with my specific problems and even took my particular issue into account when making a new field. I never get any kind of intuitive bad vibe from his work at all, and in fact I would say that similar to with Maitreya’s work, I feel a lot of unconditional love from his stuff.

I think my final thing I’ll say about Dreamweaver is that I’d be surprised if someone put as much effort into learning about extremely niche things in medicine as he does if it wasn’t to help people. Yes, he has a lot of paid stuff. But as I’ve mentioned before, his free stuff works. I’ve also seen on this forum a couple times, Maitreya herself seems to have positive views on him as a creator (but maybe you could inform me if I’m wrong about that, I don’t want to put words in people’s mouths).

I’ll ultimately do a vibe check of their stuff as I use it or when I’m on their forum. I’m aware that I’m biased in a certain way and that has its effects on how I perceive new information about them. Thanks for your response.


Not all vaccines alter DNA, and even those that do are certainly no more dangerous than the side effects the damn virus causes. Nothing works against the long-term side effects, because of this shit I will no longer be able to carry out the projects I was resuming, it will be months or maybe years before these effects disappear again and my life will come to a standstill AGAIN, it’s not even possible work in this state. No morphic fields really do anything to help, none of them, I know what I’m saying, I’ve used the best fields from all creators, and they don’t help at all, this virus attacks on all levels, physical, mental, and spiritual , experiencing these symptoms every day relentlessly is worse than being dead. But because of completely unfounded fears many people would rather face this virus than get a vaccine that has few side effects compared to the virus, fears like: I will lose my connection with my higher self, I will stop being human. Things with no real basis and just speculation, you are being misled, the virus is much worse than the vaccine. All my family members were vaccinated, they all got the virus, and they all recovered well, the only one who had serious side effects was the idiot who didn’t get vaccinated, yes, myself, if I could go back in time I would do everything differently.

It’s not just about DNA.


I only see speculation coming from sources I don’t know, is a future that you don’t know when it will come and if it will come more important than a solid and real present that you are experiencing right now? For me the answer is clear, I will protect my present, and in the future I will know if it was worth it or not. I know and I see how devastating this virus is, but I know nothing about how bad the vaccine is, since virtually all speculation on the subject has fallen to the ground, the vaccine does not harm your intuition or end your connection with your Self superior, I know this very well because my friend was vaccinated, and since that happened his connection has not worsened, it has only expanded, having access to a lot of new and unique knowledge. Now that this has fallen to the ground, the new argument is that it will harm its next incarnation, something serious and that cannot be proven, only to foment unnecessary fear about the vaccine. I also don’t think the government has good intentions for creating vaccines, but none of the arguments said here are convincing either, anyway, I don’t expect to make anyone change their minds, when you’ve already decided on something words don’t change anything, but events yes, only when I actually saw the real situation did I fall into reality.

Taking the vaccine is like selling your soul. I wish you the best and hope you make the right decision.


your life your choice we said enough :smiley:

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Researching international mortality analyses could help you make your decision. :wink: You’ll see enough information to help you make the right decision.


I would also suggest you look into what coroner’s are finding in the body’s of vaccinated people.

I’m grateful 2020 and beyond happened. I used to wonder who my people are, to what tribe do I belong. Now I have a handy barometer to gauge like-mindedness. I also learned not to judge those with whom I disagree. Our reality is a manifesting reverse mirror of thought-space, and negative reactions only bring more of what we don’t want. I simply walk around life like in an open air art gallery, looking at each person or situation with detachment, as if they’re paintings. If I don’t vibe with what I see, then I’ll move forward to the next exhibit.


you are grateful for vaccine? :thinking:

In a weird way, yeah. I find it useful to think of beliefs as pendulums, a la reality transurfing. Being adamantly pro or anti v@x still feeds that pendulum and gives it power, mitigating personal sovereignty. I keep an index card taped to the wall near the front door which reads, “Everything in my life that I like or don’t like is because of me.” I like to remind myself that nothing ever happened to me, I happened to the universe and created my own reality. While not personally in agreement with mask enthusiasm or membership in the cult of the v@x, I realize that fighting it with every breath is the flip side of the same coin.


On a biological level -
I did many analysis in the past few years.
I had clients who had covid. My parents had a long recovery too. This affected whole body very badly, but they managed to recover.

I had clients and family members who took the vaccine, and their results were worse then those who had covid. I know2 people with heart conditions now. Cancer activation in another 2. List goes on.

Whatever it was, it destroyed not only physical bodies but affected the mind as well.

As a psychic I could always tell that someone took the vaccine. Always spot on, because they look differently in the astral world. If I would have to choose :syringe: or covid, I would choose covid. I saw what :syringe:did to my friend. She went to the dark side.

Virus and :syringe:are infused with dark magic. But you don’t agreed to accept the virus, while you accepted to take a jab. So you agree with that what’s in it.

I always advised my clients to do heavy metal detox and parasite detox if they want to feel better. I played this:

When I was with my ex-friend. She vomited 6x before she was able to listen whole audio.

In my humble opinion we all should regularly clean our bodies from parasites. Unless you live in the forest and haven’t seen any human for ages, them you should be fine :wink: