Fields to deal with vaccines?

Hi all,
I can’t help but be a bit suspicious and concerned about the COVID vaccine, but unfortunately I can’t get out of getting it (requirement for school). What fields should I listen to to minimise any negative effects?


Eternal Cleaner

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Better don’t get it as this vaccine hits directly genes and change them.


This is truth! The vaccine is death.


I wish I could avoid it, but I think I have no choice (school is going to require it, and I really don’t want to be ostracised by friends and family). Also @Nexus

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It is your choice and yes you do have a choice! It’s pretty simple like that.


One moment gentlemen, the pfizer vaccine is not the only one on the market, perhaps other alternatives are possible.

If I don’t get it once it becomes available I’ll be forced to drop out of school plus I’ll be ostracised by everybody I know. @Maitreya

@DarkMatter Hopefully!


As Arpan mentioned, i think Maitreya’s Eternal Cleaner would be good, but throw in DNA repair as well. Maybe even Removing Alien Implants( to my understanding this is for all foreign things that are not normally found in the body: hence the warning about pacemakers and other such “normal” medical-related implants.)

If you still haven’t gotten it, look into the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, to my understanding its to be a more traditional vaccine instead of messing with mRNA. I personally will not get the vaccine(if not ever) until there is a better understanding of its effects on the human body and i am warning friends and family away from it as well. mRNA vaccine testing up to this point has resulted in failure(when animals were reintroduced to the virus(not specifically covid 19, just others they were testing mRNA on) they died pretty quickly) .

Sure not getting it might lead to hard path, but is comfort really worth possible bodily damage(thanks to field makers like Maitreya we can reverse some of this, but its not a guarantee). Humans like comfort, we gravitate to it, it takes real effort to constantly put yourself on the hard path and do things that are outside your comfort zone.


Dream released a field that also works on genes

It’s called The Blueprint Of Life.

That will remove the effects of vaccine.


Hopefully it does, though there’s no guarantee of course but from the sounds of it, it should. It should reset you genetically using the flower of life, right?

Where can this one be found?

It’s a $300 field, out of reach of most people


It’s $222.

If it show s $300 in your country then you can use VPN and select US as the country. Then it will show $222 as the price.


Where can I find Removing Alien Implants?
$222 is still really out of my range (I’ve been out of work for over a month). Unfortunately I think I’m going to have to make do with Eternal Cleaner and other lower-cost fields. I’d feel better about it if I knew for sure I was getting a traditional vaccine, but I don’t know how to find out what’s offered in my area.


And also, is it more important to listen before or after getting the shot? I’m sure I can save up for the higher-end stuff but I’ll probably have gotten the shot by the time I get those tracks.


I don’t think I can avoid it any longer (if I had the money not to work and to move away and start a new life with new people, that would be one thing, but I don’t - it’s less about comfort for me and more about pragmatism), but it looks like J&J is offered in my area. Thanks for the recommendation.

@TheBlackEmperor Thanks, roger that.