The siege is closing

The capital of my country began to put serious restrictions on those who do not want to be vaccinated, including barring entry to restaurants and supermarkets, if this reaches my city it will be simply impossible to do anything without getting vaccinated, I feel that there will be no way, we will have to vaccinate, unless you want to be unable to do anything, I’m not ready to step away from society yet, and I don’t even have the necessary skills, I’m just a nobody with nowhere to drop dead, I wonder how much sense it makes avoiding this vaccine, being exonerated because of a vaccine that could have its side effects reversed doesn’t seem like a wise decision to me.

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I basically had no choice either. My parents, school, work everyone mandated it, so I took it. And Brenda from twisted sage and another person who is energetically gifted both said I am ok after it, so I am just not too worried about it.


Lol you are okay now but wait until the juice kicks in and starts killing your connection to source. Brenda only knows what she knows and she is very closed off to a lot of things I’ve brought up subjects to her that she had no idea about but our major thing in the community. All I can say is get every energetic tool that you can that works on DNA and restructuring you back to your normal state.


Do not allow yourselves to be consumed by the fear that they are selling. There are other ways to be.


As often, the answer lies in the middle.


In case you gonna take the vaccine i recommend to play sapiens mstate gold as much as possible and direct it with your body to change the substance into harmony or something similar as command.


I would assume that my body is invincible and immortal to keep it from being harmed. I would assume that my body is protected from all harm inside and out.

I have heard that they are planning the same in my country. They change things every few weeks, so i will patiently wait. Maybe the next solution will be better.

My country now requires banks to have mandate vaccination at the end of October. It will affect my job, not so cool.

Well, Darkmatter, before you decide to take the vax due to the society/government pressure, please take a look of what is in a traditional vax:

Also, “formaldehyde (toxic chemical, used in embalming), aluminum (toxic to the brain), gelatin (mashed up animal parts), urea (waste from human urine), potassium phosphate (used for fertilizer), human albumin (different kinds of human blood), polysorbate 80 (can cause infertility, toxic chemical), 2-phenoxyethanol (used for antifreeze), yeast protein (a fungus) and monosodium L-glutamate (causes diabetes & weight-gain)” Don’t forget about mercury, which is highly toxic…

These are for traditional vax, and multiple case studies suggest that early vax will cause austim. I am still searching does vax cause my serious asthma when i was kid, as asthma is inflammated lungs. The new vax causes inflammation in heart and lungs…if you could, try your best to stay away.

You can use online shopping for grocery.
Well, just some suggestions, that’s all.


Sounds like some good stuff :slight_smile:

And that’s just what they are telling you is in there!


Vaccines do cause autism, but some doctors say it’s not because of mercury, but because of a deficiency in vitamin D3, which is one of the vitamins most needed for your immune system to function, when you don’t have vitamin D3, you don’t produce blood cells. enough defense, without enough defense cells your body doesn’t absorb the vaccine virus, and it starts attacking the body itself generating autoimmune diseases, lack of vitamin B12 can also cause that, I would say having the best possible health will prevent the side effects of the vaccine, but 9 out of 10 people worldwide are vitamin D3 deficient, most doctors don’t know how to actually increase vitamin D3 and what levels are recommended, they consider low levels to be good, so it’s no coincidence that many people experience side effects using any type of vaccine.

I have a feeling there might be war. I hope I become powerful enough to be fit for battle. I’m pretty sure I will though.

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Most people are unaware that it is a hormone as well as a vitamin.

There are actually over 20 forms of vitamin D. The main ones we are concerned with are vitamin D2, which is inactive but is our primary dietary source, and vitamin D3, which has two forms.

In order to have benefits though the vitamin D must convert to its active form. Vitamin D2 coverts in to D3 in the liver, then this D3 goes to the kidneys where it converts in to active D3. So the conversion is highly dependent on a properly working liver and kidneys.


Indeed, MSG makes food tastier hahah. That’s how Chinese takeout is popular :laughing:

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@darkmatter @Flatsbi I learnt a lot in this post. I don’t know lack of Vit D will cause austim. Thank you! I will look into it further, so is B12. I am a vegan, so i am sure I am low in these 2 fields.

@YHWH Yeah, multiple warships from different countries are parked at South China Sea. Plus the hand over of Afghanistan (i cannot say it is a take over at all), this is the prelude of war. I hope not though.

@LovePotatoes Oh yeah!

Another research i found for the new jab is from Dr Christiane Northrup. I cannot tell whether she is real or fake, but so far, most of the terms she said, i could find online.

Heavy Metal(s); Hydrogel (open cells to accept mrna), Graphene Oxide (open cells to accept Mrna); Polysorbate 80(solvent that gets particple to break through blood brain barrier); Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION) (things that cause people to become magnetic);

Fetal DNA (immortal cells that don’t die): (AGK 293 in Moderna/Pzifer/Astrazeneca, which is harvested from a kidney of an aborted at 1973, and rendering them into cancerous…) (PER C6 in Johnson & Johnson, which is from an aborted 18 weeks old eyeball in 1985) (MRC 5 in Astrazeneca and many childhood vaccines, which is from a lung tissue of a 14 weeks aborted)

Start at 24 min

So Darkmatter, similar to you, all of my friends and even my landlord took the jab. They all said that I am living in my own world. With recent mandate vax from my bank with a deadline at end of Oct, I can certainly understand your pressure, as most of us are dependent on our surrounding in order to survive.

However, please research on the terms above. Take a look and see whether you want these chemcial/unknown particles in your body. Before you reach a spiritual relieve, we need this body. Take care of your boat now, and aband it once you reach the shore.

Good luck!

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Now they are talking of a third vaccine shot :frowning:

Seems no end to it.

My sister got her third shot already.

Theoretically it should end when herd immunity is reached, either through vaccination or being infected. There are different theories though on which way is better to reach the herd immunity.

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