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We will keep this description without many details, because of some YT policies. This audio will boost the pheromone androstenol and help you with confidence, attraction, etc. Only for men!

Boosted version:

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Can someone tell me more about this audio ? i’m curious…

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Girls will like you. Guys will hate you. Generally speaking. Because you’ll smell “alpha”. Makes you feel and think more “alpha” too.

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I think hate is a strong word.
I feel alert when i meet an alpha, because i know from deep of my subconscicous that i will lose a fight with that guy, but sometime i admire them and wish to be like them.
I dont know why people keep talking about an beta or normal guy hate an alpha guy lol.
The real alpha male outthere are leaders.
Just my opinion lol.

Yeah i remember i tried this and a friend girl, she told me u smell good

How about alpha male radiance audio? I never tried


Guys looking at you like they want to kick your ass or let you know they think they can. Not with most guys. Probably a few wanting to defend their alphaness. Same ratio roughly with females, not all, not even half, but a few will be more into you.

“bro, you smell like you’re challenging me” Lol I’m not, I swear

Different ideas of what alpha is for sure, I just mean the origin of it, it came from wolf packs. The alpha is the one that can kick everyone else’s behind. It’s debatable whether that term really applies to humans at all. Or if it does, it gets used in different ways.

Sapiens’ Unconditional Androstenol was so funny. Androstenol with Unconditional love in it. Guys would sometimes give me that look for a second like “You know I can kick your butt right?” Then a second later they would just look very confused. "I feel like you are challenging me and yet you will love me no matter what I do :face_with_raised_eyebrow: "


I never tried. Yeah, that is a nice compliment to get :slightly_smiling_face:


I am always scared to try this field lol… Another creator’s similar field got people beaten up according to some old YT comments


I know what you’re talking about lol


Listen this field with the optimizer then :wink:


Never gotten beaten up for it, just me though. Worst I get is usually some stares. Some guys trying to walk into my space, shoulder check me or whatever.

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Does it work for women? I didn’t really know this, as far as my research went, there are hormones of their own in women that cause similar effects.

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I put the following Patreon files in a ring for 48 hours:

  • “Androstenol” + “Androstenone” + “Bomb of Love” and I had no problem.

    I felt that confidence I had when listening to Sapien’s OLD ANDROSTENOL.

    I am looking for the combination to attract women. “Attract MAGNETIC and Attract Women INSTANTLY GUMROAD)” have had no effect.



That’s interesting. I had powerful results with Magnetic. But they came seldom and I can see how easy it would be to not notice them when they did come.

It has to do with how many women out there do you really want to be with in the first place. I don’t mean at the same time. But monogamously, what percent of women actually fit your desires? Understanding we all have different tastes, eye of the beholder and all that, still, we also each have some percent of good matches for us each.

Then, considering how seldom you run across a good match, what are the odds you would notice them being ready for you to talk to them? Like if you pass one in the grocery store or etc where it’s not socially normal to strike up a conversation. Would you notice? Rhetorical question.

And then… Are you actually ready to enter a relationship with someone like that? Because if you’re not, you might see one of these women once every other week or so, notice something different is going on inside their head, and not have the large amount of initiative it would take to overcome the social norms of talking to strangers because you know in the back of your mind you’re not really ready. So it’s just a glimpse and you pass each other. The end.

Not ready meaning, body out of shape, finances out of shape, social circle in poor shape, etc. The “nest” has to be built so to speak. Or someone might not want that much change in their life, as in a relationship. Ready can mean different things to different guys. I think a lot of so called “choking” or not talking to a woman just amounts to deep down knowing you don’t want this right now. You don’t want her to see your stomach, or your house, or your friends. Or again, you just don’t want this much change.


I bought DM Inner resistance and DM DISTANCE FIELDS AND BOOSTER.

An image is to put it as wallpaper on my phone and then play the list, is that correct?

The other image how to use? is it printed and put under the Smartphone and the list is reproduced?

Can I print and carry in my pants bag? is it a booster for my dogtags and mandalas?

Thank you.


Same here, have no effect from the above field. Some of the older fields, including say the Greek God Series, seem to try to do too much, so I get little to no effects from them. More pointed fields seem to work better.

I have had much better effects with this one


Why is it always the assumption that mandalas work and if they don’t work, it is because the user needs to “fix something”? True sometimes, but not always. I see this line of thought even on Sapien’s forum where people theorize and theorize on what may or may not be wrong with the user, most times it’s just theories. Some of it is common sense yes, but not sure how useful or universal these theories are.

Sometimes people take these theories to be true and start making changes unnecessarily. May be some of the fields just are not as good as others, or some mandalas don’t work well for some users - does not mean the user always needs to “fix” something.


That’s not an assumption I made. What I shared was a possibility based on experience and contemplation; a possibility that could lead one to see that something they thought wasn’t working was (or not). Expressing that possibility didn’t mean ruling out others. I just don’t think it’s useful to express every possibility. There are so many.

I like to express my best theory and let others express theirs. I think we do best as a group that way. Not trying to cover them all on my own.

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Extremely lucid comment brother.

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Which andro series audio can help with street sales? (If any of them help) Androstenone is very intimidating for both sexes so I don’t know if it would be a good one as it could make my clients run away lol. Androsterone also seems to push it to a more aggressive side, so maybe androstenol is the right choice?

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