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The ones I’d like to talk about ( all from gumroad):

Energy Increaser + 3 Treasures:

I left this review on Youtube but I’ll say i again. Spent weeks on trying to find a way to cumulatively build my Jing, Qi, and Shen all at once in order to build enhance my life force. Almost did a backflip when I ran across this. It gives an immediate surge in energy and massively increases my endurance. I moved an entire apartment almost single-highhandedly and the only thing that began slowing me down after 10 hours was my muscle cramps, but i still had massive amount of energy left. I love how you can shield yourself from negative energy, or absorb positive energy around you, along with getting energy directly from source.

Greek God Testosterone :

Makes me feel more solid, assertive, and grounded, not just immediately but for several hours throughout the day.

Become the best version of yourself:

Tend to definitely feel this one in my heart chakra the most. It fires up my masculine energy too and I become even more assertiveness and mentally steady. This really helps boost the effects of subliminal programs that I listen to. I feel an unmistakable flow of inner power rising up as soon as I press play with this one.


thats some really good progress mann… continue your journey


I think I had a spell removal result, I’m using etheric spell removal and entity removal, and I had a dream where an entity pulled my foot and tried to get me out of bed, I screamed, and suddenly I woke up, I don’t usually have these types of dreams.


How r u feeling now? :slight_smile:


Hello! One doubt: when I load the fields into an object with the storage field I can feel their impact on me, but when I carry the object in my pocket I don’t notice anything. It is normal?

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Brain Chemicals Restoration did a number on me. I am less triggered to do certain addictive things. Feeling much more of a calm and control.


Ok. This is going to be very long.

I have a very long Fear playlist that I play daily in the background which only has Maitreya and Sapien’s (I wanted to credit him too) files in it, mostly from Patreon and a few purchases.

For the last 2 or so years I have been on medications. Now up until 5 and they have not done anything for me except maybe give me some focus. I have gained weight on these and I have what is considered an eating disorder based on fear of calories and being fat due to trauma of my family bullying me for being fat as a child.

I have not gone in a public building for 2 years (other than to get blood work last year and when I had to wear a mask I panicked) because I have agoraphobia, emetophobia, some social anxiety and fear of being judged, etc. Going out was bad enough, but with a mask (it is mandated), no way.

I live with my ex-husband currently for support. He asked if I wanted to go an hour out of town for a ride so he can stop at a store and pick up a few things we don’t have in my town. I said no. The next day I went to him and said “I will go but I am not going in anywhere” and he said that’s fine.

I tucked my unused mask in my purse, “just in case”. When we got to the store I said “I think I will go in”. I put my mask on and panicked a bit. Got to the store and had to wait outside due to capacity and waited and panicked a little. Got in the store and panicked a little more off and on but I was able to just accept it. My ex kept telling me to go on outside if I felt anxious. I said “f**k that!” I am going to allow myself to experience this as it is the only way I will ever know what I can handle.

What I also wanted to mention was. I have not been able to see a psychiatrist. The pandemic changed the rules so that I could do phone calls with her. I could not go to therapy. I could not go to medical appointments. I was considered one of the worst mental health cases in my province due to my fear, phobias, avoidance, and trauma.

Yesterday may seem like a minor feat but for me it was huge. It gave me hope that I can start doing more and more with the listening of the files. I have a long-distance relationship (yes, while I live with my ex, it is all good as we have been seperated about 10 years lol but messed up to outsiders) and the only issue I have now is dealing with jealousy in the future and about his past…even though we were high school sweethearts.

Not only that. Since I have been listening to the files I went from sleeping 4 hours a night to 7-8 hours a night.

Anyway, I thought I would share. I’ve only started listening about a month or less now. I owe so much to Maitreya and Sapien. So if you think nothing is happening. It may be so subtle until one day you realize “hey this is working”.

Even for me this would normally be embarrassing to write, but I hope it gives someone hope.


Thank you for sharing your experience and help other people with it. :love_letter:


thank you very much for taking the time to teach us from your experience …, it helps our thought systems.


Fields, well let’s talk about Fields.

Mainly I can call your Fields as; “The God Fields”

~ Besides other channels, without wanting to promote other peoples content If you know what I mean, I have seen this channel with such a power through the fields they don’t last long and amount of [short time] but an absolute [long time] effect — this includes (Shields - Testosterone - Subconscious Remover - God Beauty - etc)

~ I have been listening to at least; 25-30 videos a day (I barely hear music, just when I hear my wife with the piano is the only music I could actually hear) other than that, these fields has changed my POV of everything including all the subconscious garbage I had for the past 15 years, I feel more motivated; Centered - Loving - Charm - Joyful - Caring etc and others improvement I have seen.

~ With the subconscious and the other fields including the pineal gland or other fields from the channel, I am able to feel way more (Self-Aware) on Dreams, Astral Projection and more centered on Meditation. (Better sleep has been actually awaken) including with some deep rotted abilities I had there buried, came out to light and finally I can take back my power as IAM.

Really happy to be here, to listen to the audios and be absolutely reborn.

  • Thank you Maitreya, may God/The Universe/Creator blesses and removes all blockages and transmutes everything for the positive from your (Past/Present/Future) Soul & Self.

I love you.
I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.


I’ve bought Attract Men Instantly :heart: Confident Sex Appeal and Magnetism / Energy Programmed Audio (ver. 02 BOOSTED) but there is no music there. Is it normal?


Delete the files you have and download them again.
If there is still problem - Send me message or email.


Do not depend only on fields, osteoporosis is most often lack of vitamin D3 and K2, supplement it.


Today i loop the releasing vows and old contracts a LOT. I cried so hard, maybe 3-4 times in different listen. And suddenly i love my parents so much. Since i was a kid, i always hate them without reason, and i speak shit with them a lot of the time. Then i always feel terrible and cry about what i did. It just repeat and repeat years after year. I can’t understand why and try many things but nothing work.

But today is different. I guess there was a soul contract between me and them and now it release. Thank you queen Maitreya and the team a lot, this can change my life.


Woah, that’s beautiful! I’m so happy for you.
I also experience this sudden negative attitude with people I have in my life for seemingly no reason and I also wonder why I act this way, it’s so strange. I think I’ll listen to that one more and see if it will help. I remember listening to it a few times a while back and I felt so much sadness come up.


Yes, her basic clearing audios feel like the next level. I use a lot mental health album of sapien before, but i still feel something stuck. Maybe my trouble is more spiritual - relevant and this playlist really deep down level, i feel a lot lighter each time i listen whole playlist.


Bhramcharya V2 (Youtube video):

Wow! This may be a bit long so please bear with me :joy:

Prior to pressing play I placed my subconscious beliefs clearer, inner resistance dissolver, and higher purpose mandalas against my stomach (something that works really well for me when speaking to the energies of these mandalas for specific outcomes) and asked them to remove any limiting beliefs and resistances that I may have toward this V2 so that I can achieve results quickly and effectively. Spent a few minutes doing that and felt it working (energetic shifts), and then pressed play.

First listen: Instant third eye/brow chakra pressure and connection, could feel the effects of brain reset and inner resistance dissolver working to target effected areas of my brain from long term porn use (over 2/3 of my life), and energy shifts from my chakras/rising of energy.

Second/3rd listen: Same as above but also began to cry (joyful cry) and felt a deep sense of comfort, strength and peace within which also gave me that goosebumps/shiver sensations which for me is an indication from my HS of the things that are good for me.

Fourth listen: Less of the first listen feelings and more of an empowering/grounding kind of feeling. Sort of like I get when I feel strongly connected to HS- just calm, composed, powerful and knowing that this is working extremely well for me.

This is an absolute gem from Maitreya guys, wishing you all the best on your own journeys with this! :raised_hands:


I also felt this