DM: The Beautiful Cloak

This mandala is programmed to change your aura permanently like you are wearing a magical cloak. People will see in you, THEIR BEST perception of beauty in your body, mind, and soul. Your aura will help them to extract and see all good qualities for themselves and see you as an amazing and beautiful person. This will help with attraction to many people around you. They will want your attention, make your compliments, etc… :slight_smile:


OH! This one should be nice!

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EDIT: Just realized this one has permanence effect so my previous concern is null


Anybody bought this? Experiences?

I wonder what the differences are between this and the ‘Attractive, charismatic and glamurous Aura’ mandala.

Everyone treats you better. Everyone.

Reminds me of chameleon where people just don’t seem to get any anger at you at all, but it’s more than that, you’re constantly a “positive/beautiful” presence so to speak. I am not using that mandala so can’t say.


Awesome! Thanks for the reply. So do you recommend the beautiful cloak?


No problem! I think it’s a great field unless you are always at 5D vibration, aesthetically beautiful, positive aura and don’t have any noticeable flaws. Then you can pass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s very good for interactions especially if you are around many people everyday, so if you live alone in a cave, it may also serve no use to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for me, I’ll be using it, lol. Anyone seeking a positive boost in relationships regarding love, work, family or friends will find good things with this field.


Thank you for the detailed reply!
This might be a buy afterall, I like the benefits that you pointed out!:blush::+1:

There is youtube version which has these effects for around 24 hours. You can test it and see how this field is working with you. :slight_smile:


Somehow I hadn’t noticed it was on YouTube. I will check it out, thank you!

Hi guys,
I was thinking about buying this mandala, but then I saw the DM: Appreciated, but I am not sure whether I understand the difference between the two mandalas, both have the intent of changing one’s aura, as in people see the best in you, what’s the exact difference? When should I buy one or the other? Thanks.

Appreciated works with your aura, but also on an inner level to change. It has a vibration which is attracting your soulmates with which you are connected on deep levels (soul level). Beautiful Cloak uses illusion which makes things look different in Maya and can be easily manipulated but doesn’t make anything for your evolution.

I think it depends on what kind of person you are and what effects you want to archive. For example, if you use it for business I would recommend Beautiful Cloak, but if you are using it for your daily life with family, friends, etc - Appreciated.


Thank you for your answer, Maitreya.From your answer, it seems that Appreciated works on deeper levels, than BC. I am still not sure how the “see the best in you” differs in both mandalas.
For example what would strangers see in me with Appreciated and with Beautiful Cloak?

And since money is a bit tight, would it make sense to buy appreciated since it not available as audio and continue listen to Attraction Magnetic Sexual Bundle, since it contains Beautiful Cloak.

Thank you.


Maybe to make it a bit clearer, let’s say a girl that haven’t seen me before will see me and what would the different perceptions of me be, when I am using the beautiful cloak vs. Appreciated mandala, just as a general idea? I am personally leaning towards Appreciated, as long as the level on attraction with BC wouldn’t be way higher.

Can I compare these two fields to a resume and an interview for a job? @Maitreya
The cloak - resume
Appreciated - interview

Anybody has any thoughts on that? I want to make my decision before the sale runs out.

If you re-read my latest post you will see that for personal life and relationships it’s a lot better to have Appreciated as it changes you, on deeper levels as you said.

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Hi Maitreya, so appreciated is an antidote to bitterness of relationship blocks? If yes, i will buy appreciated than relationship blocks for my affected natal venus/planets. Please guide

For bitterness from old relationships, I recommend taking the step of cutting off energy ties with past partners. Nothing new can come if you haven’t let go of the old. Also consider embracing forgiveness, because many people, after being disappointed in their relationships, are left with negative feelings such as being cheated, unloved, or in extreme cases even harboring hatred and a desire for revenge.

Every relationship in a person’s life has had a meaning, but it’s necessary for the person themselves to come to this understanding, to thank their partner and let them go. :slight_smile:

DM: Love & Forgiveness - MaitreyaFields (have YT version too)

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