Attract Women Instantly - Confident Sex Appeal and Magnetism

We fill this video with the energy of magnetism, confidence, feeling beautiful and ALPHA MALE. The video is made for permanent results, as we tap into listener’s subconsciousness mind and release bad beliefs like “I am not enough, I am ugly, I don’t deserve this women” etc., and replace them with good ones that will help you to start attracting women instantly!
Included Energy in video:

  • Clearing Second and Third Chakra
  • Increasing tremendously your magnetism and self confidence
  • Change subconsciousness beliefs that block you from attracting women
  • Install sensual feelings for men on all levels (some people never experience some feelings and they cannot recognize them. For example if you was the outsider in school and girls never had eyes on you, when you grow up, you don’t have in your memory what is the feeling “to be wanted, to be alpha male”). We fix that!

:heart: Become more confidentin yourself
:heart: Feel like ALPHA MALE + Testosterone Boost
:heart: Women are going to want your attention and focus more
:heart: Have a powerful aura of attractiveness and a “smell of a men”
:heart: You are going to attract more women into your life (we included here to attract only women with monogamy gene so they don’t cheat you) lol. All women who don’t have this gene and love to cheat won’t be attracted to you.


Difference between this and the old one?

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More powerful.


So this replaces Attraction Magnetic Sexual Bundle (FOR HIM)?


Wondering this too.

They are very similar. Anyway, now this version is stronger. :smiley:
Telepathic seduction * is missing here and there are people who prefer this field.
Also, Attraction Magnetic Sexual Bundle is creating a little illusion with THE BEAUTIFUL CLOAK and when you stop to listen it - people start to see you again through their lens (but now not the best version). :slight_smile:


Also, this audio is better for someone who is searching real soulmate / girlfriend as it will:


would this work on a girl that lives in another country?


Is this permanent ?

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I think so.


So, these new stronger fields renders the previous gumroad versions less powerful or will they be automatically updated? Hope, I’m making sense.

What I’m saying is do we need to buy the same version again from gumroad?

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No, they will be automatically updated


That’s great. Thank you very much for doing all the work. Some of the audios work so fast. I wonder what will happen if they get even stronger. :grin:


@Maitreya and/or @Genius, can you please upload the newer version of this field to Patreon? The original version from Oct. 2020 is over 13 minutes long, whereas the newer version is only 5 minutes long, which is much more preferred.


Yes, now will upload it.


Thank you so much for doing this, and especially thanks for the new aura mandala - that was unexpected but I really like it! :smiley:


So which version is stronger? Gumroad or Patreon? This shorter version or longer version? Gumroad is 12 minutes and this one is 5 mins.

Gumroad is x3 stronger, but as i understand listening 3 or 6 times the patreon one doesn’t mean will equal the energy of the gumroad one, is different made


That is right. Maitreya said Gumroad audios are like attunement and integrate better and differently than Patreon/YT audios.


How many times do we listen to this audio?

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