New Release; Brahmacharya God - NoFap Semen Retention and Transmutation

This field will help you to smash p…n addiction while making you feel strong inside, motivated, with big willpower, more focused and awakened, self empowerment for nofap and no pn.

Jing and Semen retention are increased 5 times more than normal, but with that we included in the field automated microcosmic orbit movement. You can start seeing growth in testises.

When people are fighting with their addictions, the perception of time in their mind slows down. And when you say “from now on I will stop this”, half an hour can feel like 2 days. So we included in the field speeding in your perception of time that will last around 24 hours.

If you relapse, effects like zenkai-booster will be activated and you will come back stronger than before.

Semen empowerment which would include prevention of nightfall and resorption of your semen by your own body (semen has calcium, phosphorus, lecithin, cholesterol, albumin…) and also distribute semen through your whole body and up to your third eye (transmutation)

  • Androgen receptors

  • Reduction of prolactin, boost testosterone

  • Clearing and balancing your lower chakras

We decided to use silent Fire Crackling Sound Effect, so hope you enjoy it!


from the first moment I heard this audio I already felt the effects, a motivation forces me to stay on nofap, and it seems like I’ve been there for a long time! muito obrigado :pray:t4::grin:


Thank you for using a silent sound effect.


Thank you, especially for that automated micro cosmic orbit. I always feel as if I do it wrong, this will help me as I learn to do it on my own. Then when I master that, this will reinforce this! Thank you Maitreya!


Relapsed yesterday.

Listened to this (without time speed effect one) 3x. Felt rejuvenated af.

Works like a charm🤩


this is one of my favorite fields


where is that one?

Care to share your results in detail?

Btw I ejaculated like 3 or 5 times in the past 2 months, and I’m feeling a little low. It’s probably flatline due to the change of my previous routine. Do you think this field would still help?

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I started using this field 2 days ago, will update my results soon.

Let’s see if it will also help with nasty thoughts that come to me every time I read Maitreya’s field descriptions. They all turn me on since I learned that the author is of the opposite sex. wtf :man_facepalming: :sweat_smile:



Picture of Maitreya :nerd_face: :rofl: :rofl:




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haha :joy:

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Idk if it’s this field but I attempted to make some research on Reddit yesterday, :stuck_out_tongue: and here’s the result;

I could not stand more than ~1 minute to a nude subreddit. 90% of the pics literally seemed disgusting, and the remaining 10% was “meh, yeah it’s a fine erotic pose” but they didn’t compel me at all.

Actually, I had gotten to this phase before using Maitreya’s field a few times due to other subs and my own will, but it was coming and going. I’ve been using only this field for the past week, and it’s there. Visuals no longer affect me as they did before.


Can I use it asleep or do I have to be awake?

You can listen it at night, but don’t loop it. 2-3 times is more than enough.


I already thought that you might be above 30 :face_with_monocle:


Ok so I kinda held off on posting this earlier but I saw that others had this as well so i’ll share my experience:

This field is potent. It engorges me with a lot of energy. But uh, let’s say perhaps too much energy. I would typically feel a higher sensitivity and arousal which would lead to relapse. I don’t put blame on Maitreya however, since I’m still in my late teens so I already have a high level of naturally occurring hormones. I’ve found that pairing this with Sapien’s Ojas field helps to take the edge off of it, so if anyone feels overwhelmed by this audio then I suggest you do that.