Attraction Magnetic Sexual Bundle (FOR HIM)

This is the absolute bundle to make you attract your ideal persons sexually and emotionally and build the ideal chemistry.


-THE BEAUTIFUL CLOAK field all effects analytically and strongly + Your body scent will be so much magically and sexually attractive that will make you extremely attractive to women and make them want to be around you more.


  1. This field will allow you to become irresistible to every female that you like.Women that you desire will be staring directly at you and make you the center of attention and you will notice complete admiration and affection from women without any effort.

  2. The sexual attraction from distance with telepathic seduction is easy now. This field will make any female that is into your mind to be extremely crazy and attractive to you and miss you immediately. Will create desire from distance for any specific female , a remote seduction , radiate self-confidence and projection of the magnetic aura with the magic power of telepathy for an incredibly attractive energy on supernatural level. Also as an added effect will improve your visualization to make your desire easier. Maybe as side effect you will notice different behavior and something like you become obsessive to your ideal persons via social texting.

More analytically :

  • Supreme sexual attraction for all sexy, beautiful women
  • That all the beautiful women wish to interact with me
  • Eliminate fear and anxiety when having sex with beautiful women
  • Excite all the beautiful women my presence
  • That women love to be with me, love my interior and my exterior.
  • Eliminate social anxiety to chat with beautiful women
  • Release fear / anxiety to talk to the beautiful women
  • Release fear / anxiety by talking to other people (unisex),
  • Release fear / anxiety from other situations
  • Release the fear / anxiety of failures and mistakes.
  • Increased motivation to talk to attractive / beautiful women when I see them. (boosted motivation)
  • Dominant personality of the supreme alpha male.
  • Supreme Male Beauty
  • That women see me as a beautiful man.
  • Deep sexy male baritone voice and attractive speaking
  • Everybody loves you + Magnetism
  • Make beautiful women laugh
  • More beliefs about self-confidence, feeling good.

Hello maitreya is it possible to create an intercession of god ?? @Maitreya

Dear Jesus Christ
This is perfect! :heart_eyes: Lol
I can’t believe you guys made this one for us guys lol


Hey maitreya please create a field to program subconscious mind with a nelief that im healthy

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Hey, mate,
please put requests in the suggestions topic so we can keep the forum more organised. :pray:


Please tell me if it possible and you’re gonna make it

Guess we can make some general field for that. :slight_smile:


But you already have field for that
It’s on gumroad
Subconscious programmer or something like that
Simply repeat what you want while listening audio and it will programm your subconscious with time


what made me extremely happy with this audio was the “telepathic seduction”, it must be very powerful, I imagine the girl? view her face in my view? will she think of me immediately ?, explain to me how it works, and how I can use it in a powerful way


Yeah like, how to listen it is there some tips?

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Just explained this in the comments section. Yes, it will have a seduction effect on other person, but if they are also open to you in some way, they will start to feel a lot more attraction, but you can’t make someone who doesn’t have any interest in you to fall in love.


effects are compunded by repeated listens or they only last x amount of time?


Excuse me,
How many long last effects?
For example if I listen 3-4 times will it last 24h or how much and could it be permanent with time lol
Maybe stupid question, I doubt it can be permanently but still


great so this field does not interfere with people’s free will, thanks for clarifying it

Around 24-48 hours, yes.


After listening to this in combination with fields/subliminals of a similar theme from other producers, I expect Scarlett Johansson to ring my door bell tomorrow looking to have…erm… sex with me.


I like your name🙃

Had forgot about that guy and the song

@Maitreya Is it possible to increase the strength of this by 100,000 times? asking for a friend.

BUT… please dont charge 100,000 times more on Gumroad if possible. thanks.

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No haha
Safety first, results after :slight_smile:


One more question:
Do we need alpha male radiance if we are listening to this?