For Men: Magnetic Sexual Field (Patreon Exclusive)

  • Exceptional sexual allure towards all attractive, stunning women/girls.

  • A desire from all beautiful women/girls to be intimate with me, for me to constantly occupy their deepest thoughts, and for them to seek me out, yearn for me, love me, and be fascinated by me (an extremely strong seductive pull but without violation of their free will).

  • Overcome fear and anxiety during intimate encounters with beautiful women/girls.

  • Arouse all the beautiful women/girls with my presence, making them feel thrilled in my company and desire me.

  • Women/girls relish spending time with me, adoring both my inner and outer qualities.

  • Eradicate social anxiety when conversing with beautiful women/girls.

  • Dissolve fear/anxiety about engaging with beautiful women/girls.

  • Alleviate fear/anxiety in interactions with other people (unisex).

  • Eliminate fear/anxiety in various other situations.

  • Overcome the fear/anxiety associated with failures and mistakes.

  • Boosted motivation to approach attractive/beautiful women/girls upon seeing them.

  • Dominance in the persona of the ultimate alpha male.

  • Exceptional male attractiveness.

  • Perceived by women/girls as a strikingly handsome man.

  • Deep, seductive male baritone voice and charming way of speaking.

  • Universal admiration and personal magnetism.

  • Ability to entertain and amuse beautiful women/girls.

  • Enhanced self-confidence beliefs, fostering a sense of well-being.

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Is there any benefit to add this to the rotation, if I already have the Attraction Magnetic Sexual Bundle-Field?

This was an inspiration for

You don’t need both. But you can check how strong the seduction pull this audio has.

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