Oh okay. I am actually overcharged with energy already. I was born with excessive amounts of energy. Due to my body being damaged from bad habits, the energy gets stuck and it causes me pain. Will pranayama help me release excess energy? This energy also overloads my mind. It’s pretty annoying. I have a feeling that if I can fix this problem, I will be able to do a lot of amazing stuff.

What is pranayama exactly?

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Basically a method to draw life force into your body.

Learn how to ground and release excess energy.

Sapiens card energy expansion is always a good idea (for improving nervous system which is needed to handle higher energies, with mindfulness ofc)

And yes it releases blockages.

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I think I’m pretty good at drawing in life force already, but not really on command. I have abilities that I don’t have control over. They just happen on their own. I think I might need someone to train me, or not, I tend to figure it out eventually. I think there were some Gurus/Pure Ones here who wanted to train me, but I ignored them. I feel kind of bad for that. I think they knew I needed help.

When I go to the mall filled with happy people, I absorb that energy and I start feeling high. Sometimes I end up feeling like I am the whole mall and everybody in there is me.

Yes, I will learn to ground. I feel that will solve much of the problems.

Is Sapien’s card energy expansion on his channel?

Then i’m not sure why you ask for an omnipotence field? If someone practice correctly he will know the limits can occur very fast (especially the nerves on the brain)

It can be activated anytime, also non-local

Oh and awakengod series also might be in the category of “omnipotent”


Human world is brittle and weak
Omnipotency is the power we seek!

Absolute raw power and domination on the world around us is what we need
If there is a threat, then it should fear you and not dare approach you
Aura of fear
Supreme protection from all threats may it be physical or non physical
Universe working in your favor- all around good luck
People will respect you, and treat you like a powerful warrior should be treated
People always doing what you want them to do
Like seeing you trustworthy on great level
Attract wealth from all directions, make universe work in your favor to guide you to the best career or job in this life
Blessings and intervention on your behalf by all benevolent deities, gods, entities
Influence people’s minds
Ask for help from all of the benevolent entities
Celestial forces working on your behalf to complete your wishes
Omnipotent binding of all enemies, so that they can’t curse or harm you
Ultimate omnipotent karma burning effect (if possible) from all of our lifetimes
All generational cords, curses cut and removed permanently for the future lifetimes too
And you guys may add what you see fit
This is all just imagination not a request but could it be possible (:


Wrong creator i guess


Just see the possibility and imagine how royal your life would be like if this was all real

From what I understand, you have to be good to become omnipotent. It’s not a power that just anybody can have.

No, it doesn’t depend on good or bad, the universe is an anarchy.

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If you mean the consciousness state - no not really…

It’s not in anarchy. All is in divine order which includes chaos. You can’t just do anything you want without consequences. There is also a hierarchy as well.

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The consequence is to be defeated by a being stronger than you, that’s all, if you are the strongest of all there is no consequence, no one can stop you.

These are the limitations that we’re breaking here
Thinking not in terms of limitations and beliefs but letting yourself play in this infinite matrix
Let it be controlled by you on your finger tips

Oh my goodness, you guys have no idea what you are talking about. I’m not arguing anymore. That’s really not my thing especially when both parties are convinced that the other is wrong.

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Violence is a lower state. Domination is a lower state that makes you sink.

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If you want to be “higher” you have to perform actions like that - quite simple.


The reason why we are in the Iron Age instead of the Golden Age is because of evil behavior. Evil behavior lowers your consciousness and it weakens you.

Well brothers (:
Do you know how much power a guy can hold by working with these ancient gods and entities
Do they ask if you’re good or not?
Do they destroy your enemies if you ask them to?
I have seen people blessed by the gods and destroying others by their help
Totally belittled works they have done and no god questioned their goodness or what deeds they gave done
How do you think these people gained power? And karma or poverty won’t even touch them


When you just want to cause destruction, evil, and domination, you don’t deserve power. Power will be taken away from you by others or God or your own bad energy will be your own undoing.