Energetic Overload - Understanding, Symptoms and Preventing

Navigating Overload: Understanding and Mindfully Managing Energetic Overload on Your Healing Journey

Hello, beautiful souls! Today’s exploration surrounds an often-overlooked facet of spiritual development - Energetic Overload.

On our path towards inner peace and higher vibrational existence, we often turn to potent practices such as energy healing, chakra balancing, deep meditation and the use of Digital Mandalas and Energetically Programmed Fields. While these tools can offer profound shifts and healing, they can also lead to an overload of energy if not approached with mindful balance. This can be compared to a system overload in our technological devices.

What is Energetic Overload?

Energetic Overload emerges when we are exposed to, or channel, an overwhelming amount of energy that exceeds our current capacity to integrate smoothly. This can occur due to intense energy work, continual exposure to high vibrational frequencies, or inadequate grounding following such practices.

The Impact of Digital Mandalas and Energetically Programmed Fields:

Digital Mandalas and Energetically Programmed Fields are powerful tools for amplifying energy and accelerating our spiritual journey. However, due to their potent nature, excessive use, especially in the initial stages, can lead to Energetic Overload. It’s like a new runner attempting a marathon on day one; our energetic ‘muscles’ need time to adjust to these new, higher levels of energy.

Signs of Energetic Overload:

Physical Symptoms: Signs can include dizziness, feelings of being ungrounded, a rapid heartbeat, unusual fatigue, or disturbances in your sleep patterns.

Emotional Symptoms: You may experience heightened anxiety, mood swings, feelings of overwhelm, or mental fog.

Preventing Energetic Overload:

  1. Pace Yourself: Healing is a journey, not a race. Introduce new practices gradually and consistently for sustainable, deep results.

  2. Grounding Practices: Ensure to incorporate grounding activities, like walking barefoot outdoors, gardening, or visualisation exercises, to help anchor your energy and aid in processing energy shifts.

  3. Balanced Lifestyle: Nourish your body with a balanced diet, regular physical exercise, and adequate sleep. These actions support your physical well-being, enabling it to better handle energetic changes.

  4. Tune into Your Body: Your body communicates its boundaries through various cues. Listen to these signals and allow yourself periods of rest when necessary.

  5. Reach Out: If you feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to seek support from a spiritual mentor or trusted friend. Sharing your experiences can provide relief and valuable insights.

Energetic Overload is merely an indicator that your system is processing a lot of energy. By attuning to our bodies, grounding ourselves and practising mindful self-care, we can gracefully navigate these experiences. Remember, each step of your journey is an opportunity for growth and learning.

Now, it’s your turn - have you experienced Energetic Overload? How have you navigated this journey? Your experiences and advice could provide much-needed support for others on a similar path. Please share your thoughts below. :point_down:


My energetic overload was so bad that after a year of resting I could not use a single field without feeling sick for a day or two. I am still recuperating.
I followed the guidelines, but I did not know I was supposed to ground after. It went from mild (some fatigue) to horrible (migraines, depression, nervous system issues, disturbing visions or the feeling of motion when i closed my eyes) very quickly. I stopped right away but it was too late.
I posted here and Maitreya was kind enough to provide me with some direction. If anyone has any tips for me (especially about catching the signs early and increasing energetic capacity) i would love to read them.

When I was new to fields I found symptoms like pain in head , runny nose (especially when I wakeup) , feeling tired. It’s like my body is trying to say stay away from fields. So I used the fields on alternate days. After few months my body manages to accept fields on daily basis.

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Chanting of Radha did miraculously work for me. Plus I sleep on my left side and when I wakeup I simply turn myself to rightside and then wakeup.
Don’t worry about the position you saw yourself when you wakeup, if you are on right side just simply getup from bed, if on left side turn yourself to right and then wakeup.
I hope it will help you to heal!


I would recommend to get a grounding mat to sleep on at night. They have worked wonders for me helping with energetic overload and integrating new energies.


Thank you so mich. You are so kind. If possible, perhaps post some more details (how to properly chant radha, why it’s medicinal to sleep on the left side and wake up on the right). Thanks again! Most appreciated!

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Thank you for the tip. Would that still work if outlets are not grounded at my place?

Don’t forget the Grounding & Earthing field!

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Have you tried boosters to expand your aura?

Also I would highly recommend this:

I almost killed myself, accidentally, during energy work. It took me months to recover. I transferred too much energy through my body and literally burned out my nervous system. I will never forget the pain.

Grounding and rest are essential. I found working out and doing yoga very helpful. I would always suggest keeping your physical body strong along with energy expansions if is possible.

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If they are not gounded, I don’t believe it will work but you can check it with a grouding tester

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Thank you so much!

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I have not, thank you so much for the great recommendation! So sorry you had a bad experience yourself. It’s really awful.

It’s a very ancient Indian yogic practice. It is said that most of the problems will be solved just by doing this simple steps.

You can watch what Sadhguru says!

Do this find a YouTube video where you find the most sweet sounds and listen to it…

You can listen to 1008 names of Radha (just search 1008 names of Radha on YouTube)
It is said that the one who listens or chant 1008 names will getrid of all the sins (past life , and present life) and get benefits of all the dhams of India (precious worshipping places)

Just believe it sleeping on left side + waking up on right side will solve your problem…

Or you can just chant radha radha radha.

You will surely see the magic :heart_eyes::pray:


Thank you so much! Very kind of you!

Most of the time problem occurs because of energy disbalance in the brain make sure to balance both brain hemispheres.

It’s vital for you to make both hemispheres in sync and balanced. If you are working to awaken your skills.

This audio greatly can help you with it.

However, another aspect is blocked crown chakra that can lead to a very painful experience, when your HS sends you cosmic energy and the chakra is not passing the energy down. This cosmic energy gets blocked in the head which leads to immense pain. Sit and calm down and visualize energy from the crown chakra going down to your root chakra and down to the feet and from there going down to the earth’s core along with excess, and from the earth’s core, the energy of the earth is going upward to the crown chakra. Imagine this process is happening infinitely.

To enhance the grounding aspect Activate the Earth Star Chakra located about twelve inches below the feet, it gets stimulated when you walk barefoot on the ground. Meditate on this chakra and feel, it is getting activated and bigger. The result will be much better if you include crown chakra also in your meditation.