Energy overload - too many fields

Hello everyone,

I mistakenly overused fields and now my nervous system is vibrating and my muscles are twitching. I can feel my body/nerves vibrating due to energy overload.

It’s a really odd sensation. I’m scared it might cause involuntary kundalini awakening, though.

Sometimes I can even feel my hands move involuntarily, like they’re twitching. Anyways, my nervous system is overloaded, be careful with the usage of too many fields cause this sensation is really terrible

Advices are welcome, I’m almost panicking right now

Have you tried the Earthing & Grounding mandala (audio version also available on youtube) and the new Optimizer field - both of these are programmed to help with energy overload, and help you release/ground excess energy. I designed both of these with that in mind, because I was having the same issue.


Definitely gonna try these!! Thank you so much

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Cut all fields and heavy sensations for some days

Do cold showers, workout or move a lot, do grounding exercises on your own (better in a forest if you can, optimal on a tree), eat dense food with a lot of protein


You can only use one field or you will not have your result and neither your health, if possible you should only use things for healing and diseases. Don’t use anything for now and if you don’t feel the same after days you must read the topic How to neutralize effects of Wizard spells? - #97 by fool_of_a_man

That’s simply not true. Many people use 20-30 fields at the same time and get results. This is why we have the Optimizer now, so that people can use many fields and it will optimize the strengths of each field that are best for you and give you the fastest results. Energy overload is real, and yes you can have too many, but at long as you are grounding yourself (either physically, like in nature, or using something like the Grounding/Earthing mandala) then you will be fine.


Are you sure ? Can you believe people by just their words ? And no you can’t ground yourself without adding another energy work to your list but do as you wish.

I can guarantee that most people on this forum will tell you they use more than one field at a time, and that they get results and their health is just fine. Yes I believe them because, first of all there’s no reason to lie about that and secondly because I am one of those people - I use 20-30 fields a day, and I get results, and my health is better than it’s ever been. Also, if you use the Optimizer it has an auto-limiter and grounding field built-in, so that’s all part of the same field.


That’s like saying you can only get results in the gym by sticking to one exercise exclusively.

Just plain false.

Well, I think the gym example doesn’t work very well here, because the more you work your muscles with different workouts the better the result, all possible areas are stimulated, you grow more and with more condensed and stronger muscles, and it takes time more time to reach the plateau effect, but it is not the same thing with audios, the more you listen the tendency is to have less result, unless they are fields that work in cinergy, but generally the less the worse and not the better, I also don’t think anyone needs to listen to only 1 field, but it’s important to be cautious, many overestimate themselves in relation to how many audios they can hear and it ends badly.

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