How do you make the programmed energetic audio?

With which application the programmed energy sounds are made, do you know? I want to produce my own energy sounds and put in my own affirmations. Anyone have knowledge on this subject?

As far as I know, you just program it with intention.

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Go in meditation few months/years and you will find everything you need inside yourself. :slight_smile:


I didn’t know that, when I said programmed energy, I thought it was done with cool applications rather than intention. If it only happens with intention, why are there videos of this on youtube?
but I think these energy videos are different because there has never been another alternative where I’ve had such fast results. It’s like something beyond intent.

You really don’t need any tools outside of yourself. It’s always been inside. It’s all within. You are already there. You are the Eternal Light of the Observer that creates reality. You are not paying for anything physical with energy programming. It’s almost like paying for the oxygen that you breathe for free. It’s pretty rediculous, especially if you are paying upwards of 100 dollars for this kind of stuff. Paying for immaterial things is like paying for a free idea. Come on, man.

We all produce energy for free all throughout our lives. If you are an empath, you would feel this free energy from others at any distance. I can feel others’ energy from any distance if I connect to them with my will. You can just go to some high energy location like a mall for free and just absorb/eat the energy around you. Your best bet location wise is nature itself which is God’s creation. All this infinite energy is inside and outside and both the inside and outside are the same. We are infinite already since birth.

I would understand paying for subliminal programming though since actual physical work was put into it.

I will give you a secret about meditation. Just know you are the Eternal Light of the Observer all the time and you will be meditating all the time and think of this meme:

You don’t need to close your eyes and sit still in some isolated location to meditate. Don’t be a stereotype. You don’t need any person outside of you who claims to be God or some Higher Power to give you anything especially for a price. Charging for something that is free is a pure scam. You are omnipotent already. You are God.

What software is used to make the animations for the field videos? It looks pretty intensive technically. And it looks really custom based on the field, rather than being from stock footage.

I did not quite get it. What I understand is generating the energy of our desires and creating a new reality. Did I understand correctly?
But thank you so much for trying to explain.

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I wouldn’t go that far bro. Subconscious (energy) programming is a little easier than morphogenic fields which are extremely precise and are akin to psychokinesis. If you truly have a deep understanding of them. But even subconscious (energy) programming isn’t able to be done by everyone yet. Yes the POTENTIAL is in everyone naturally, but it will take some work. The potential to create morphic fields is also in everyone, but to master this is not something everyone will accomplish. So how is it a scam to sell the service?


@Shennong If you allow me to bring some clarity to what we do in comparison with the morphic fields. Morphic fields, however ‘precise’ they may be. work only on the current incarnation and the basic level that we have acquired in this lifetime, and therefore they affect only this lifetime.
Maiteya fields have all encompassing power and affect not only this life and our conscious and subconscious level here, but also our past lives, our future lives, our ancestral lines and the more complex fields also work on soul level. What that means is that with Maitreya fields you get evolution of your soul and not only a temporary change that is gone when you leave this body. Out of all types of fields that exist,or other interventions like subliminal’s, Maitreya fields are the strongest, deepest, most powerful ones. And I am not saying that as an advertisement but clarifying a fact.


So we will not lose our time and work if we dead phisically for a reason or another. Everything is stored in our subconscious and ipothetically it will be easier to rescue. Is this idea correct?


Maitreya agrees that each person is the creator of their reality. Each person is responsible for themselves, their karma and beliefs. However when some distortion happens-a disease or disharmony, suffering of some sort, a field can help a person heal and balance themselves. It can also help them heal the reason for the issue, that may go generations back and not even be in them, but in their ancestors, in a past life or a myriad of other reasons. A tiny minority on the planet can access even a little bit their subconscious and not more that 10% can feel energy. Saying that this is an innate ability is ridiculously simplifying the issue with personal development. Having some mathematical ability that allows you to pay for your groceries does not make you a mathematical genius. Having a mind and intention does not automatically make you able to create fields like Maitreya does. Not that many people on the planet are able to do that. This is a crystallization of abilities and virtues gained over millennia and multiple lifetimes of effort and sacrifice.

A huge misconception in your post is the issue with material or immaterial things. There is no such a thing as material tings. It is common knowledge by now that there is no matter, matter is just energy that our senses decode as ‘material’. So it is a strange reasoning to say one can pay for material things but not for ‘immaterial’.

Regarding charging for services-if someone has put in thousands of hours of work to create fields and all that is necessary to offer them to the world, like websites, administrative services, etc. they can and must charge for their work.

You can go to a furniture store and buy a kitchen for your home that costs $25 000 or you can go to the woods, cut some trees, go through the process, and make yourself furniture. It will be free then. Do you then say ‘how come you have to pay when God created the trees and the chemical elements used in the paint and the metal for the screws that were used so they must be free’?

Music is also free, right? It is immaterial and comes out of nowhere in the heads of composers. So why pay a musician for his music when you could have sat down and written it yourself? And as far as your reasoning goes, it is immaterial, so costs nothing. Why don’t you sit down and write something similar to Bach’s music then. Musical ability is also innate in all people, you must be at the same level as Bach?

Comparing subliminals to Maitreya’s Fields is ridiculous. Subliminals are the lowest form of influence of the subconscious and are infinitely simpler and easier to make than the fields.

And most importantly-please note that next time when you come here with such insolence and arrogance and put down Maitreya’s efforts, work and value you will be automatically banned from the forum, since obviously there is no reason for you to be here, as I believe has happened to you at lest couple of times before.


Subconscious is gone with the death. Things that stay with you in other lives are things that have reached your soul-changes and evolution, virtues you developed. etc.

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I did not know that Maitreya was preparing programs that were powerful and beneficial enough to affect our souls. I was relieved because it would be a pity if maitreya’s perseverance and our desires, what we have achieved, would disappear after our physical death. I’m glad to learn that. Thank you so much.


I didn’t know that energy is so important and so powerful for people.
I wonder if the soul you are talking about is the inner energy of the person?

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I see. From what I understand, during the self realization process, naturally realizations emerge that allow for processing of the past, and these resolutions of the past allow for a different future to emerge. But this process requires some form of self direction and contemplation towards these kinds of realizations of energetic residue from the past, either in this lifetime or from ancestry.

But I’ve observed, that even though I’m already consciously focused on this process, listening to these fields and having mandelas visible seem to accelerate and smooth it out even more. So I’d disagree with what @AlphaOmegaSupreme is saying in that even though I’m very aware that I am the observer, these fields seem to aid beyond that. I guess this comes down to how we create our own realities. I used to think it was merely about pure intention but now I realize that there are so many hidden factors behind it, like for example, assistance from other energetic beings or the mechanisms that underlie our reality. Makes me wonder how much of the results I see are really down to my conscious voilition and how much is down to support from the universe.

Plus paying $99 for a Mandela that lets you send unconditional love is ludicrously “cheap”. Seemed ridiculous to me that this was even possible but somehow it actually works. Just because you’re aware you create your own reality doesn’t mean that you can suddenly do things like creating fields that allow the user to do things like this.

To make fields with unconditional and pure love is a rare feat indeed and I’m of the opinion that people who can do this should be supported financially at the very least. It’s been shown time and time again that at least in the modern age, the ascetic, donation based lifestyle of a vagrant sage isn’t sustainable.


Thank you for your reply.

Exactly, I think the same. Maybe they’re expensive only for who hasn’t a work o who works and hasn’t money in return, but for who works are in the normality, in my opinion.
It’s like, for example, you have to choice between 4 saturdays night out or the mandala. And we need to answer to ourself: what is better? Someone prefers to go out, someone prefers having the mandala.

What I don’t understand is why people criticize what an activity offers. If you want to spend money, buy it, if you don’t want, no one costricts yourself to stay.

Again like always, my two cents. :slight_smile:

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From my understanding, the soul is the most refined inner energy of a person. The physical body is the densest energy, then there’s emotional energy, and mental energy and finally the spiritual energetic container which holds everything together, which you can liken to a soul. If there’s some kind of unprocessed, or misunderstood energy of any of these graduations, then the energy has to flow in unnatural ways, causing health problems. But ultimately, it’s all you, as in, you as a soul. If you have a good flow and amount of energy and life force in your system, then it would be hard to get ill or sick.

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But that’s simply not true. I can create a giant list here of Sapien fields that affect all lifetimes/timelines and certainly soul level. But, I only need to name 1 to prove my point: Blueprint of Life. I have no idea where you get such an idea. I’d be comfortable betting my entire life lightning strike me dead right now, that what you said is false. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what fields are then and how they literally are created by everyone over lifetimes (our behaviors, personality, thought forms, etc) and stay with you as a created pattern throughout your many “future” incarnations, just as any other self -created pattern (field) does. The fields Dream creates also stick with you in the exact same way. That is the very nature of a morphogenic field.

@Maoshan_Wanderer if you still lurk here, please come further debunk this misinformation.

You opened up a can of worms, let’s really dig deep into this. Field by field and debunk thoroughly what you said, many times based on the very nature of the specific field that was made- like Blueprint of Life which literally does affect all your incarnations, ancestral line, etc. then we can go one by one through all his audios. We can talk about how the Panchanga Yoga series which is literally mental and energetic Tapasya, just somehow gets deleted and all those thought forms come back, like randomly reappear in the next incarnation? All that progress made just wiped? Explain how. Sure, they can come back over time based on our behaviors, but the same goes for any change created by a Maitreya field. You still have to sustain the changes made or end up recreating your situation. I guess the 10 Paramitas field’s (which also incarnates Bodhichitta and does many other things) unbelievable transformation is going to just disappear too? Btw I own the Six Perfections field and there’s just no comparison. I adore Maitreya and do use her work, but it’s just the truth. Anyway Let me know when you’re ready to dive very deep into all of this.

We can even look at it from the angle of morphogenic fields outside of being embedded audios and talk about using them yourself in meditation. Morphic fields are the stuff of advanced tantric yogis (meditators). A giant majority if not all of the ascension gained throughout lifetimes is done via deep meditation and utilizing fields in that meditation. The integration of them into the practitioner’s being. The entire rainbow body is a field that is created through decades of this type of work, or sexual magic. That does not just go away. All causes’ effects are carried forward to the next life (parallel incarnations). If we don’t fully “transform the impressions” of life, for example traumas we go through, they carry over to the next incarnation. As is with any field, whether embedded into audio or created unconsciously throughout our experiences. We feed these via repetition and they take on a life of their own. How can they just disappear in the next incarnation? They don’t. Same with any audio field. They become self sustaining with enough repetition.


Also not true. :man_facepalming: The subconscious unconscious and infraconscious minds literally ARE the content of your parallel incarnations. The (lunar) emotional and mental bodies are storage containers for experiences throughout your incarnations that aren’t fully comprehended/conceptually realized. Karma is another word for this content. The effects on your mind of all the causes put into motion. Also, you just got done saying that subconscious (energy) programming affects all lifetimes…this statement right here completely contradicts that.

These that you describe are deposited in your Monad (Atman-Buddhi) but your subconscious unconscious and infraconscious minds also carry over into our lunar astral and mental bodies (Netzach and Hod). Kabbalistically speaking. Which is the easiest way to conceptualize our division of our being.


That’s fuked up who told you this?.. Lol it doesn’t even affect your fuking dna let alone the past and future …

Anyway, I see your ego gets triggered because you saw something which links subconsciously to a creator you adore a lot …

If you talk about the truth, then first learn about the truth as to how he is making fields these days, anyway I won’t go deeper as your beliefs will be destroyed which you have grown for him… But I will advise you if you work with energy then you must not trust anyone blindly and learn to sense more…

His forum is full of beings which are taking the life force of users… do you know this? if you can’t sense this then you seriously work on yourself… As you have chosen to put yourself in the hand of a person who doesn’t know what he is doing…

Also, I would advise anyone who is using his stuff… just stop before you have no choice left…

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