New Release; Dopamine Receptor / Pathway Repair

Hey man cool to see you’re not dead lmao


So more base level desires like sex and lust?

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What makes you say that? What changed? When did you notice the change?

what do you really know ?!(I’ve never been involved in this, and I have no opinion on it, just what do we really know what’s going on).

Does brain chemicals restoration also causes emotional release? Also are the patreon versions are boosted as well?

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Patreon are not boosted.
It can cause emotional and mental clearing, yes.


Also pls let me know that it’s not similar to the emotional release field sapien has on his dreamseeds channel. I’m not looking for that kind of release just brain chemicals restoration. That was wayy too intense for me.

That release will help with results, all that negative emotion is heavy in your body and will slow down or even stop results. I recommend maitreyas emotional release if sapien was not what you were looking for. Try her whole basic cleanings playlist on YouTube, play it 1-2 times through and see how you feel afterwards

For sure. But I’m not ready for that rn. I started having LSD flashbacks and a terrible LSD like emotional state after listening to sapien’s emotional release field for many months. So yeah that’s my issue with emotional release type fields.

How many months have you heard?

I just listened to it for week a maybe 8 or 9 days.

So whenever I listen to this and brain chemicals restoration I feel good while listening. Then by the evening I start feeling depressed and get all kinds of negative thoughts in my mind.

Have you tried using the Field Storage Creator to put both of those fields in an item?


I’ve put this dopamine field many times on an item but haven’t felt any changes. But after listening to the audio normally I did feel good in the past.

What has your experience been?

Can this be used overnight?

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I decided to use the one on Youtube which is more effective on me than the boosted version.

Yesterday night, after a first listening, a feeling of joy rush through my mind, i never felt that since months because i was on depression.

Between the first listening yesterday night and the next day morning , it was like a war between positive thought against negative thought, back and forth.

In the beginning of the afternoon, i was tired, lethargic and i though that the field was in fact ineffective on me( What a mistake !!! ).

But then, after a couple of hours, i felt a strange sensation in my head, i decided to look myself in the mirror and i saw that my eyes are a little bit different, THEY ARE MORE ALIVE :open_mouth:.

And i knew that, finally, the field was actually working on me :blush:. So i started to listen to the file more and more and i started to feel a rush on my brain. I don’t know why i have the urge to listen to music right away and it was so pleasant.

After hours on listening, my face has completely change, i am more beautiful, more alive and a float of positive thoughs invaded my mind. I am now ready to conquer life, a full life.


I’m going to agree here. I came on tonight to give a testimonial about finally being free of my smart drug addiction. It’s been a few years… I haven’t been able to go a few days without for years. I tried at least 20 times to give myself a week or two break , and I failed everytime. But I’m now about 3 weeks without and it was the easiest thing ever.

I can’t say it was just this Audio… but this was the only one I was listening to about 3 x a day for that specific reason. (Also various brain audios)

Funny thing is… that I actually went a few days without having anything and I didn’t even realise I had done it. Like all memory of the constant craving was literally gone, I went looking for some panadol one night and saw the pill packet and I’m like. holy shit…

And finally touching on what @Samurai said above… I ALSO noticed that I haven’t been on Facebook or Instagram barely at all. I barely look at my phone at all now. It’s like it wiped out all my addictions in one.


Now just to kick my Red Bull Addiction…


Hi :wave:

Would it be better to just listen to this field for an addiction or is it better to combine them with other addiction related audios. I don’t want to slow down the progress by combining too many fields.