DM: Release Effects of Pornography

Mandala to erase all porn images from subconscious and effects of excessive masturbation one might experienced. I know that those images have negative impact on our reality as same as physical effects of masturbation have on body and sacral chakra. In terms of health those are similar as having PTSD and self sexual abuse. Once those are removed everyone will start to experience better reality and normal relationship with other people.

Gaps between pornography expectations and reality can produce “sexual uncertainty” about sexual beliefs and values and may also be related to sexual dissatisfaction, anxiety and fear. The images we consume, in part, shape our standards of beauty and concept of attractiveness. For some, the use of pornography creates dissatisfaction with the quality of their romantic relationships. Those consumers of pornography with a body mass index (BMI) of over 25 reported greater discontent in their relationships.

With pornography may come repeated exposure to body types that may meet conventional ideas of being fit or appealing. A person’s self-esteem could be injured if they were comparing their own bodies to these standards and feeling like they are lacking.

They could begin to view their bodies as outside of what is desirable. If they are comparing their partner’s bodies to those seen in porn, it could increase relationship dissatisfaction. This may also explain the correlation between adolescent female pornography usage and psychological distress.

Overview of Porn Risks

A pornography habit has the potential to cause the following problems:

Social Isolation

· withdrawing from social activity

· developing a secret life

· lying to and deceiving others

· becoming self-centred

· choosing porn over people

Mood Disorders

· feeling irritable

· feeling angry and depressed

· experiencing mood swings

· pervasive anxiety and fearfulness

· feeling powerless in relation to porn

Sexually objectifying other people

· treating people as sex objects

· judging people primarily in terms of their body parts

· experiencing mood swings

· disrespecting other people’s needs for privacy and safety

· being insensitive about sexually harmful behaviour

Engaging in risky and dangerous behaviour

· accessing porn at work or school

· accessing child abuse imagery

· participating in degrading, abusive, violent, or criminal sexual activity

· producing, distributing or selling porn

· engaging in physically unsafe and harmful sex

Unhappy intimate partner

· relationship is marred by dishonesty and deception about porn use

· partner views porn as infidelity i.e. “cheating”

· partner is increasingly upset and angry

· relationship deteriorates due to lack of trust and respect

· partner is concerned about the welfare of the children

· partner feels sexually inadequate and threatened by the porn

· loss of emotional closeness and mutual sexual enjoyment

Sexual Problems

· loss of interest in sex with a real partner

· difficulty becoming aroused and/or achieving orgasm without porn

· intrusive thoughts, fantasies, and images of porn during sex

· becoming sexually demanding and or rough in sex

· having difficulty connecting love and caring with sex

· feeling sexually out of control and compulsive

· increased interest in risky, degrading, abusive, and/or illegal sex

· growing dissatisfaction with sex

· sexual dysfunctions – inability to orgasm, delated ejaculation, erectile dysfunction


· feeling disconnected from person values, beliefs and goals

· loss of personal integrity

· damaged self-esteem

· persistent feelings of guilt and shame

· feeling controlled by porn

Neglecting important areas of life

· personal health (sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and poor self-care)

· family life (neglecting partner, children, pets and household responsibilities)

· work and school pursuits (reduced focus, productivity, and advancement)

· finances (spending on porn depletes resources)

· spirituality (alienation from faith and spiritual practice)

Addiction to Porn

· craving porn intensely and persistently

· difficulty controlling thoughts, or exposure to, and use of porn

· inability to discontinue porn use despite negative consequences

· repeated failures to stop using porn

· requiring more extreme content or intense exposures to porn to get same effect (habituation symptoms)

· experiencing discomfort and irritability when deprived of porn (withdrawal symptoms)

I think this might even happen on their own once all pornography have been erased from subconscious but lets put it anyway here:

  • retrieval of lost jing essence/energy back to system.

So if we have brahmacharya 2.2, we don’t need this right?


I want to know this too


I think no need :smiley:

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Hm, I think with Brahmacharya 2.2, especially the mandala, most of this mandala should be covered. Although I think that this works a little more in depth. :thinking:

This one affects more mental state, but if you already have Brahmacharya, no need.


For this, is there overlaps between Brahma v2.2 and this?

Is it only the erase porn images overlapping with “remove all stored experiences of watching porn/nude stuff”.

So, what this mandala will add on to brahma v2.2 is fully recovering from the effects of excessive masturbation/porn? Or is that recovery stuff also in brahma v2.2

Thanks! @Maitreya @Genius


I been using the pornography DM and then found myself watching porn without necessarily feeling aroused, with thoughts of this ain’t it chief and that its not worth my energy/attention. This is thus given me my time back, increasing my productivity and making me more focused.

there was brain fog and you wont really have a sense of direction or know the next move but those things have since alleviated


just bought. does anyone know the range of the field? Thank you




…Keep us updated about your progress with this mandala.


Hey guys, good news…

I can say I have completely eradicated my addiction to porn.
I don’t have the urge to masturbate and watch porn, my life is improving and I’ve seen increased confidence, increased sex drive, increased motivation… the whole 9 yards. I won’t ever relapse again. Thanks!


Awesome! :slight_smile:


Man it’s weird this thread has been revived because I also today was pushed to buy this next even though I have Brahmacharya 2.2. I hope this can remove unwanted fetishes.
This is my next purchase.


@Gnosticmedic27 even i too have BCv2 Mandala with additional benefits, though I am being pushed since last few weeks to buy this… Hopefully will get it soon…


What do you mean by this? how can I imbue my things with fields?

Update after 2 weeks:

I have been wearing this mandala with me for the last 2 weeks 24/7 and I have to say it works like a really powerful “cord cutter” to all the “actors” and scenes that one has consumed form adult movies throughout one’s life time.

It also literally deletes all the pictures and scenes from porn movies that I have ever seen. When I try to remember some “actresses” or scenes that would have triggered me in the past, then it is like that those are completely deleted out of my memory and any energy or trigger attached to these is also gone.

Or in other words, If I would want to trigger myself by thinking about a sexual scene from one of the movies, then I barely can remember any and not as vividly as in the past.
Which is awesome, because this means I or my ego cannot even trigger myself to old patterns of energy and time waste :raised_hands:

That’s right, most relapses with porn happen because the brain is looking for a quick dopamine fix and triggers itself by remembering sexual stuff. That dopamine fix people look for is either for the dopamine itself or because the subconscious mind tries to self-sabotage by distracting from a deeper seated trauma by throwing dopamine numbing on top of it.
When there is nothing to remember, the brain and ego cannot use it as triggers to get their quick fix!

I have the impression this mandala slowly but continously goes through your subconscious mind and deletes all those porn impressions from your mind, starting with the latest ones and then proceeding back in time to the older impressions.

No pictures and scenes to remember = no triggers

No triggers = no desire to look at porn for dopamine

= brain starts to look for sexuality related dopamine from other sources, e.g. real partners only or lucid dreaming sex etc.

It is a really powerful mandala, not only to make Semen Retention much more easy, but also to clean up your subconscious mind and all the negative stuff absorbed from those type of movies. Those movies are usually full of negative subliminal messages, so it makes sense to delete all of these too. Keep in mind that your subconscious mind is manifesting most of your reality so it needs to be fed with the best beliefs only.

With this mandala, I find myself that when I think about sex, all thoughts are more and more directed at real women only and no artificial content of any type. Since the old triggers are being deleted my brain feels less and less inclined to "look at a certain “actresses” to get a dopamine kick. Indeed, I find that I barely can remember any scenes or “actresses” now.

While the “Brahmacarya God - NoFap Semen Retention and Transmutation” field with the nice fire place crackling sound is super good to restore lost sexual energy after a relapse and relieve brain fog, this mandala removes the long-term desire to get sexual satisfaction from any artificial source and most importantly removes all the memory triggers – which is the key for long term success!

No triggers = No self-sabotage

Anyone who is still watching porn, should get this ASAP!
Your precious limited lifetime is much more valuable than what it costs.

This mandala goes well hand in hand with these fields as additions too:

  • Bhramcharya V2
  • Healing Baby in the Womb
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Sexual Energy Clearing and Cutting Cords
  • Root Chakra Healing
  • Sacral Chakra Healing
  • Close the Door of the Past
  • Trinity Activation
  • DM: Trauma, Incident, Limiting Belief Clearing

I have this mandala for 3 weeks so far and I love it!

I tried a lot of different audios from Maitreya and Sapien but nothing helped somehow Ive got always back to this addiction because my brain was way too manipulated.

But having this mandala is like having a 24/7 guard who prevent you from going on these sites.
It is very helpfull but I have to say that you have to be true with yourself I relapsed alrdy 2 times 2 weeks ago because I told myself If I snort some speed nothing bad happens BULLSHIT I lied to myself.
I once had the problem that I watched a lot of porn when I tooked amphetamines and my brain copied the pleasure Ive got from this so I was mindless 2 weeks ago and lied to myself and bought some amphetamines , never ever.

Since I have this mandala around me it got so easy restrain from porn and I feel the healing.
Also I had this week every night the same dream.
It was always the last dream before waking up.
Me sitting infront of a screen and wachting thumbnails of naked womens.
Normally such dreams are triggering me and leads me to relapse but I didnt feel like watching mindless and horny some nasty stuff behind a screen.

I think this dreams showing me that my brain is heeling.

Very powerful mandala I recommend it for everyone who tried everything but always fall back to same old patterns

Thank you Maitreya :+1:


Yep this is why I always was falling back to the same old behaviour but with less and less triggers in the head it gets easier :clap:

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I’ve had this mandala for 5 days, and it is excellent. Everyone who has a problem with this addiction, go buy this mandala. Will help you not to get triggered and not to relapse.