DM: Brain Reset

This field is a complete hard reset for the brain. It destroys anything that impacts the brain and mind negatively. Can be any addiction, thought forms, negative though or whatever disrupts mental peace. It also restructures the physical brain as it should be. Completely helps it to cellular level. It works on every single area in the brain for strong detox and healing effects. Neuro pathways are healed as it should be to their best possible state. Can be helpful for drug addicts who damage the brain while doing drugs or destroy any neural pathways that are made by any type of addiction in existence.

Also gives you enough confidence in yourself to deal with any kind of addiction/addictive behavior so that it won’t come back in future. So you can be free from addiction or addictive thoughts.

You can also ask the mandala to help with any spesific addiction such as pornography, drugs, eating addictions etc., so the energy will be directed to heal it as soon as possible based on your intention.


Btw the audio doesn’t replace this cuz the mandala can also work of spesific addiction based on intention
Even from crush, spesific person, drugs or any kind of food…


Thank you so much @Maitreya!! :purple_heart:

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Can this be by any chance stored in pen drive using audio talisman?


Hm nice, but I have to dig deeper here. What exactly is meant by brain reset. Will all the improvements made with audios be reset? Just like the IPf Dogtag or Conceptual Realization or other audios that have a special effect on the brain and stimulate certain regions, put back in the state from before or are these improvements retained with the mandala?


i thought that i don’t have any addictions

than i listened to audio and instantly felt peace and clarity

and than came the realisation that i have many addictions such as - staying late at night, sleeping all morning, thinking patterns, energy holes in my brain, mobile phone excessive use and many others

Better to use this mandala continuously so you can understand yourself better

See you on other side of addiction

Good luck


Thank you for this one @Maitreya :smiley:

I love it :heart_eyes:


I don’t have this mandala, but I’ve tried today with others. I’ve put physical mandalas away, stored files on pendrive, and also put it away.

Waited several hours until symptoms of not having mandalas appear, then grabbed the pendrive - it worked.

I thought I will be waiting several minutes, not hours, because this was my experience since I started - when I go to shower, old trouble start to appear (negative intrusive thoughts, worse mood etc.). But now if I rethink, last days it’s becoming better and better, maybe they’re integrating.

Going back to pendrive - after half an hour I added printed mandalas stack and it’s clearly more powerful now, but I wouldn’t yet interpret it this way that paper is better, this would need more experiments. I may have chosen wrong strength on pendrive side, maybe now I have double strength (pendrive + paper), also my sensitivity to different tools and fields varies over time and also varies on its own.

BTW I think Digital Magnetron Broadcaster and Holo-Stones may also be used if you can’t wear mandalas, but some experiments needed, and in general YMMV.


Nice experience. How many X-power (40,000X) file copies did you put in your manifestation folder ?!
Maybe I’ll try this, and I’m wondering how the 30 Cm mandala’s reach might be affected.



I’ve put only one and I think that was not enough.

It’s not easy for me to decide how many copies to make, because my sensitivity is very chaotic. Sometimes 40,000X is too much, sometimes 120,000X is good, and sometimes nothing works.

Lately sensitivity seems good, so I went with 40,000X and didn’t put much thought into it. I was prepared to wait only several minutes, and could always add more copies if needed :).

After hours I somehow forgot, probably because the point of experiment was to find if this works or not, binary yes/no :). I would probably remember to add power if it didn’t work at all. But it removed negative thoughts, improved mood a lot.

It was also hard to decide if that is all what mandalas are capable of, because paper version strength - when “confronted” with “my” energies - could be perceived as fluctuating. To be clear - probably mandalas strength is stable, but things happen during the day, my mood is not stable, and when you add my unstable sensitivity to the equation, it’s chaos ;].

I don’t know about range, it would be good experiment too. But I suspect mandala range doesn’t count when it is sent through other tool (tool range now counts?). That is only guess though.

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very comprehensive explanations which a good source of experimental data. indeed it is not easy to define the power of the manifestation file according to the files to be manifested.
At this time, I also find that my ability to feel often varies at different times and I don’t yet know what the root cause is.

I agree with you on this point and also share your opinion.


Does it work for healing traumatic brain injuries? Thanks :blush:


Great feedback @nivi - definitely pinpointing my sensitivity to my ability to meditate daily or not…lately, experimenting with pendrive on a couple of broadcasters (both hardware and paper based) to see if helps with ability to increase energetic sensitivity


If I put this mandala under my pillow, would it serve my wife as well as me?

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The range is only 30cm. Better to print another one out and put in under her pillow.



that is, print two copies and put one under my pillow and one under my wife’s?

@Maitreya Will it work for both of us?

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how do you ask the mandala to help you eliminate an addiction? Is there a special command?

Thanks! :wink:

even on mandalas that don’t have trigger words you can tell what you want to archive/want
fields work very intelligent


This mandala is really great I have been using it since it came great results I think this is what everyone needs these days. :grinning:

Really appreciate this one @Maitreya :heart_eyes:


I’m listening to this. It should get rid of all the negativity in my mind. This should affect the whole body as well since each part of you affects you. It could reset my whole reality as well since my reality is also me.