New Release; Dopamine Receptor / Pathway Repair

#Dopamine Receptor / Pathway Repair (Unisex) / Energetically Programmed Audio

This production will heal your dopamine receptors that was damaged due to your addictions though the years. Will fully repair and upregulating the receptors involved in the dopamine reward pathway. As an added effect this field will safely boost your dopamine levels to the optimal desired level for a great healthy lifestyle.

  • This field will upregulate all dopamine receptors, specifically involved in the reward, decision making and motivation pathway including prefrontal cortex, substantia nigra, nucleus accumbens and striatum.

  • Increasing the density and sensitivity of all DRs (from D1 to D5) to maximize dopaminergic transmission and neural growth, helping to beat any harmful addiction.


Listened to this for 3 hours yesterday. Felt a little light headed, lol.

But it was fine after a few mins.

Gonna try 6 hours from today.


I’m using this in conjunction with Brain Restoration and Hormone Healer.


same, i’ve had really god results so far after about a week. will listen daily until february to make it permanent


Good to hear. I have the boosted version of Brain Restoration and it feels like my brain gets massaged when I listen to it.

Yeah I’m going to listen to all three for a couple months as well. The order I listen to is:

Brain Restoration
Dopamine Repair
Hormone Healer


@Maitreya can you post “brain restoration” on Patreon?

yeah, today

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i just bought those 3 boosted versions, since they are 3x as strong do you only listen once? i think that will be the plan for me, save some time

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No I’ve been looping all three. Not all day long, but probably 3-5x each.

The only audio that is boosted is Brain Restoration.

all the audios on gumroad are 3x as strong except soul restoration ones. thanks for sharing, i’ll see what works for me.


Wtf bro… 3 hours and then 6 hours , is your addictation that high?? lol . kidding

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Haha. My bitch ass couldn’t wait and wanted super-fast results.

Although now I use it 2-3x only.


Just wanted to share that this field is ridiculously powerful.

It doesnt just heal the receptors, it actually repairs and cleans the entire pathways.

ANY ‘addiction’ pathway, be it sugar,social media, porn or general internet etc, it cleans it all and restores it back to more primal/natural aka how its supposed to be levels.

From personal experience, any “personalities” attached/born from the addictions seem to dissapear aswell.

Absolutely THE best addiction field I have ever seen.

Thank you @Maitreya

Edit : I am using the gumroad version.


How many loops have you been running?

i go 3x a day for this and brain chemicals,both gumroad both boosted


Looped it for a few hours in the beginning, and overnight once.

Now I just play it once in the morning, keep the receptors healthy and stuff.

But for me its more of a background thing,

If you view the world from a primal/dopamine perspective, youre gonna live in illusion.

Always good to play a third eye audio right after dopamine, so you see things the way they are.

Kind of a red pill blue pill thing from the matrix lol, blue pill is dopamine and red pill is third eye.

Just keep this in mind, because this field from maitreya WILL activate the primal self, and it has its own needs and desires.


@Samurai hey man, are you not on the sapien forums anymore?

Nopes, apparently asking for your account to be deleted doesnt cut it.

Its changed to anon or some shit.

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Oh really?! Everything ok? What happened of you don’t mind me asking? All good if you don’t want to get into it


Good to see you’re back🥂