Master Manifestor [Field Request]

We know that we use energetically programmed sounds to move from one state to another. Either from poverty to wealth or from lack to already having that which at some point we long for.

My proposal is the creation of an energetically programmed audio that is based on the teachings of Neville Goddard regarding visualization/imagination/assumption to have the ease of changing from one state to another. Some would call this a quantum leap, however it is always about the same thing and we are always looking to change our state of consciousness to a better one, either by using subliminal audios or morphic fields etc.

The ease of moving from one state to another would free us from having to wait or think from a perspective of attraction, changing the perspective to one of realization of the goal already accomplished. In other words, we move from a perspective of separation to one of eternal unity.

The content of the audio to change state could be,
Absolute Visualization (An imagination/visualization is what will allow us to feel the desire fulfilled spontaneously).
Absolute Concentration (A laser-like attention manifests our desires instantly, that is, our attention or focus is what manifests existence).
Absolute body relaxation (When there is no tension in the body is when it is easier for us to direct our attention deliberately to a chosen state).
Absolute Belief in Magic (An absolute belief in magic will make our manifestations unfold magically, this is the reverse if you believe that everything will manifest “realistically” then your manifestations will have that character)
Emotional Intelligence (Emotional intelligence will allow us not to react to the three dimensional world of appearances, because when we focus on lack a negative emotion comes up, which takes away our focus of Faith to what we deliberately set out to do before, also our emotions are the basis of our manifestation, it is not the same to assume/visualize/imagine with disharmonious emotions than with harmonious emotions.
Eye of The Tiger" attitude (An attitude like this will take us out of our comfort zone and manifest our desired life, without procrastinating, without thinking that this is not for us, understanding that by the Law of Correspondence everything is for us and we deserve everything. Absolute discipline and constancy and permanence).

With this would end the content of the audio that could be described as an audio to be “Master Manifestor”.


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There is a manifestation audio on Gumroad too

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Will this not mean too many sub-fields, reducing the effect of the field?

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Got it!