DM: Mind Master [ Manifestation Tool ]

This energy field is designed to capture high-frequency positive thoughts and neutralize those of low frequencies that are not serving you. Positive thoughts will be amplified 111 times, with feelings of gratitude, euphoria, joy, and neutral energy attached to them to aid in fulfilling your manifestations and changing your life. This will allow them to materialize much faster than usual. For those who have negative thoughts and struggle with manifestations and meditations, the field will neutralize these negative thoughts, which you are afraid of and do not wish to manifest in your life. Additionally, the field is programmed to remove all thought forms, thoughts, and negative wishes that others have sent to you and have lodged in your aura, altering the direction of your life and its events.

The field can be used in two ways:

The first way is to activate it specifically when you are manifesting. Use the power of your intention to amplify the focus and energy 111 times on what you intend and charge it with the energies described. Use the word “Activate” and then set your intention or use another manifestation technique you work with, such as visualization, meditation, or another manifestation field like Maya Ruler or Reality Shifter. When you finish manifesting, deactivate the field by saying “It is fulfilled.”

The second way is to use it throughout the day. For this, you only need to carry the mandala with you. The mandala will automatically neutralize negative thoughts and emotions that come from the mind and amplify those that are positive and suitable for you. It is important to note that if there is a real situation where you need to react and have real feelings about it, the mandala will not remove them.

Example: If there is a dog on the street that wants to bite you, it is appropriate to be afraid, to have your adrenaline rise, and to have the energy your body produces to protect/save yourself/escape. If you are in a real situation, the mandala will not nullify these feelings because it is not safe for the person.

If you have a fear that is not realistic, i.e. some people are afraid to leave their home because something bad might happen, even though they live in a safe environment and there are no real threats outside, or to give a silly example: you are worried about being chased by a tiger while living in a big city where tigers do not exist, the mandala will neutralize these thoughts so that your mind is emptied and free from imaginary fears, thoughts, and emotions.


Hey Maitreya ,
It sounds like an awesome field.What I don’t understand does the field have a long-term benefit, meaning that the end-goal is that I am only thinking positive thoughts, because all the negative thoughts got released?Or is the releasing only happening in the now, but it does not work on the deeper levels, or the reason for the thoughts, I hope my question makes sense.


It has a long-term effect. This is an automatic process that naturally occurs. Probably in the first month, negative thoughts and emotions will clear up and positive ones will be strengthened, leading to a rise in vibration and the building of new neural networks based on positive thoughts and feelings. In the second and third month, this will intensify more and more. Once a person enters into a high vibration and is happy, it becomes more difficult for them to be affected by and attract negative things and naturally, they attract more positive ones.


@Maitreya @Polaris

For the first command, how many intentions can the field handle?? max number of intentions??

Awesome make! Bought it. :grinning:

Update: works well. Removes negative thoughts and energy! I never realized how much negative thinking I had until I used this. And I’m a positive thinker. At least I used to think I am.


There is no limit. An unlimited number of things can be ordered.
I even recommend this for other manifestation techniques and fields.
To order the maximum number of things, big, small, significant, insignificant.

A huge and long list for the subconscious to engage with, to work on, and CREATE, instead of wondering whether to pull out some karmic nonsense because it’s bored. :smiley:


@Maitreya @Polaris The intention is held indefinitely correct

thank you,
additional questions

can we cancel an intention ?

for the 1st way of using the field,
after setting intention, do we need to carry the mandala / connected always by mandala manager for it to work ?

What if you don’t usually have positive thoughts and mostly just normal thoughts and some negative thoughts? Will it help with increasing positive thinking?

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Which one is the best, if I could only afford one of them?

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Its looks like Magical Objects Field. :wink:

Of course. You just give a second intention to cancel your request.

Yes, either carry the mandala with you or put it in the Manager.

It will increase positive thoughts, but what do you mean by normal thoughts? As neutral ones?

I can’t determine that. The two fields have different things they do, and in relation to your inner world, you need to decide what is suitable for you.


Thank you for another amazing creation!

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@Maitreya and @Polaris

After we say it is fulfilled these manifestations are running 24/7 correct.


Yes, plus it will work on your thoughts, too.

I must say that this field, as a standalone, works great. I can feel the shift, and I don’t get trapped in a vicious circle when things get messy. It clears ridiculous fears, too.


Yes, I meant neutral thoughts. Sounds great. I will be getting this one soon.

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Great mandala, it has solved my problems with having to many mandalas at the same time.
I just got one problem, i what to say in the end of the manifestation(“It is fulfilled”)
I always wonder what it is,
and sometimes I have to check the description :joy:
Can I say “it’s done” instead?

Fields are energetic, so they will get the intention. You can even say in your native language if this resonates with you the most.
‘It is fulfilled’ means it manifested already. While ‘It’s done’ might mean meditation is done, for me. So choose those words that you feel :slight_smile:


Thanks @Polaris always great help🙏

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@Maitreya @Polaris about using the command, for example , i want to buy a motorcyle, and have no money yet, i will imagine myself buying and driving the vehicle, they say it is fulfilled.

do i need to repeat the command again , if yes, how often should i do that ?

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