DM: Atomic Tap

This field has been created to put you in a state in which you can tap the deepest energy - the core of the atoms in your body. This field gives you endless possibilities limited only by your imagination and creativity.

You can heal yourself, manifest anything you need, use them as a booster for other energy fields from Maitreya and other creators. To increase the capacity and effect of orgonite, crystals, and other energy structures.

The audio will work for the duration of the video clip, only while you are listening to it. The mandala in Gumroad will have activation/deactivation words so you can carry it with you everywhere and use it at your convenience and the preferred duration of time.

How to use this field? When you activate the mandala or you are listening to the video–imagine, see and feel the new reality you want to manifest in your life, the new state of being you want to achieve. This field will carry your manifestation in the most powerful part of yourself–the core of your atoms thus making manifestations much more powerful and faster.


@Maitreya would this replace (somewhat) the functions of Limit Breaker, and Three Treasures mandalas?

Also, the activation words were not in the gumroad download.


And my question would be how to best combine it with the fast manifestation field? I guess I would play this file while playing the other file with headphones and visualising what I want to manifest.


So magi pendant + reality shifter + atomic tap = :heart_eyes:


She knows I can’t pass up manifestation fields!

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Sounds about right!

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Coincidentally I just got through listening to the fast manifestations field right around the time this was released. This would probably also pair well with extract energy from the quantum vacuum.

@Maitreya a suggestion if I may. Can the range of each mandala automatically start being included within the descriptions?

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Does this help to heal any disease?


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You ask the same question many times and on every other Sapien forum thread. There are focused fields to heal physical diseases, have you tried using them?

yes I have bought and used them already but not received any results. That is the reason I am asking questions to be clear before investing any money.

Maitreya suggested I share my experience with this energy so…

Here’s my two-month review of constantly using this energy:

First, everything I’ll say here is according to my experience. Do not expect the same since experience is determined by your level of consciousness (elimination of ego).

To begin with, this energy is the same as the universal law:

The Law of Divine Oneness states that everything is connected from a single source of consciousness that affects everything and everyone at an atomic level. Consciousness is composed of the same essence is just atoms waiting to be expressed through the environment of creation which is what connects us all.

In other words, this is access to Source energy.

Now, do you get unlimited power the moment you use the mandala?


In the past two months, the mandala has pushed my level of consciousness like nothing else I’ve ever used. Being that I come from the SEE system crowd, one of the last steps in there is realization or enlightenment (Satori processing), while it is a temporary experience, the point is to make it a daily practice until you’re fully realized and the work is the elimination of ego.

The more you eliminate the more you integrate who you really are. The “I” is unadulterated by the mind. There are no words or descriptions to help another person understand what that is, it is something that must be experienced.

That said, the more I have shed layers of my current state, the more of the Atomic Tap (which I called Oneness) you get to access and so you can use that energy as you wish.

Understand that I had a version of the mandala which had no activation words so it was running on me 24/7, the more I integrated it, two things happened:

  1. Love became more impersonal therefore it changed my relationship with everything. Now I am you and you are I is not just a cute little concept. A deep sense of connectedness and detachment happened. Now many things do not make sense as they are ego concepts we hold as truth. Realizing that Love is the “I” in action, now there’s a deep sense of power that you can use as you wish.

  2. The more the energy is integrated the less identification you have with the character you carry therefore you have little to no choice but to just love everything. That said, a deep understanding of what love actually is kicked in. Stripping away the ego concept of how it’s represented you’re left with the realization that it’s the pure force of creation.

You can gauge your level by how constantly you’re just giving that energy for no reason nor thought. You integrate a love/source consciousness and therefore the plane of creation opens up for you.

What happens when you combine this energy with Reality Shifter?

Anything you wish.

But you’ll be met with the challenge of what ego concepts are keeping it from happening. You have to eliminate the wanting of everything you wish and just have it. Your happiness comes from within fully and the expression of that happiness is what you used your mind to create.

This is a good place to explain how creation works:

Energy aka Love (Atomic Tap for example) + Pure unobstructed thought focused for a period of time (this is why a quiet mind is so powerful) = Conscious Creation/ Manifestation

To the degree that you’re identified with your Self will equal how fast things happen. To the degree your mind is quiet will equal how identified you’re with Self.

As for results, anything I’ve wanted to change, I’ve made happen and it’s getting faster every week as I shed more layers of ego therefore my mind becomes more focused. You’ve seen my results with the Reality Shifter.

So should you buy this?

Honestly, depends on are you going to interact with the energy every day and integrate it? That’s the only thing you’ll have to answer yourself.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep this in mind. Sure it will help all who commit to using this tool.

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Was that issue fixed? I plan to buy this soon but wanna make sure I get everything at once.

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I dont think so…

Thanks @Vibeman that was very educational.

@Nexus did you get a chance to try it?

Not yet I’ll pick it up this weekend

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:pray: Looking forward to your feedback.

Any tips on how to do that?

Interact would be through visualization (or maybe even a verbal conversation like Shiva from SZ suggests with his fields). What can one do to integrate it better? :pray: