Fast Manifestations + Luck and Abundance field from gumroad

How to use this one? Do we only have to think about what we want to manifest throughout the length of the video?


1 time a week you can use it before bed with visualization of what you want. You can use it through the days also to raise your vibrations.


What if I’m not good at visualization? And can this be used as an upgraded booster. Please reply. I’m really confused.

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Yes, it will boost your thoughts.


Positive thoughts only na?

It will manifest everything you are thinking,
so better think fow what you want. :slight_smile:


So, Just by thinking about what i want throught the length of the field everyday will manifest it . Am i right :smiley:

It will affect the whole day. :joy:


i dint understand what u are saying to Cococola. Can u please elaborate @maitreyafields

So can be used as a sort of psionic /radionic boost?

come faccio ad averlo?

lol. :joy:

bro, if you manifest anything by using this fast manifestations field please post the testimonial


@UFOHunter well I’m not sure if it was just coincidence or I manifested it but I was wishing for a skin field and before you know it @Maitreya uploaded youthful skin… :exploding_head:


I use magician 1.0 from sapien and this field ocasionally and believe me,the night I used fast manifestations,things I wished for would find me.Or rather things I didnt know I will need(after doing it some shit happens but also on pure luck I got the audio for it just half an hour beforehand even though I never wanted it).I think it has a lot to do with being high vibe so focus on that.I havent yet manifested true money although I did find cash in the apartment in the places I forgot I had it and also my mum unexpectedly gave me some.All of this happened day after I used fast manifestations while visualizing a bit


so, This field creates our thoughts into reality. Is that whats the purpose of the field maitreya. @Maitreya

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Exactly. No matter if they are good or bad (our perception). It will manifest what you think.


With Abundance and luck fields I haven’t had much success so far, so I haven’t paid any attention to this yet.
So, if you have good control over your thoughts it would be an amazing field. :thinking:
But if you don´t have control over your
thoughts that can be terrible for you. :grimacing:

Ten years ago that would have had terrible consequences for my life. But now I’m going to think about buying it.


Anyone else having any luck with this audio? Would love to hear some experiences. :slightly_smiling_face:


Recently bought this one and am pretty excited about it, but I haven’t listened to it yet as I’m hoping to better understand how to best use it to avoid any possibility of manifesting something less than pleasant. After all, the brain conjures up a lot of negative thoughts throughout the day, often unnoticed. If this field only manifests specifically what you visualize while listening to it, cool; if it manifests anything and everything going through your head even when you’re not listening to it, it might get a little hairy, lol.