What are your Top 3 Maitreya Fields?

Mine are:

  • The Healing Chamber - I always wake up refreshed and relaxed when I use this in the night. The BEST field for me.
  • Universal Cleanser - I use it once or twice a week, not sure if it is this or the Guardians, but I feel lighter after using it.
  • 5D - @lezeallion helped me realize the value of this field. It seems to make other fields work better.
  1. Blueprint of Health - Mental
  2. Blueprint of Health - Emotional
  3. Blueprint of Health - Etheric

1:sbr part1: ancestral and DNA
2: Thauma _incident
3:Skin whitening-pale white skin


Ayyy thanks for the shout! Mine changes every week but these stand out for me right now.

  1. Spiritual Guardians / 5D
  2. GY Series (Extremely powerful!)
  3. Imagination Revision v2

Special mention to all Blueprint fields, been healing much faster and everything on me looks healthier. And SBR Ancestral is pretty potent. It isolated me from my family’s way of thinking at a deeper level. Didn’t worsen relations, just really allowed me to have a more objective point of view on things and my own beliefs.

  1. Healing chamber
  2. Speed reading/learning
  3. Reality Note

Limitless study mandala and the learn mathematics fast is also worth a mention, it’s been a great help in my pursuit in an engineering degree

  • The finder: I have had great results with this.
    Finding things, finding answers and solutions for work, and some other things, IE I could fit the razor in the support lol.
  • DM Concentration and focus: It helps me a lot to focus and concentrate for work or study
  • DM sleep: It helps me to fall sleep, even when ak get up to go to the bathroom.
  1. Divine Invocation. It really helps me destress especially after a long day.
  2. DM Sri Yantra. For health and well-being.
  3. DM EMF Protection. Mainly helps with headaches when exposed to too many emf sources. This is very helpful both for me at home and at the research lab.

Hands down & without question, number 1 is the Language Downloader. Nothing Maitreya has made thus far even comes close to touching how valuable this is.

I say, respect to whoever understands why…

  1. Buddha Consciousness
  2. Awakening GOD pt2
  3. Awakening GOD pt1

I did not even know this one existed!!

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If you have an overactive mind it’s not recommended since it contains up to 100hz gamma brainwave.


For me :

1- Emitter
No more carrying mandalas on paper and listening to music from a device.

No more worrying about how to properly use energy fields. What fields listened to, how many times, at what time etc. All is chosen by the optimizer in connection with the higher self . The best fields to activate and adapted to the right time and ideal duration :ok_hand:.

3- integration primer
This one helped me to be able to feel the energy fields of Maitreya



Hard to narrow it down to 3 because there are so many that were helpful. I still have other Maitreya fields that I need to use more, but so far I’d say:

SBR Part 3 - nothing has quieted my mind like this has, and it is lasting. If everyone had it and wanted it to work for them, there would literally be world peace.
High Witcher - amazing field that has mostly given me what I’ve asked for so far.
Blueprint of Health fields - real and lasting health improvements, some I wrote about in the first thread for them.


I think I am changing my list to:

  • Fohat Fire
  • Divine Invocation
  • Divinity Activation

1 fohat energy
2 adaptive shield
3 divine invocation


I just see this…

This comment is misleading…

Are you sure do you understand how brainwaves work?