How to use Field emitter and Field Optimizer?

I understand that all your DMs, Audio and Subliminal files need to be placed on a memory card along with the field emitter and field optimizer. The memory card must be kept within a 15cm radius of your body.

My question is what are the field emitter commands and options that are available to control the fields on the memory card? Can you set a length of time to run or schedule of run times for each field? How do you tell them which fields you want to use on your memory card? When using only the field emitter do you have to activate each field, does it run until you deactivate it, or in the case of an audio just the time it takes to play the audio file (ex. 10 minutes)? Are there any other things I need to know?

I also have the Field Optimizer, what are the commands and options that are available to control the fields using the Field emitter? Do you have to active the fields in both products or can you activate the field emitter with commands given to the field optimizer? My understandment is that once everything in setup the higher self will control everything. How do you keep track of the status of the field emitter and Field Optimizer, what is active? Do you just keep a list or file of the current status of all fields.

Sorry for all the questions, I have read other post but need to know how both product work together.

Thank you for your time.



for someone who is not sensitive to energy (ME), in my mind the only job of the emitter is to emit fields , so only command is use is “Field Emitter , Turn on all fields now” , i only use that after updating whats inside the usb
also i only place fields that are needed so i dont have to worry about turning on off other fields inside

for this part, you can say while holding the usb. " Field optimizer set to automatic mode"
if you want other style, you can read the field optimizer thread at least twice, some use checklist method

overtime when using these fields, you ll get ideas on how to use them base on your own style


Thank you for your response. I need more information about how fields work with the field emitter. If i turn them all on “Field Emitter, turn on all fields now”, will I get overloaded from having them all turned on 24/7, or will the field optimizer take over “Field optimizer set to automatic mode” and Field Optimizer will turn each field on and off depending on my higher self. Currently I am only running them manually using external speakers, each field for the play time of the audio file three times a day.

I guess I don’t understand how the field emitter works with audio files. when I say, “Field Emitter, turn on Fohat Connection & Fohat Fire now”, which is an audio file on my memory card that runs for 4:42. Does it stop running after 4:42 or does it run until i say “Field Emitter, Turn off Fohat Connection & Fohat Fire now”? I ran the Fohat Connection & Fohat Fire too long before and had a headache for over 3 hours, I am very sensitive to the energy coming from the audio file.

Thank you for your time


since your sensitive, use only a small number of fields first, then gauge yourself

did you try this with the optimizer? if no, try it again

Thank Kaworu02 i will try that

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I tried running fohat connection & fohat fire running with the field emitter and the field optimizer and I still got a headache. have i done something wrong in the way i set up?

“Field Emitter, Turn on Fohat Connection & Fohat Fire now”
“Field optimizer, turn on automatic mode now”

Thank you for your time


some people also got headache first time using the optimizer, i think its the part of the optimizer the need of establishing connection to the higher self first


@Maitreya Hello, I know that mandalas can be used all the time, but is it safe to put your audios or subliminals/affirmations 24/7 into the field emitter? (except hormonal ones, of course).

Long method : take your time to read these threads

short method:
i dont use commands as these mandalas respond to thoughts ,and my mind is everywhere so this is my set up

add everything to the ROOT folder of the usb
affix " -ALWAYS ON" at the end of the field that want turn on 24/7 example
“increase confidence -ALWAYS ON”

be careful adding “-always on” on physical fields because some are not advisable to be turned on 24/7 when using the emitter , youll find them out by trial and error
and the rest, the field optimizer will handle


The “always on” is a brilliant idea. I have another question. Is the field booster not needed at all if you own the field optimizer? Thank you so much for your response.

If you have been using these subliminals/affirmations for a long time, you can put them in the folder. But only if you are absolutely sure they are safe for you.

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I think there’s no need to use an additional booster.


I have a potentially dumb question. The Field Optimizer is just a field too correct? So when you say Field Optimizer Turn On or Off all Fields now does that turn On and Off as well? Also how exactly does it work with audio files? Do they automatically continuously play on loop?

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This is how I interpreted it:
In a department of employees, there is a person in charge of optimizing the resource to result equation. So depending on our situation the optimizer changes how much active interactions/ access is between any field and my avatar.

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Field Emitter is for commands and storing all the fields you want to use. Fields Optimizer works with your Higher Self, so you don’t have to control it, and you can allow Optimizer to work with all the stuff you’ve put in Emitter.

Yes, brilliant example! Thank you.
The Optimizer is a Manager. You are the Director. Your Higher Self is Higher Director. Optimizer managing Fields-Workers with consultations with the Higher Director, so you could have time for yourself and learn, experience life, and look after the company (your body for example).


Can “ALWAYS ON” be affixed to audio fields too?

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yes, but be careful on how your body reacts with the intended field


It’s just Sapiens Premium Wealth Field. Nothing physical. Thank you so much for your help. Would you suggest the Field Optimizer in this case to prevent energy overload and do you also affix ALWAYS ON to the Optimizer as well? Is the Field Optimizer pointless when just using a single field?


in my case, i dont . you can always add the grounding mandala or limit breaker or both

in my exp the field optimizer wont touch the field that is on -always on mode, so yes its pointless ( would be nice if one of the admins/team would comment on this part)

  • its really trial and error, im not sensitive to notice, im just using my gut(?) feeling if something is wrong or right,

If is only one field the Optimizer is not need it. You can control this one field giving commands to the Emitter. This is more useful for multiple fields management.

I agree. This is always good to have. This allows you to expand your capacity.

Intuition, Inner Voice, gut the more you listen to yourself, the better. It’s all about learn how to get your power back.