How to use Field emitter and Field Optimizer?

I have a dumb question. Why do you command the Field Optimizer to set to auto mode when it does it’s thing automatically by default?


I have Field Emitter and Mandala Manager inside my folder and I have said activate before. If I were to remove and add something new to the folder, do I need to open the Mandala Manager and Field Emitter and say Activate again?

No need to repeat that. The connection has been made, so you can add/remove programs

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Does the field optimizer work with MP4 as well as other file formats

When you have the Emitter, yes

If I have Manager, Optimizer and Emitter in a folder-

  1. If certain audios or tracks have a limit to them i.e. not more than 3x a day etc, can I command it like that and say - play x audio 3 times a day everyday? (will this work or do I have to specify the time for e.g. if an audio is 30 mins long play it for 30 mins or from 1 to 1:30 pm etc?)
  2. Is it okay to run multiple audios and command each of them to play for hours for e.g. I have 4 audios/ subliminals/ affirmations files and I command each of them to play for let’s say 10 hours each daily, now 10 * 4 = 40 hours, but there’re just 24 hours in a day so they’re bound to overlap - is this a problem or the optimizer n emitter takes care of this so despite the overlap there’s no problem with the results?
  3. In the above case, if it’s fine - do I need to set and compartmentalize specific times for them for .e.g 1pm to 10pm or can I just say - play for 10 hours and can leave it upto the optimizer/ emitter to decide when to run them and which audios it’ll overlap?
  4. In all the above cases, who do I command to with regards to the examples given above? do I command to the manager, emitter or mandala for audio files/video etc?

You need to observe your body. From my own experience playing audio(active) is much stronger than keep it in your folder (passive). I’ve never bothered to set instructions to audio be played, as passive is weaker for me. So you need to adjust this to your own needs. Whatever feels okay for you. Mostly trial and error.

When you have the Optimizer, then is the boss. Without the Optimizer you give commands to the Mandalas Manager.