Field Emitter + Questions

  1. Does field emitter/mandala manager/field optimizer respond to random thoughts, things you’re unconsciously focusing on etc. ? I would hope not
  2. Does the field optimizer work automatically as long as it’s in the USB?
  3. Once I’ve activated field emitter and mandala manager, do I ever need to re-activate it, especially if I add other files to the USB drive?
  4. If I have the combo of field emitter and mandala manager, I don’t need to have the USB on me at all times for fields to work, correct?
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No. You need to focus on them and give the command to make this work.

Yes. Your Higher Self will decide what field and when. When you will remove the Optimizer all mandalas will be 24/47 by default.

You don’t need to repeat, the connection has been made, and will remain until you will delete mandalas, or command them to destroy the connection (in a case when you lose the device where you have them).

Correct. Leave the USB at home, and it will work wherever you go. No limits to the distance. You can give commands remotely by focusing on the Manager. With the Optimizer in, you don’t need to give any commands, unless you want something specific.

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