General Warning about energy overload!

So if you own any of Dreamweavers physical fields i warn you that you can overload your energy body and this should be avoided at all cost. I was at the ER because my blood pressure was so high after months of using energy fields. You can develop diabetes and all sorts of artery issues if you don’t use energy responsibly.

With that being said you should always ground yourself all night if you want to beable to sustain listening to many different fields over months. This is a reiki session and will get rid of all excessive energy in your aura it is extremely effective and i would go as far and say that this reiki from Lany is generally stronger than any field.

I hope you read this carefully and balance your chakras for 7 weeks do one chakra at a time while you sleep here is the channel of her

you can also suck other peoples energies if you carry around too many physical fields and it will irritate them. You can’t be 5 things at once. Focuse on 2-3 fields for 3 days with grounding. And do not listen to them more than 2 timese each.

Don’t ever use a booster to expand your aura. It can get really big and interfere with elictricity.


I listen to that channel too! I’ll make sure to use her grounding audio once a week

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I think it is not necessary to mention an author in general, those who listen to his audios and read the listening instructions are aware.

The abuse of listening is that it generates hurtful comments without meaning to the great authors.

It is enough to mention that not many audios involving energy are used.


no it’s not just the abuse of listening but people wearing multiple energy items at once that is harmful for themselves and for people around them. They are great tools don’t get me wrong but in greedy hands it does more harm than good.

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Yes grounding and taking pauses are crucial but not everyone has the same capacity.


I am a professional sorcerer and energy healer, and I am going to say this is absolutely bullshit and fear mongering and NOT true.


Welcome sir


@SorcerySupreme thank you for your reassurance! I believe this post was just to advertise another’s channels work? I don’t know but thank you, I’ve seen you over at SM and you have alot of knowledge from what I’ve seen, so thank you for putting people’s minds as ease!


Is that why when I was younger electronics would malfunction when I touched them?! It stopped happened after my mid twenties… it laptops, computers and any other appliances would malfunction or react when I touched it.

Did you do something to make yourself more energy sensitive?

No. I never knew about that kind of stuff back then. I mean we are talking about nearly 12-15 years ago. It was quite amusing because my work colleagues would wait for me to turn on my computer every morning so we could watch the screen go crazy. Laptops wouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks (PC’s would last but malfunction a bit). My manager literally banned me from being in the same room with our VERY expensive machinery. Does anyone have an explanation for that? Lol


Ah sorry, I was talking to the OP. But just read this, it’s interesting.

Could it be your general aura contains certain EMFs?

Ah crud, sorry. I will get the hang of using this forum soon :sweat_smile:
I have no idea why this used to happen but I would love if someone had an idea.

This is what I found

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Thank you sooo much!! :pray::pray: I found these to be very interesting… I do wonder why it stopped after my mid-twenties though. Oh well it was fun while it lasted! Lol

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Sabrina, can I play the audio as many times as I want? To heal this crazy energy overload, it’s too challenging to get through the day.

Maitreya has said many times that each person has a different energy system and one person may be able to tolerate 2 fields and others many more. Maitreya has a Grounding field on YouTube and there is a grounding DM for that as well.

Reiki is a wonderful gentle energy, but it matters who channels it and if the person has not healed and developed themselves they can transfer their own issues to the person they are attempting to heal. Therefore Reiki can be risky.