DM: Grounding & Earthing Mandala

  • Grounding & Earthing (balance, align, connect with the energy of the earth)

  • Release excess energy (resolve any energy overload, from too many fields or too much energetic sensitivity. release excess energy that is causing overload)

  • Integrate & Center (easily integrate all fields and energies, center yourself)

  • Correcting energy flow, and making energy flow downward (read more for info)

This article has to do with a peculiar quality of human beings. It is that a healthy body has an electrical charge between the head and the feet. If the charge is diminished or reversed for some reason, a person will be much less healthy.

This electrical charge is due to a flow of subtle energy, or ether, or vital force that moves through extremely tiny channels that run vertically throughout the body from the head to the feet.

Enhancing the downward flow of subtle energy through the body is the most powerful single method we know of to heal and develop the body.

The direction is from the head to the feet. It is the same if one is standing, sitting or lying down. For convenience, we call this direction the ‘down’ direction. The improper direction of flow (from the feet to the head) we call the ‘up’ direction.


Moving subtle energy downward from head to feet spins the three dantiens in the correct direction and much faster. This is also a reason why downward moving energy is healing.


The battery analogy. While not generally known, the human body is somewhat like a battery in which the head is positively charged and the feet are more negatively charged. In addition, each cell is charged in this way, in this direction. The etheric charge (it is not exactly the same as an electrical charge) is inside, and around each cell of the body. It can be measured with a simple volt-ammeter.

Moving energy downward actually recharges the body, somewhat like recharging a weak or discharging battery. Normally, as we age, our “battery” begins to run down. As this occurs, signs and symptoms of aging and disease occur.

The magnet analogy. The electrical or etheric charge also has qualities like a magnet, in that the charges of each cells are additive. This means that when placed together in space, or in certain arrangements, they enhance one another, provided the charge is in the same general direction.

This is exactly how magnetism works. If the iron atoms of a piece of iron or steel are all lined up the same way, a strong magnetic field is created, and the object becomes magnetic. If, however, the iron atoms are arranged randomly, no magnetism is measurable because the magnetic effects of the individual iron atoms cancel each other out.

In a similar fashion, if all your body cells are “magnetized” or “charged” in a similar direction, the body’s electrical field becomes more coherent and stronger. This has a strong healing effect. However, if the cells are either not charged enough, or the charge is reversed, health will be much worse.

A personal experience with this idea. Years ago, the author noticed that when he did the pushing down exercise, he could feel a mild tingling in the right hand, somewhat like an electrical current flow. He asked an electrical researcher to measure the electrical pressure or voltage on the body between the head and the right hand. Indeed, an electrical test meter registered several millivolts.

The sodium/potassium ratio and cellular charge. Dr. Paul Eck found that the sodium/potassium ratio on a hair analysis (but not on a blood or urine test) is a measure of the electrical charge on the cells. The hair must not be washed at the laboratory for accurate results.

This has to do with the sodium pump mechanism. It pumps sodium out of the cells and allows potassium to remain inside the cells for optimum health. This mechanism also depends upon healthy cell membranes. For proper functioning, these require adequate omega-3 fatty acids and many other chemicals found primarily in cooked vegetables .

Too many omega-6 fatty acids, which most people have today, damages the sodium pump mechanism, as can inflammation and other problems.

Among the many benefits are:

· Causes all the energy centers to open or grow larger, and to spin in the correct direction and in a synchronous and balanced way.

· This, in turn, activates the organs and tissues in a unique way that furthers their health, growth and regeneration.

· This can extend life and improve health in unusual ways, since the etheric energy can replace some of the body cells with a more hardy type of cellular material. It replaces the cytoplasm of the cell to some degree, apparently.

· The downward flow has many other benefits such as physical and psychological grounding and centering. These are discussed in detail in the Meditation article, so I will not repeat them here.

· Spinning and balancing the seven major energy centers opens the door, so to speak, for even more advanced mental and other development of the body and unfoldment of higher skills or abilities.


A very important mandate for me !!! thank you :relieved::pray::heart::sunny:

I take advantage of the Easter promo to have the reduction :grin:


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That’s amazing


Bought this today, along with empath protection and subconscious beliefs clearing-- working like a charm! This grounding one though was definitely the missing piece for me-- I feel so much better for having this! Thank you, Maitreya, for your Divinely inspired work! <3


Grounding is always good choice when you work with energy. :slight_smile: :hugs:


I bought this mandala, printed and I have doubts. Some guidance needed. I don’t know how to cut my printout. The picture of this mandala is a circle with foggy mountains, forests and flying birds. Outside this circle is a white empty space of nothing. Can I cut this white space and leave only this circle? The power of mandala won’t be less?

Yes circle is good!


The audio is really good, I just found this.
I think this is good to balance the limit breaker.

Please @Maitreya Confirm if this can be played with other mandalas and limit break at the same time.

I printed on an A4 sheet but the circle is cropped at the borders but nerverthless it’s working.

Yes, it can be used and even can help for faster results with all other mandalas, because it grounds the energy.


I’m looking for a DM with Schumann Resonance, and I wonder if this includes it. What other DMs have Schumann Resonance apart from DM:Solfeggio Frequencies (which I just bought)? The Solfeggio Frequencies DM uses 432hz, which I’m not sure is as beneficial as the regular 7.83 Hz.

Solfeggio frequencies has it. Maitreya has not made another DM with it.

Regarding the 432 Hz :" The frequency of 432 Hz music, as already mentioned for 440 Hz, refers to the value of the note A4 (LA3) of the central octave of the piano, which is taken as a reference to tune all the other notes in the time system."
So basically the 432 Hz refers to how the instrument is tuned and where is A4 note. Schumann resonance is just a frequency of 7.83 Hz and has nothing to do with the tuning issue. SO it is as beneficial as it has always been as it is the same.

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432hz - resonates with the Schumann Resonance; deeply calming and soothing; feelings of peace and well-being

This is from the DM: Solfeggio Frequencies product page, so it is indeed connecting 432 Hz with Schumann Resonance. In what way is it related? Do I get the benefit of Schumann Resonance when using the Solfeggio DM?

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It is my mistake-the DM Solfeggio Frequencies does not contain the Schumann resonance. It contains the listed frequencies only.

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Hi, Guys! Is ok to sleep with this field? Thanks

These days will create and release Schumann Resonance. :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s fine.