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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well. I found out about morphic fields about a year ago via the Sapien Medicine YT channel. My experience was short lived, because, even though I stuck to the 4 physical field rule and saw some powerful results immediately, I quickly started experiencing some heavy overload. I had been overdoing subliminals too which did not help. I quit fields a couple of months into it. I tried some here and there since, just because some were recommended for me to recover. My nervous system was way too sensitive, and they knocked me on my butt. (to be perfectly clear, it was a single listen of a field built to help the NS each time).
The only thing that made me feel better was meditating and doing qigong barefoot on the grass. I have been symptom free for several months now, but decided to take extra time to make sure I am fully recovered before I try fields again.
I heard great things about Maitreya and became a patron several months back to support what she does. I am thinking of trying her NS field next, probably in September (again, playing it extra safe).
Re-examining my journey so far, what I was missing was a guide. I got a lot of well-meaning bad advice, which I appreciate in spite of the outcome. I am hoping perhaps Maitreya or her staff may be generous enough to respond to this post, though I appreciate suggestions from everyone here. My overall goal is very simple. I would like to use one physical field (as a martial artist I got injured over a year ago -gluteus medius tendonitis and knee injury-, and I am looking for something to strengthen my muscles as well as my tendons and ligaments to speed up healing), and one energy field (as a qigong practitioner, I am interested in cultivating jing, chi and shen in equal doses).
As far as rehabilitating my body (energy and physical) so that I may use fields, I am open to any advice (whether it’s a field, a meditative practice, a supplement etc.). I don’t know how to recognize the signs that I am ready to try a field again either (in the examples I mentioned, my symptoms had subsided, so that is definitely not enough), or to recognize overload before it gets bad (the symptoms went from very mild to horrible very quickly). I am better than I ever was before and tried Rifes with no adverse reaction (they used to give me mad migraines and fatigue during my overload). I very much look forward to reading your responses. Blessings to all of you. Thank you for having me here :slight_smile:

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Some people are very sensitive, possibly like you, so for them, too many fields may be overwhelming. I recommend that you choose between 1 and 3 areas that are of utmost importance in your life. Don’t include everything at once. People cannot fix all their problems in 2 months. :slight_smile:

I also believe that fewer fields should be used at a time for better results, allowing a person to become aware and integrate them well without overloading their system.

In addition to this recommendation, use the field of unconditional love every morning, as well as the grounding field. This way, the excess energy you have will be grounded, and unconditional love will provide you with enough energy to make changes within yourself more easily and pleasantly. :slight_smile:

You can start with 1 field and after 1 or 2 months, add another one, and so on. Every topic on which we work is very important and it’s normal for me to give it time and attention to explore the new changes and our new self that we become using these tools.


Thank you so very much for taking the time to respond to me and to do so very promptly.
Just to make sure I understand your instructions correctly: when I restart fields in September I should listen to unconditional love and grounding every morning. If there are no adverse reactions, then start integrating just one field for one of my goals. Wait at least one month to add another field and don’t exceed 3 fields no matter what (I only really need two in total so that would be fine). Should I listen to the field of my choosing in the evening to give my body some rest or also in the morning? Also, should I try your NS field along with unconditional love and grounding or just leave that be?
Again, I am very moved that you would take the time to respond so thoroughly and quickly. Other creators never did and that is part of what got me in trouble.

Yes, you could think of it as a fitness workout. If you’ve never been to the gym in your entire life, you wouldn’t start with a two-hour workout because the next day you wouldn’t be able to get out of bed due to muscle soreness. :slight_smile: It’s the same with these energy fields when you’re so sensitive to them. Work with them, as they say in Yoga - without violence.

Little by little, you can add things when you’ve become accustomed to the others and it doesn’t create tension for you.

If you have the time and opportunity, also go out into nature without shoes, on grass, on ground.


Thank you so much Maitreya! I can’t wait to get started now. I will post again when I try in September. Very very excited :slight_smile:

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Dear Maitreya,

I am writing to you here so that it may help others dealing with similar issues. I tried the grounding field yesterday. First of all it felt very pleasant as I was listening to it. Your fields feel “nicer” than others I have tried. Very beautiful energy. There were strong sensations in my feet.
Unfortunately after I was done the adverse symptoms were still there: headache/migraine in my left temple (it’s still there after 24 hours), fatigue, GI stuff (belching right after a listened, followed by an upset sensation in my stomach). The grounding sensation in my feet continued for a few hours after I was done listening but it was not unpleasant per se, just very strong. I will likely give myself a few weeks of rest, what do you think should be my next step? I would really be grateful if you would let me know your thoughts. Thank you so much for helping me :slight_smile:

Energy blockages


Thank you for your willingness to help. Would you be so kind to share why you think so? What your personal experience is? What I should do about it?


These are normal cleansing symptoms if there was a need to remove various energies from your aura, even from the subconscious.

You can assist your body by grounding yourself in the physical sense. It’s not just about the energy field; consider spending a day in nature, walking barefoot on the ground. If there are waterfalls or fast-flowing rivers near you, it would be great to meditate in such a location. Using your intention can help you more quickly cleanse what you no longer need. If you don’t have access to such places, you might want to try a short detox regimen with raw food: fruits, vegetables (without cooking), raw nuts, and drinking more water with a good salt containing more minerals, etc. This can generally help the body in releasing excess energies. This is not medical advice, but recommendations that have helped me in such moments, as well as feedback from clients who have shared their experiences.

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Thank you so much. I am so glad to be getting more advice and direction from you. It has been a long road (next October will be a year since I could use a field) and I believe energy fields can help me cure some ailments in the family as well as advance my spiritual walk. I am about to move closer to water and nature so that will definitely help. By the way does barefoot on the beach count as grounding? With regard to using fields, I suppose I should just take some rest and when I feel ready, try the grounding field again?

Of course. Also, bathing in a salty sea. Salt has properties that remove any negative and bad energies from a person, and if you have the opportunity to regularly bathe in salty and cold water - this is a very good practice for the body.

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Thank you so much. I have actually been grounding regularly for the past 6 months or so. Either meditating with feet on the grass (embracing the tree stance), walking barefoot, acupressure and yes bathing in salt water regularly. Should I take some rest and try the grounding field again when my body feels ready (see if the detox is less strong then)? Or should I try a different approach as far as fields go?

I would suggest follow your intuition and adjust. I went through whole different cleansing symptoms in my journey. Sometimes more water helped, sometimes hugging trees. It is always good to listen to your own body and give it what it needs the most.
These two fields are very good at the beginning.

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Thank you so much for responding to my post. It has been a rocky road for sure. I have been asking advice since experiencing my overload in October 2022. I have been steadily feeling better. A lot of advice made me feel worse at first because people were recommending more fields to me and fields worsened the overload.
The general consensus is that I need to ground more and there is some kind of issue with my nervous system. I tried the subconscious limit removal from Sapien (in case subconscious debris from subliminals was causing the overload) and the Nervous System Field from a different creator. Both gave me bad overload. I leave a couple months of rest in between trying a new field now so that my system recoups and improves regardless. Both my wife and I have medical issues, mine are minor while my wife’s are major. In both cases traditional western medicine is useless so I would absolutely love to be able to use fields in a healthy way.
I really appreciate you sharing those fields. Should I be concerned that Quantum Booster boosts the effect of fields since I am sensitive? Could that possibly worsen my overload? Or does it simply increase my energetic capacity?
Thanks again for responding. I am super bummed that I got overload from a grounding field lol.

I feel you should use this for a few weeks and nothing else.

Daily: 2-3 times.


Thank you so much. I kind of thought this would be the natural next step and asked Maitreya about it above, however she did not mention it in her response so I felt hesitant about it. Still gonna give myself some weeks of rest and then I may just give this one a go. I am very glad to have found you guys. I see both you and Nymtaar are part of the team so it is priceless for me to receive qualified advice from people that really understand fields.

Play them once, and see how you react. I almost killed myself during energy work and recovery took me months with massive help of other beings. But also I created blockage in my mind. I was afraid to do it too much, again. If you do it slowly your body will adjust. Trust your self. Or ask Higher Self for support.

We have a bit more information here.

This was also game-changer for me.

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Thank you so much. The Raise Light Quotient seems particularly interesting. As soon as I can use fields without overload it will be first purchase for sure. Does it increase capacity only when you have it on you or do you retain the increased energetic capacity even after you stop wearing it?

The influence and expansion remain even after stopping the use of the digital mandala.


Thank you so much @Maitreya , I will definitely buy that once I get over this overload issue, it seems I could really use some more energetic capacity. As I mentioned I will rest and ground for a few weeks before I try using a field again (just playing it safe and giving my body plenty of time). Which field would you recommend I try next? Grounding again? The NS field recommended by Genius? I would be most grateful to know your recommendation.