DM: The Medicine Man

The Medicine Man is an energy field designed in the likeness of the Body Sculptor and Face Sculptor, but focused in the realm of providing the body with information and energy it needs to activate its own healing processes and to release disharmonic energies.

The field is tuned to make changes in the space where the “code” for the current and other incarnations is “recorded,” and from there it can be rewritten and changed with the free will of the individual. By making changes at this other dimension, they will immediately manifest at the physical level and create changes in this space by assisting the body through the information it receives to obtain a different code/software.

This field is utilized through meditation, where it is necessary for the person to sit for 5-10 minutes or however long they need to relax. Then, the mandala is activated with a long phrase to prevent errors if the person has a restless mind.

You focus your mind on the place you want to change and then activate the mandala. For example, “Activate… (explain what to change) Release of excess fluids from the body.” Stay for a few more seconds or minutes to feel the incoming energy within you. When you feel it’s done, open your eyes and give the command “Remember.”

This will complete the process and close the active phase of the mandala so that it is not active during your daily life when wandering thoughts pass by. I recommend doing this once and not repeating it anymore, but rather leaving some time to create and integrate the energy information into the body.

The field will not accept commands for the healing of other people, even those from your family. You can not heal your mother or brother with this. It is allowed however to give it to them (bloodline protection: works for your family members and spouse) and if they want they can use it on their own. If it is used by multiple family members, it is mandatory for each to have a separately printed mandala for their own use, without others using it.


This is very interesting.

This sounds disgusting so if I want to heal my digestion issues, like have easier and fewer bowel movments, do I say, “Activate” and then, “Heal bowel movements”?

Also, if I want thicker eyebrows, do I just say, “Activate,” and then “Grow thicker eyebrows”?

So if I want blue eyes again and pale pale white skin again, I can ask for this during the activation process after the 5 or 10 minute relaxation meditation? Seperately I mean? One at a time that is?
or I AM candida/Biofilm/Parasite free ?
This , Mandala Looks incredibly Amazing ~~ Thank you MF & Staff !!

Interesting and would like Maitreya to chime in and explain how this works ?

Would this DM The Medicine Man be able to help me with my tinnitus and blurry visions ?

Also would it be able to help restore some of my gray hair back to it’s original colors ?

Also would it help to grow hair in bald spots ?


This field is for healing not for aesthetic change, I am not sure it can work for altering your appearance. Unless you had pale white skin that had been damaged by something and now you want to restore it, it is not likely to produce results. The face and body sculptor are for aesthetic changes.


wew sounds good
im looking for optimal health .

if i have already the book of health.
this dm will add me a diffrent type of healing and it necessary?


Thats OK, thanks any way Vega. Much appreciated. I Have whiten your skin, get blue eyes fast, I’ll work with those for a while,along with a Jillion other Maitreya Fields I currently have with a list of later this year. thank you again. This program looks amazing though!!

for those who tried this, anyone willing to share results ??



Question : if lets say im experiencing headache…

ill say to the mandala " ACTIVATE… remove this headache that im experiencing… REMEMBER "

then suddenly i get stomach gas and bloating while the headache is still there, can i just activate the field again saying to it to remove the excess gas and bloating from my stomach . or do i need to cancel the 1st one command first ?

or can the field accept multiple healing commands ?

in case the headache got healed, do we need to say anything to the mandala since the work is done ??

in case i want to cancel a command, how to do that ?

edit: additional question : in case in an abdomen pain that we dont know the cause, and theres pain
i will ask the field to “ACTIVATE…remove this pain in this part of the body that im experiencing now …REMEMBER”
is the field intelligent enough to know the root cause and how to fix the issue ?

sorry for many questions, i dont have this yet, but im interested and want to be sure on how to use this correctly before buying , thank you.


You can give multiple commands. It is always good to add “Remove the root of the problem.” Sometimes, bloating could be from stress. or bacterias. The field will instruct your body to activate self-healing mechanisms. You will fix the problem, not the field.

When you say “Activate” and give the command, give yourself some time before you say “Remember” to allow the energy to integrate with your body.

No. It will automatically stop once results are achieved.

You can simply say, “I want to cancel this command…”

You can heal multiple issues, just don’t repeat the same commands. Your body might need more time.


@Polaris thank you for your time in answering my questions :smiley:


Hey guys, so I have been asking myself this question for a while and thought I would ask here. If I were to use this DM for a certain issue (e.g. old knee injury that never fully healed) and only used it for few hours a day, would it still work? Or is 24/7 necessary for the healing to take place?

If you don’t keep the field on yourself, then healing stops. You might try, but it might take ages to complete this.

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I thought so, though I hoped to be wrong lol. I’ll wait until I see that I can use at least one physical mandala 24/7 before I use this.

Does this work for skin conditions like scars, acne, warts, birthmarks, etc? Or are they considered aesthetic?

So meditate for 5-10 mins, and only after you are in a meditative state activate the mandala?

Why do we need to meditate first?

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Skin conditions are irregularities, so it’s not the normal state of the skin. While if you want to get skin from carmel to white, this is not your natural state and it’s considered aesthetic change.

Yes. You need to calm your mind first. This field is designed this way. If you are not focused, you might send the wrong instructions. So this is protection.

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I activated this for problems with TMJ and I felt it’s working, tinglings all over the affected areas.
The good thing this is working on the background, not having to use actively a field.

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I had burned my fingerprints in the kitchen. I used this, my fingers recovered within a day. My grandparents witnessed this, and they were completely shocked and called it magic laughing: That day, they’ve decided to try mandalas. So, sometimes healing happens not for you but for others at an extremely fast pace.


What’s the point of this though? I meditated for 5 mins and hardly felt any different in terms of giving instructions.

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To prevent/reduce self sabotage. Many people’s thoughts are not in control so they want to manifest something positive, but the mind goes in full negativity mode and the person continues to experience undesired effects.