DM: Remove Entities from Health

This field has been made for those who have tried everything they could to improve their health, but either they have no success at all, or after short improvements, the health issues come back, despite using the best therapeutic modalities, practices, diets, energy fields, or other methods.

This field will remove any attached entities and astral parasites, who feed off one’s energy and do not allow healing to take place. Alongside that, any thoughts and feelings that those entities have given the person, so his unhealthy state could be perpetuated, are removed. Feelings of being helpless, hopeless, confused, the delusion that another person will save you and that healing is an external process, any brain fog, wrong judgment, wrong choices, feeling of powerlessness, aggression, etc are removed and/or corrected.

Any reasons in one’s energy field that have allowed such entities and parasites to attach are removed. All rigid patterns and fixed ideas from the past, that are not a result of conscious choice but are implanted without the person even realizing it are canceled and removed.

The field also gives you the ability to see and recognize the Truth and destroys the illusions created in the person by external forces.

It will remove all subconscious blockages to healing. created in this or other lifetimes, ancestral beliefs, collective beliefs, implanted beliefs, etc

Removes toxic loyalty to the family line and one’s ancestors. In some families, parents transfer the responsibility of their own life to their children and through emotional abuse and manipulation force them into accepting that responsibility as their own. This field will free the person from wrongly accepted responsibility and give them the correct view of loyalty and the ability to be loyal without accepting other people’s suffering and responsibilities.


Thank you Maitreya Team, this one seems like a must to have! :slight_smile:
On top of the to-purchase list it goes!


What Plaxrn said !! I second that emotion. this along with Ancestral Line Clearing, revocation of soul contracts, Ancestral & DNA Blocks Remover, ALL must have’s. wow. thank you deeply! Mean it too.:pray::pray::pray:


Agree. Seems like point of no return from Sapien. But this is dm, more convenient.
Expect feedback and results

This field is very very effective. I highly recommend it, it works immediately


What!!? OMG!! thank you Sovsub !!


:angel: :smiley:


To go into more detail,
when I started to use it, I had a voice inside my mind telling me to definitely not use it.
So I did use it. Then I switched to my mental plane and saw my mental body being ablaze with black flames and I heard a screeching hissing and two slits of angry red eyes staring at me in the flames. Then I saw shadowlike creatures emerging from my mental body, being completely engulfed by these black flames which consumed them as they fled away from me. And then I had some emotional reactions after a certain point… So yeah, I guess it does what it is supposed to, burn these intruders away.


Got knocked out within a couple of minutes of using this. Woke up and body is huuurting, mind is clearer, less foggy, some other stuff. Absolute powerhouse of a field imo :slight_smile:


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How do you use it? I just bought it.

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Please, don’t spam the topic.
It’s a conversation for the field, not Sapien.
Thank you!


I just printed it out and put it next to me



Would focus to it be more effective?
I’m going to buy Limit breaker Mandala and work with it. My energy levels are low.


Yes, probably. I just printed it out with about 6.5cm length at each side and i keep it close to me while I do other things, but focusing/meditating on/with fields and the like is always more effective.


I am also glad this is a printable mandala, since energy costs are becoming a problem in many parts of the world now

what it mean?

I am saying that the prices for energy are skyrocketing in many parts of the world, especially Europe, so it is good to have this as a mandala that you just print out, instead of an audio file for something for which you always need to rely on electronic devices

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Can also use emitter… Lol

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