DM: The Body/Face Sculptor

The ‘Body Sculptor’ and ‘The Face Sculptor’ fields have been designed to be used via visualization. Through them, you can change your face and body in the desired way. Using the understanding of the nature of Maya they allow you to change your appearance and influence your physical body.

They are used through three commands: ‘Activate’, ‘Remember’, and ‘Deactivate’. To use the field, say the first command - ’Activate’ and see in your mind the desired appearance of your face or body. When you are ready give the second command- ‘Remember’ and remain in that state for a few seconds, observing the image of your ideal face or body in your mind. Remain in that state for as long as you can stay focused, for example for 1 minute. If you have difficulty visualizing, you can use photos of your desired outcome to help you.

When you are ready, use the third command ‘Deactivate’. The DM will remember the changes it needs to make and will start processes in your body that change it according to your desire. Through this field you can make changes in your body such as changing the structure of your face or body, commanding it to activate The Golden Ratio in your body, using it to gain or lose weight, increase your muscle mass, etc.

These fields have been designed to achieve fast results, using the manipulation of time. We have also included a connection to the Earth’s power, so you have sufficient energy for these changes as well as for the purpose of grounding the excess energy.


Uploading in a few minutes on youtube The Face Sculptor. :slight_smile:


Interesting fields.:slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s say we have Body Sculptor on an USB-stick with the Emitter, does the field make the commanded changes continuously from the command. We only have to make a new command if we want other changes. No need to do the “activate-remember-deactivate” every time using the field?

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Will this work for example for weight loss or pelvic tilt?

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@Maitreya does youtube audio have the same command usage as mandala? Also, are there any limitations other than imagination? And could this indirectly or directly change our genetics to make it permanent? Will it be permanent? safe to use? Thank you Maitreya :slight_smile:

@Maitreya does body sculptor includes increasing height??

The field is not made for separate things like increasing height / or weight loss / or building muscles. It’s made to make physical changes in the body and even can change hormones, bones, muscles, etc. based on the visualization that the person is using. So, it’s everything is possible - whatever the person imagines.


No, it makes a “copy” of the desired changes and works to archive them in time. No need to activate it daily. I think it would be in help if the person takes 1-2 minutes before bed to imagine again the changes he/she desires - this will speed up the process.

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@Maitreya Not doing it daily is okay, but doing it 2 or 3 times a week is okay?

@Maitreya What if we want cancel some transformation process started after giving the command and disabling the field with the deactivate command?

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Does this involve reshaping bone structure and shape? Like bone deformities from rickets?

Does it conflict with the bones, muscles, fascia of Blueprint of health?

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is this a separate command ??

also .
lets say the mandala is printed, upon activation and -remember- command, should we keep the mandala within 30cm around us for it to work ?

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@Maitreya Why is there a men and women DM Face Sculptor?

In my order confirmation. I can download 2 mandalas. One called men and one called women.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, thanks!

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Use mandalas as I always recommend - with responsibility.
It’s a huge stress for the body and the energetical system to make constant changes and in some moments can block all fields you are using, even the ones to reverse results.

If you gave the wrong command - you the field to reverse results for 1-2 days and then start again with this field and the desired results.


Nope. They can even help each other.


Yes, you should carry it with you like all other mandalas. Same use.

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There is no difference in energy. I made two pictures so anyone can use what is more comfortable for him/her.