DM: Higher Self Healing Activation

This digital mandala is created with a prayer to the Higher Self to provide the person with the energy and physical healing they need at a given moment. It should be activated in meditation, and then it will continue to work. The digital mandala is designed to remember the information and energy that the Higher Self will send to the person, activating their healing abilities, and it will keep working until the person feels perfectly well.

Sit with the digital mandala in meditation, giving yourself time to relax and feel its energy. It will automatically connect you to your Higher Self.
Talk about the problem you have—physical, emotional, or mental. Take time to mention all aspects that come to mind.
State that you wish the Higher Self to fix this.
Come out of the meditation.

It can be used multiple times for different issues.


Some time ago, I bought the “connection with higher self mandala” +art of communication,because I want to connect with my higher self and be able to communicate with it. So my question is, weather these newer fields are then needed, or can the same be acbieved by asking the higher self directly.

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I need to ask a question.
Do I have to tell about my problems in voice or I may just think about them or say about them to myself without voice? In English or in my native language?
Do I have to carry this DM with me after speaking to my HS?
Thank you

You don’t need it if you feel you don’t. So ask yourself.
I thought I had good communication with my HS, but this field feels like I have a special hotline. It feels like a language downloader, but in this case, my HS downloaded mine.

You can think or even visualise. Can be in your own language. Yes, carry the mandala until you see the results you want.