DM: The Higher Purpose

We live in a world that is full of greed and needs. Which makes us completely separate from our spiritual self. Because we are mostly driven by our ego. Most of the time we want or do things that are worst for us. Unfortunately that’s what almost everyone does in their life. Which leads to chaos and destruction of our true essence. What it would be like to have a guide in your life that forces you to do the right thing? (Even if you don’t want to!)

For example when we were kids we wanted things that are not good for us in many ways. But our parents always used to stop us. Which made us think that they are “evil” but when we grew up we realised our decisions were completely wrong at that point.

This mandala does exactly that. It uses and connects you to your higher self so that all your life events are controlled by your higher self guidance. For example let’s say you want a certain woman to fulfill your ego based desire but in essence you know she is not the right person for you. But you still want it anyway. But at that time there’s no one to stop you and you would end up in a bad situation later even if you succeeded. But what if there was someone to stop you from that? Your higher self exists beyond time and space. It knows everything about you and what’s best for you. With this mandala you will stop manifesting anything that’s bad for you since they will be blocked by your higher self. And instead you will start getting things that are best for you and serve your higher purpose in both material and spiritual realm. There will be some moments where you might feel horrible for not getting what you want BUT it will pay off in the long run. So be careful with this since it’s not for everyone.

This can hugely affect your reality like reality shifter BUT in a different way as it will push you for your best path whether you like it or not…and it’s your higher self who will determine things for you. So you completely lose control of your ego based life and surrender to your higher self. and it can be very helpful for those who feel lost and have a hard time connecting with their higher selves…

This can help those who are living in their own “illusion” of ego or falsely believe they are on track…




omg i kinda love this concept.Our high self will prepare everything for us?this is like no brainer. @Nexus what do you think about this?

I don’t want to give anything away right now but I need a few more days of testing before I release some new I sights. Conceptually it is sound but there is a major game changer in the table that blows everything out if the water. Caugh…reality shifter lol


oh okay sure mate.Take your time…Hahaha.

This is like best path tag from sapien med,but it is controlled by our higher self who really knows about us.

@Atreides you have best path tag right?will you buy this too?

@Maitreya if we don’t know our purpose in life,this mandala will help bring us to it right?


This is 1000x reality shifter dude.

Higher self beats all, the power is ridiculous.

Just a matter of ego vs divine.


@Samurai hey imagine combo this with reality shifter.What happen if we try to manifest a timeline that is bad for us?will our higher self step in and stop us?HAHAHA


Then just switch back. This one’s good definitely but reality shifter is on another level cuz it was “designed” that way
And that one has no inner limit either
And if you’re smart enough then you can get even more out of it than the higher purpose mandala in terms of higher self connection or anything else


Well said. The Higher Self has ridiculous power & the wisdom of how to best apply it.


Man my ignore button got a lot of work today!

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Reality shifter can actually make many things obsolete even this mandala if the user is smart enough and knows how to utilize it at it’s full potential lol I have both of these and I can gurantee that. But 99.99 percent can’t find out anyway and I won’t be giving any hints either for good reason lmao

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Isn’t it enough to go to a reality where we are connected to our higher self and it guides us to the best path?


Lol definitely I don’t understand why anyone would think that higher purpose mandala is better lmao it’s good definitely but compared to reality shifter? Nah no chance

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You didn’t understand what I meant, I never said that this mandala was better lol, I gave you the solution that you basically said of how to replace the need for this mandala using the reality change, if you change to a reality like the one I specified it becomes unnecessary.


I know what you said lol I was explaining why reality shifter is better


@maitreya how long will our higher self shift us to our best path?is it 2-3 days like reality shifter?

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Definitely depends. There’s no telling how long your higherself would take

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Yes to those questions and you wont be able to manifest anything that is not wanted by higher self no matter what it is…
Also your higher self won’t make you live in cave or mountain if there’s anything that makes you think like that it’s your ego. Your ego makes you think that higher self will only care about brutal spiriutal development so it’s trying to keep you away from it. And keep in mind that there are people who are rich and Spiritually developed at same time.
It refers to you not inner true self cuz real you with go on with higher self
It will be determined by higherself what’s good for you since it also knows about your future


I used this mandala for the past 6-7 hours and I must say that maitreya was right stating this isn’t for everyone. I fought myself initially to even get this for a few reasons. For one, I wasn’t liking the results that I was getting with sapien best path tag which I’ve had for almost a year now. I however recognize that tag is made by a totally different creator though and works a bit differently. Enough about that though.

I honestly had many of the same concerns as many others here do. For one, you have to remember that your personal will is a very powerful thing. I won’t lie, I consider my subconscious, ego and higher self all to be allies in a sense but I tend to rebel against all 3 on a regular basis. I naturally don’t even like the sound of anyone or anything taking unauthorized control of any aspect of my inner or outer life. Despite that, after a good 2-hour deliberation and a meal, I had to be honest with myself and admit that I don’t seem to be getting where I want as fast as I feel I could despite the progress I’ve made recently. Enough about me, here’s what I experienced using this mandala for the past 6 hours:

  • I must say that due to connecting to my higher self before, I instantly recognized the feeling of the higher self connection upon opening the mandala. For me, it feels as if a powerful spiritual pressure fills my body and I become so calm it’s like I’m high off of marijuana. This feeling got so intense so fast though, that I had to tell my HS to ease up a bit so I at least had the will to do my hygiene before bed lol.

  • When I did start moving about I felt the power of my HS rushing into me. The feelings of calm power are similar to when I use the “awaken the god within” audios. I could probably for the first time in a good while however clearly “hear” and “feel” what my HS was communicating to me. This mandala really does have it act more as a parent. My HS and I have had plenty arguments but this time it just wouldn’t allow my ego or any other aspect of me have the final say and it guided me to do a detailed hygienic routine instead of just the usual basic one, for the sake of taking care of myself. Lol it was literally like having a parent tell me to brush my teeth before bed.

  • I’m a bit of a gamer and one of my hobbies is playing NBA 2k, well HS said twice that I should get rest instead of playing it. Thing is I tend not to sleep past 6 hours on any given day. Sometimes that’s why I don’t like going to bed early. Well guess what, I’m up way before sunrise because HS knocked me out lol.

  • I used the mandala the whole time I slept. This honestly is the most uncomfortable morphic field I’ve ever utilized, in the sense that it REALLY rubs my ego the wrong way. I continuously sense the pressure from the power of my HS and this mandala really does seem to make my HS more active and a bit more “aggressive” as supposed to its usual assertive self. I just had to cut this off because it was starting to interfere with my sleep. Took around 20 minutes for me to feel “normal” again.

  • HS really did feel like a stern and strict parent while I used this mandala. I’m not against using it again but this’ll take some getting used to.


@Davismai wow this mandala activated the moment you hold it?that is quite cool.
Hey how your Higher Self communicate with you?through inner dialog?Yeah they look like a parent to me,and they REALLY take care of you even the smallest detail,like hygiene.I have to hold this for awhile because I have a messy room right now.I don’t want my higher self to nag to me hahaha.

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