DM: Trading Fury

• Covers scalping, day trading, and swing trading

• Install the ability to quickly make the right trading decisions in the right time

• Install unshakeable fearless, highly motivated, focused, and successful trader mindset

• Install the skills to effortlessly and flawlessly enter, manage, and exit trades profitably

• Install the ability to effortlessly implement proper risk management and position sizing for all trades

• Easily achieve or exceed all trading success, profit, and income goals by desired times

• Achieve at least $120,000 in real money trading profits in the next year

• Achieve at least $250,000 in real money trading profits in the following (2nd) year

• Achieve at least $500,000 - $1000,000 or more in real money trading profits each year after that

• Install mindset and perception of having enough time to trade successfully and to achieve all of my trading goals

• Install intuition to know when to watch my Charts for frequent and highly profitable trade opportunities/setups to occur during daytime and evening hours in my time zone

• Install intuition to know which tradeable instruments to watch for frequent and highly profitable trade opportunities/setups every day that I trade

• Install the ability to quickly and easily see highly profitable trade opportunities/setups to take every day that I trade

• Install mental and emotional state and feelings that are always clear, calm, and collected while scanning for trades, and entering, managing, and exiting all trades

• Dissolve all limiting beliefs and fears that I have about trading

• Infuse my trading with Love, Gratitude, Appreciation, and Happiness

• Install millionaire mindset

• My subconscious mind will guide me what to do and when to do it

• My subconscious mind will give me any additional helpful insights

• Other successful and abundance beliefs and energy


Love u

Wow, great Mandala and a bargain price!


Wow :smiley: thanks for this one :bouquet::heart:

I was wondering if we could add forex trading field in this mandala :wink:


Yes we wish that you add benefits for the forex trading to this mandala if possible please.It seems from the description that this mandala does not cover forex trading.It will be great to be able to make thousands of dollars in this market.


This covers all types of trading.

Scalping, day trading, swing trading are styles that are used across all markets.


Do patreon member get any discount while buying from maitreyastore?

Also does this is cover crypto trading?

Covers all kinds of trading


Patreons have always discount. Check previous posts there.


Please enable Gumroad discount for patreon users as I don’t see discount code option while buying in Gumroad. Store buying requires payment via PayPal and currency conversion charges ruins the discount.


Was thinking if @Maitreya could add an intuitive, accurate understanding and superhuman processing of all relevant news that impact the markets → automatically forming the connection between what is happening in the world and the markets. :slight_smile:

I think this is one key aspect of trading!



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When this discount code ends, the discount code box will disappear. Just add Fast Manifestations audio to your cart to get it to appear


bought it. Hope to improve my financial position. Tired of losing money in the market.


I know its probably too early but have you already noticed something? (different mindset, new installed knowledge etc.)

Im planning to buy this but would like to first see some testemonials about this one


The inner voice in my head has been poking me many times to get this field. I think I will get this next. I hope it can be used by someone who never done stock investment

I recommend you do demo first for a while until you see consistency in your winnings, then start will little money to get confidence with real money and then if u see good results u will see clearly what to do next


Thank you for the tip! I didn’t know there is a demo

yeah, find trustable brokers that have what you want with demo account… stocks, forex, crypto, indexes, commodities… then begin testing and having fun.