DM: Life Mission Navigation / Higher Self Series

This digital mandala is created to request the Higher Self of a person to guide and navigate them through their life, and to bring them back on their path if they have strayed from it (life mission).

The Higher Self will navigate the person and may change the reality around them to bring them back to their path and help them start following their true purpose.

It will assist the person with dreams and other signs to get back on track.

It will introduce them to people and lead them to events that will help them unfold their potential.

It might distance people who are not suitable for the person, especially if they have karmic ties that no longer serve them.

It will create new events and opportunities for the person to aid them on their journey.

It will heal and remove negative attachments to family, events, and people in their surroundings.

It will free the person from thought forms, promises, and vows made by their ancestors that no longer serve them.

It will complete lessons and tasks that the person has needed to finish for a long time, allowing them to move to the next level.

The field is designed to work comprehensively in all areas of a person’s life – work, mission, relationships – to update their current state by revising events, and to help the Higher Self assist them in moving to the next level in their life and the evolution of their soul.


Beautiful creations from a beautiful master. May you remain blessed. :pray:t2::cherry_blossom:


I told my HS what I wanted: three main dreams and goals. My life is upside down because my HS is cooperating like never before. Like really upside down. I’ve been working on my project for months, preparing, learning, and creating, and now everything goes to the bin. Delete. Bye bye. WE/ME start over, lol, and I do not even cry over the hard work I’ve done because now I feel like everything will look differently. I worked on my blockages and barriers with the Connector and other fields. Suddenly, success is just inevitable. I don’t even have a slight doubt. I feel aligned and loaded like a gun. Ready to shoot. My HS holds me and points exactly in the middle of the goal.

What I think about the Higher Self Series is that now it feels like we speak the same language. I used mandalas for the HS connection, communicated, surrendered, etc., but this series apparently fixed something.


Thank you very much for reviewing this! Feels very grounded. Using this I am feeling a strange sense of conviction coursing through me and the clearings are churning faster. Super excited to see how things shift. :dancer:t3:
Two weird things that happened after this: I have currently stopped using Witcher and Time breaker. Not sure what’s in store :space_invader:


The new series have something much smarter that I didn’t know before, which is why the effect feels so significant. These series are designed to restore the connection between a person and their Higher Self, and between the Higher Self and the Soul, leading to significant clearing and strengthening of this bond. I’ve recently discovered that people with entity issues, curses, and other negative influences often have blocked connections at these three levels, including the final level - God (Universal Consciousness). These mandalas provide a thorough spiritual cleansing and restoration of a person’s connection to their spiritual aspects. I’m glad to be of service.


And this is part of any mandala of this series, like the higher self healing activation mandala? Because this connection is what I am after.

Yes, on all series.