DM: Wealth and Success - Higher Self Series

Teaching the Higher Self about Wealth

The Higher Self is a being that lives in another realm, learning and observing incarnations that gather experience and undergo various life events. The Higher Self acts as a link between the human, the soul, and God, transmitting information and the necessary programs created within the Matrix for the person to experience. It arranges where a person will reincarnate, what experiences they will have, and what they will learn.

Since this being exists in another dimension, it sometimes lacks knowledge about the places where its incarnations occur and does not have complete information about their needs. This field is created specifically to provide the necessary information, energy, and understanding of the human need for “money and wealth.” For our Higher Self, this is irrelevant because, in other dimensions, such a need—to pay in order to live, to eat, etc.—does not exist.

This field will provide the Higher Self with information about:

  • What money, wealth, and success are.

  • Why they are necessary in our dimension (there must be a valid reason for the Higher Self to accept such knowledge).

  • How they can be used individually in a person’s life so that they can move more quickly and successfully through their lessons and accumulate the experience they came for more rapidly.

  • How the Higher Self can begin to attract money, wealth, and success into the person’s life with ease, opening up opportunities and experiences for new learning and growth.

  • The Higher Self providing new settings for the body based on the new information received and offering healing on financial matters, as well as removing patterns and experiences that hinder the person.

  • How to impart information to the person through their dreams, assisting them on this and other topics for which they seek guidance.


The same mandala has been released as a poster:

This energetically programmed image has been created for use in one’s home, office, or business premises. It will influence everyone in the premises.


Definitely on my list over on Etsy…thank you !! I have recently gotten Gate opener, Have had Gate of Abundance for over a year, abundance Ornament & more recently Golden timeline for wealth
I feel that having this in poster form over my bed, would add to the wealth abundance awareness, consciousness and overall attraction to money success wealth. Even in the dream states as well !!

What say you about all of this?

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I like to have items around me that emit energy - it elevates the entire space and prevents low energies from entering easily. I believe this has a positive impact on the mind, and such fields, which are for the home and office, help more people.


Is it possible to create a mandala that would turn a house/space into a place of power?

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Yes, I can think about how to generalize such a mandala and release it with a higher range.


To remove all energy outflows in the place, clear connections with geopathogenic zones, and mitigate influences if the house is in an unfavorable location.

+To ensure that everything entering this zone is cleansed of negative energies—people, animals, and objects. Essentially, to create something like a portal of life force for people, where the home becomes an automatic place of restoration for those living in this area.

PS: To add Feng Shui and Vastu harmonization to align human spaces with natural elements and cosmic energies, promoting well-being, health, and prosperity.


Not to hijack the original topic, but since we’re discussing it here, I’d like to add my suggestions from the Environment Series Suggestions thread. These suggestions are also highly relevant to the future Home version.

@Maitreya, please consider making the future Home DM have a coverage range greater than 50 meters, as the current Home Series covers just 50 meters. For example, the YouTube videos for the Home Series cover 300 meters.