DM: Mind Control

This field will create new neuron connections in your brain that are required to communicate conceptually and for psychic work. It will also create the belief system needed. It will rebuild the brain in such a manner as if it’s not even a skill but a part of your being. In other words it will transform your brain to allow better psychic work. With that we added a big energy field of mindfulness and awareness which will help you to use your brain and thoughts like laser technology. In a few days or weeks you will have full control of your thoughts without much effort. This can help with manifestations, rebuilding your life and success in all areas of your life. This Field is made to make automatic changes, but we decided to add one more feature for people who want to use it and get faster results. When a negative through pops up in your mind just say “Cancel” and it will be undone, so won’t affect your life in any way.

Range of mandala: 5cm
Inludes protection from black market.


This is a must.
I really like that command to control intrusive thoughts.
@DarkMatter this is ideal for you.


@Maitreya , Thank you very much for this wonderful mandala.

Doesn’t the art of communication do the same ?! How is it different from the art of communication, should we use this instead of the art of communication ?!


I need this very much lol


I think there is a lot of overlap between them, or a lot of synergy. These and Pineal Decalcification.


i don’t now this work fast or what , but when my mind try to remember something bad i feel something refuse to relive the bad thought like it didn’t matter … or not real or worth attention… i think this what strong psychic means …


What additional functionality is this exactly if it’s possible to detail it ?! And when you say faster, how many times faster, 2 or 3 times faster, or 5 times faster ?!

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The God series audios do this as well, right?

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it would seem that it is not the same approach. there are many audios which converge towards psychic awakening, and all work in a complementary way,so that we have the impression that they are doing the same thing, but in reality, they (different audios) are doing different things to achieve the same goal (psychic awakening).

Of course, it will be great to understand in detail the difference between what audios do, in order to effectively choose which one to start with. And besides, I ask if the recommended order of use would be the order of appearance of the audios.

PS: the idea being to have an excellent psychic mastery, and having visited and developed all the approaches.


Truly a mandala which is really a must have. I actually wanted to limit myself to only 2 mandalas for the next 2 weeks but that was before the new mandalas were released. I’ve been using the cancel command for a long time. But all the other features are priceless.
However, the range of only 5 centimeters is very short. You don’t always have the option to carry it in your pocket. In the handbag, for example, it would be outside the range.


what distance would be ideal for you in terms of range ?! I agree with you that 5 cm may be too small, and not always practical in everyday life, but at the same time, the mandalas should not affect the people sitting next to us or moving close to us.are we at a dead end …

Regarding the cancellation order, I didn’t think we might need it very often.

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Well I think 10-15 cm should be enough. And strangers don’t usually get that close. And even if only brief contact should have little impact on others.


Would “psychic work” in this field include telekinesis?

It won’t give any specific ablities overnight. Its more like a long time stuff so don’t expect anything overnight. And no it won’t unlock any ability either. It prepares your brain for developing skills. You still need to work on your own development. And ofc it can give better control on thought and mind. But you need to do it consciously to remove negative feeling and thoughts. That’s my personal understanding. And it will improve conceptual communication that’s for sure.


yes it is about any type of psychic work, otherwise it would have specified the psychic work only concerned.

In other words, if you are working on pyrokinesia,this mandala will help you easily have better control from your mind (and therefore capacity control, moreover, the brain is developed to support this type of work with your mind) … (this facility can also be observed in learning and working to develop these psychic abilities).

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Don’t be too skeptical, everyone is different and therefore everyone can have different don’t know what people really are, where they come from and what work they have been involved in for several years.

I am not fooled either, I know that things are not done by magic but having beliefs like I cannot have results in a few days / week, or I cannot have results easily / quickly, … all of this will not help you achieve your goals, rather they will manifest the lack of consistent results.


Cool. I wondered if it was only geared towards the various abilities that take information in. Which wouldn’t be bad but I’d like to experience even more drastic changes in the landscape of my brain.

I’m not being skeptical but just being logical here cuz there are people who expect overnight results. Especially after having big ego. But idk why you assumed it. No matter what you use psychic work has to be done with conscious effort. And 90 percent people are beginners and expects overnight result. Only few are experienced. If most people were experienced then people wouldn’t have free will at this point.