DM: Brahmacharya V2.2 with 3rd Eye-Opening

This mandala is for those who are more serious to become a brahmachari and wanted to use sexual energy to open the 3rd eye and want to make the permanent change sooner.

This mandala will give the following benefits:

Sexual Energy From The Root Chakra And The Lower Dantian Will Go Upward To The 7th Chakra Through The Sushumna Nadi
Will Charge All Your 7 Chakras
Will Remove Sexual Thoughts And Thought-forms
Will Remove Cords With Actors You Used To Masturbate
Will Make Porn Videos And Masturbation Unappealing
Will Remove All Sexual Desires & Hidden Sexual Urges
Will Remove All Stored Experiences Of Watching Porn Videos And Nude Pictures
Will Remove All Sexual Thoughts About Women
If You See Nude Pictures Or Porn Videos Then It Will Raise Your Vibration And Will Remove The Urge To See Porn And Masturbate ( Keep In Mind If You Tried To Forcefully Watch Porn And Masturbate Then It May Give Pain Or Shock In Your Head As It Will Go Against Your Mind. )
Your ‘Sattva’ Guna Will Be Strong And Will Dominate
Will Use Sexual Energy For Body Healing
Will Use Sexual Energy For Creativity
Will Use Sexual Energy For Confidence


Will Use Sexual Energy To Open 3rd Eye (Specifically Target)
Will Use Sexual Energy For Scalp Hair Growth (Specifically Target)
Will Use Sexual Energy For Eyes Healing (Specifically Target)
Will Use Sexual Energy For Making Your Aura Charismatic
Will Use Sexual Energy For Attracting Money
Will Use Sexual Energy For Attracting Luck
Will Use Sexual Energy For Attracting Prosperity And Abundance
Will Use Sexual Energy For Attracting Wealth
Will Use 5% Of Sexual Energy And Will Make This Energy Spin Around Your Aura (This Will Make People See You Attractive As God-like)

Extra Features: Activation words to heal the pelvic area. + Activation words for energy balancer (Energy balancer Included).

All Version of Bhramcharya V2 Includes: “Inner Resistance Dissolver” and “Brain Reset”, Brain Reset will auto stop if there is no damage.

Please keep in mind this mandala also use your SUBCONSCIOUS to make the changes if this mandala constantly used for a longer period of “6 months” then it will make a permanent change in your body, your body will start to automatically absorb the energy and the sperm won’t come you will be able to do sex but won’t be able to have babies and the reversal will take up to “1 year” if you decided to have babies.


Bro…you could just make a mandala that will use sexual energy for ANY desired purpose instead of making different ones which would have saved your time so you wouldn’t have to make different versions :joy:

But anyways you can add that on the V3 I suggested earlier

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Damn whoever will use these will run out of sexual energy soon enough and zero sexual urge gotta feel bad them lol like how they will explain the situation to their partners :skull_and_crossbones:


@Maitreya Thanks for the field! Just a suggestion, if there is a v3, it is possible to make it the ultimatum version? Such that all future versions v3, v4, v5… will be updated under the ultimatum version.


Just one glance at the description and I knew it was a must have for me. Looking forward to seeing the benefits unfold more and more over time!


Within a day or two this mandala alone has all but obliterated my urge to watch porn, and has even greatly reduced any internal temptations. I also have the greatest control over my sexual energy than any other time in my life.


PLEASE tell me there is a way to override “remove all sexual thoughts about women.” I def want to MAKE LOVE, not lust, to my twin flame when we reunite. I want to build a family with her. I want to desire her.

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You will still get attracted to natural attraction with this you may experience the love which many can’t. Pure love without lustful desires. :slight_smile:

Anytime you want to plan something sexual with your partner just stop using this mandala one or two days before if you are using it 24/7.



Is there something similar for females ?


Yes, this one can be used by females, will get the benefits without semen part.


Thank you very much :two_hearts:


Thanks. Thank God.

I didn’t get any email with activation words for energy balanced and other sub fields. What was the subject titled?

Thanks @Maitreya! For everything.


Anyone buy this version notice any interesting experiences?


Same question, share some experience please , especially with the 3rd eye opening! :slight_smile:

Is it safe to open it if you are not ready and don’t know what to expect ?))

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I purchased this on the 7th September and it has been working wonders for me. I finally felt ready to purchase this Mandala after Maitreya released The Divine Trinity Mandala which was a blessing for me as my reasons for my pornography use originate largly from childhood/adolescent rejection, shame, and emotional and narcissistic abuse.

This mandala has helped me to not feel strong urges to watch porn or masturbate and I actually haven’t done either since this purchase. My face is glowing, I feel incredibly healthy in mind, body, spirit and I am aware that this mandala has already helped remove a huge amount of sexual thoughts and thought-forms, cords, desires, urges, “kinks” and so on. My confidence has sky-rocketed and my social anxiety has decreased significantly. Any thoughts that I have had recently in relation to porn and/or masturbation, I have immediately found myself saying “cancel/remove” this thought to my subconscious and the energies of this Mandala, so an automatic awareness of the thought and ability to not feel consumed by the thought and act upon it which used to happen often. Strong detachment from all things pmo related. My third eye was already open following my Kundalini Shakti awakening in 2016, however, I have noticed my meditations have felt deeper and third eye connection stronger. Pelvic healer activation has been amazing for me too. The first few times of saying the command for this healing, I felt it a lot and now that a lot of healing has taken place I feel it less than I did.

I’m happy to answer any questions anyone may have for me about this Mandala, but all I can say is that this plus the Trinity mandala have been a game changer for me!


Great review, thank you :slight_smile: