DM: Bhramcharya V2

This mandala is for those who are addicted to sexual pleasure and pornographic media and want to get rid of this addiction and want to use the ‘precious energy’ into something that the body can benefit from instead of wasting it for no reason.

This mandala will give the following benefits:

Sexual Energy From The Root Chakra And The Lower Dantian Will Go Upward To The 7th Chakra Through The Sushumna Nadi
Will Charge All Your 7 Chakras
Will Remove Sexual Thoughts And Thought-forms
Will Remove Cords With Actors You Used To Masturbate
Will Make Porn Videos And Masturbation Unappealing
Will Remove All Sexual Desires & Hidden Sexual Urges
Will Remove All Stored Experiences Of Watching Porn Videos And Nude Pictures
Will Remove All Sexual Thoughts About Women
If You See Nude Pictures Or Porn Videos Then It Will Raise Your Vibration And Will Remove The Urge To See Porn And Masturbate ( Keep In Mind If You Tried To Forcefully Watch Porn And Masturbate Then It May Give Pain Or Shock In Your Head As It Will Go Against Your Mind. )
Your ‘Sattva’ Guna Will Be Strong And Will Dominate
Will Use Sexual Energy For Body Healing
Will Use Sexual Energy For Creativity
Will Use Sexual Energy For Confidence

Extra Features: Activation words to heal the pelvic area. + Activation words for energy balancer (Energy balancer Included).

All Version of Bhramcharya V2 Includes: “Inner Resistance Dissolver” and “Brain Reset”, Brain Reset will auto stop if there is no damage.

Please keep in mind using this mandala constantly for a long period of “one year” will make a permanent change in your body, your body will start to automatically absorb the energy and the sperm won’t come you will be able to do sex but won’t be able to have babies and the reversal will take up to 1 year if you decided to have babies.



When it says it will remove all sexual thoughts about women, does it mean I will eventually cease wanting to have sex with women?

Or is this only targeted to the addiction?


This one is more geared towards reducing the desire and urge so you can become a brahmachari however it won’t remove them completely but if you are using this mandala your mind won’t allow anything sexual you want to do, if you forcefully want to watch porn or want to do sex it will it stop those thoughts and will try redirect to some other thoughts. you can get the pleasure still forcefully but you won’t be able to enjoy it fully as your mind constantly will try to stop it.

If you already have a partner then I would suggest don’t use this mandala 24/7 only use when you feel the need for it, if you are using it 24/7 then stop using it before 1 or 2 days if you are planning anything sexual with your partner.


with this it won’t happen you won’t feel the need or desire.

Try to do forcefully with this mandala :wink:


Some pathways are stronger than you think bro.

But yeah I get the concept.

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So, @Genius @Maitreya someone wants to enjoy an active sexual life, this mandala is not for them, right?

It will be good to have a mandala specifically to stop porn and masturbation, but not stop actual sex with another person.


Can enjoy just don’t keep this mandala with you when you doing the loving moments.


Thank you so much for this work. I am so grateful and happy about this. It could save many men lives, including mine.

I have little confusion. I wonder if this field will make me asexual, in my perception there will be no difference between a woman or a man? Or whether this field is more to restore my sexuality to be healhly and proper?. Will women be completely unattractive to me as if she were a man? - will not be physically and sexually attractive to me at all?
I wonder because now I don’t have a woman close to my heart and it won’t change for a very long time, I don’t believe in change in my life , so this is more than perfect for me. But in future I would like to marry women that I will be love, have children and have a successful sex life and enjoy sex with my wife. I would like to my wife can be sexually attracted for me, could admire her appearance, of course in healthy way. I do not want to live in a white marriage without any desire for her.

Please advise me :pray:.


Pretty Woman will still attract your attention but in a healthy way not with lustful sexual thought related to woman. That what men do in their minds. There’s a sharp difference between natural attraction and lustful attraction.

This will just block the lustful sexual thoughts and desire and imagination for sex with women you see on streets. Not the natural attractions.


I know what you mean. Unfortunately, I know what thoughts men can have towards women and what they do with women in their minds. I’m sorry about that. I would like to honestly say in the future that I am over it. Nowadays it’s terribly difficult. There are women stripped everywhere, everything is related to sex and is supposed to attract men attention. Today I was the first day in a new job, the first thing I saw in every room was a calendar with naked and defiant women … I can handle it somehow, but it’s difficult. I really want to heal my sexuality and be happy. This work will really help us a lot. I really appreciate having the opportunity to use this

Thank you very much.

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Use brain chemicals and you’re unlikely to have those thoughts.


It is not something that will just stop with dopamine or brain chemical restoration as you are in an environment where sexual content is everywhere and when this happens your lower dantian and root chakra sexual energy kind of gets excited and a single thought or image is enough to put you in a horny mode where you start to search for more sexual content and end up releasing the sexual energy.

So it’s a combination of both brain and sexual energy to put an end to this cycle we need to heal the brain and transmute the sexual energy into something that the body can use.

If you just heal the brain and your sexual energy is getting excited then you will still end up doing the same thing and will blame the brain for it. We need to balance both so we can achieve the end result of getting out of this cycle.


Please keep in mind using this mandala constantly for a long period of “one year” will make a permanent change in your body, your body will start to automatically absorb the energy and the sperm won’t come you will be able to do sex but won’t be able to have babies and the reversal will take up to 1 year if you decided to have babies.

Does it mean that my body will stop producing sperm fluid or it will continue to produce sperm normally but my body will be absorbing fluid all the time and thats cause why sperm won’t come?

It will start to absorb, wont stop


Thank you for your response. Now everything is clear for me. :grinning:


I just bought this mandala. I would like to ask about healing pelvic area.

Does it mean that with this mandala I can for example heal my genitals if I have any issues or diseases? or it’s about other organs and area.

It is designed to make your pelvic muscles stronger so you can have the same control as you had before.

It will help with Problems like leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to having an urge to urinate that’s so sudden and strong you don’t get to a toilet in time.

It will help with nightfall, because of weak muscles many get nightfall it will help with it.

And other benefits which you get from stronger pelvic muscles. :slight_smile:


It’s good addition. It will definitely help me. Is it enough to use once a day?

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1-2 times per day is good enough yes. :slight_smile:


Thank you. :grinning: