DM: Bhramcharya V2.1 Extra Features

This mandala is for those who are more serious to become a brahmachari and wanted to get rid of sexual thoughts and desires and want to make the permanent change sooner.

This mandala will give the following benefits:

Sexual Energy From The Root Chakra And The Lower Dantian Will Go Upward To The 7th Chakra Through The Sushumna Nadi
Will Charge All Your 7 Chakras
Will Remove Sexual Thoughts And Thought-forms
Will Remove Cords With Actors You Used To Masturbate
Will Make Porn Videos And Masturbation Unappealing
Will Remove All Sexual Desires & Hidden Sexual Urges
Will Remove All Stored Experiences Of Watching Porn Videos And Nude Pictures
Will Remove All Sexual Thoughts About Women
If You See Nude Pictures Or Porn Videos Then It Will Raise Your Vibration And Will Remove The Urge To See Porn And Masturbate ( Keep In Mind If You Tried To Forcefully Watch Porn And Masturbate Then It May Give Pain Or Shock In Your Head As It Will Go Against Your Mind. )
Your ‘Sattva’ Guna Will Be Strong And Will Dominate
Will Use Sexual Energy For Body Healing
Will Use Sexual Energy For Creativity
Will Use Sexual Energy For Confidence


Will Use Sexual Energy For Scalp Hair Growth (Specifically Target)
Will Use Sexual Energy For Eyes Healing (Specifically Target)
Will Use Sexual Energy For Making Your Aura Charismatic
Will Use Sexual Energy For Attracting Money
Will Use Sexual Energy For Attracting Luck
Will Use Sexual Energy For Attracting Prosperity And Abundance
Will Use Sexual Energy For Attracting Wealth
Will Use 5% Of Sexual Energy And Will Make This Energy Spin Around Your Aura (This Will Make People See You Attractive As God-like)

Extra Features: Activation words to heal the pelvic area. + Activation words for energy balancer (Energy balancer Included).

All Version of Bhramcharya V2 Includes: “Inner Resistance Dissolver” and “Brain Reset”, Brain Reset will auto stop if there is no damage.

Please keep in mind this mandala also use your SUBCONSCIOUS to make the changes if this mandala constantly used for a longer period of “6 months” then it will make a permanent change in your body, your body will start to automatically absorb the energy and the sperm won’t come you will be able to do sex but won’t be able to have babies and the reversal will take up to “1 year” if you decided to have babies.


Can somebody share experience with this mandala please ? :slight_smile:

I bought it almost a week ago and I have not seen changes, I will update


It’s probably blockages :slight_smile: I felt mine immediately!


Do you know what kind of blockages they can be? And if I can solve them with some audio? This does not happen to me with the audios🙁

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What did you feel? And how do you use the mandala? :pray:t3:

If you can spend some money, I highly recommend Energetic Life Coach ( to release any blockage ) and The Field Optimizer ( to make everything smooth )

I’m using 8 mandalas at the moment and my higher self through The Optimizer mandala is deciding which mandala to turn on every moment of my day!

I’m still using Brahman commands such as Energy Balancer and Pelvic Healing and they work really amazing!

Pelvic Healing is strongly activating blood circulation in my pelvic area and it’s starting to heat up and heal everything that is need to be healed there!

Energy Balancer is balancing my chakras, I use it when I’m having a tension in my head, so after few minutes it’s getting released!

When I used Brahman mandala alone I felt more confident, calmer, more healthy, sexual energy started to heal my wounded parts of the body, so I felt pain relief straight away, vision was clearer!

And no sex thoughts or desires at all! On that part I was working by myself for a long time, so this mandala just continued that work and rised it on a new level :slight_smile:


I have also been working on it for a while, I really need it, I will use some audios for blocks in the aura and in the subconscious for a while, I will wait for what you recommended, 2 to 4 weeks and see what happens, thanks for sharing your experience , I’m looking for exactly that! :ok_hand:t2:

a doubt, the mandala that you mention of energetic life coach is your higher self ?, or what work did you do so that he will play the mandalas

As far as I know, higher self is working through the Optimizer mandala! I’m not sure about Energetic Life Coach! Try to read description and go how you feel! This is how I am doing :slight_smile:

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I’m planning to buy this and this would be my first time using a mandala with activation. What is the activation word for this?


Once you buy, the link to download will include the activation code file + mandala.



there is no code itself, activation words for different things come