DM: Divine Invocation

This is a very powerful potion of divine energies which takes away any negative energies from within and around your mind and body. This field leaves you with pure bliss and positive attitude. A sense of renewal is felt in just a few minutes. This field gives you an opportunity to get rid of all that may have been haunting you emotionally and spiritually.

This field evokes the living God (The Pure Consciousness of the Universe that is infinite, omni-present manifesting power of the Universe. Out of this is evolved everything that we call Dynamic energy or force. It can manifest in any form or shape. It is the consciousness manifesting as motion, as gravitation, as magnetism, etc. It is also manifesting as the actions of the body, as thought force. It is the Supreme Spirit.), asking protection and freedom from all sorrow and suffering. It is a prayer that adores the great creator and liberator, who out of love and compassion manifests, to protect us, in an earthly form. It has the power to transport ones mind to the state of causeless love and limitless joy. The calmness that the field can give is to be experienced, not spoken about. Here is the key with which any door to spiritual treasure could be opened. A tool which can be used to achieve all desires. The nectar that can set man free!

Keep your house and office free of clutter, keep your body hygienic by taking daily shower and let the divine take charge of your Life to get the best results from this field.


this sounds amazing but also somewhat intimidating lol

how is this differnt than the state that would be reached from universal clearing though? I started using that again and have been working away on that and it seems like the end goal is quite similar as far as higher level of conciousness/ joy and better manifestation

does this mean God will take care of our life through this mandala?

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It will fill you and your life with positivity.

Anything that is negative, be it people, situations, or anything it will remove it and will create situations so you can get rid of it.

If you are in a situation with negative people be ready for a sudden big change that will pop up and will change everything.

This has the power to change your life completely. Kind of divine taking care of your life, yes. It is like making a call for help to the Higher consciousness. Asking it to free you from all suffering and negativity.


Thank you . I purchased it just now. The energy is very strong.


I see me in the shower with the mandala lol


Two days ago I started using SZ’s Source Interception and thought about how good it would be to have a mandala with connection to God.
Yesterday I was also thinking about this when I was outside.

Today I had a thought to not buy more tools for some time, I have a lot of them already.

Then I open forum and see this :).

The “God Thought” won ;).


Fantastic field! I’d be curious to hear if you feel that this new mandala from MF feels similar.


I kid you not, this morning when I woke up, which is right around the time this post was made, I told the divine mother and father that I wanted to connect directly to the source of all things in this universe. I was directed to energetically interact with a gatekeeper of sorts. Now that I’m recalling it the details are fuzzy, although the interaction seemed perfectly clear and vivid at the time. Long story short. I decided after feeling a bit disappointed that I couldn’t reach the source at that time, I decided to take my mind off the experience and raise my vibration and tend to some self-care activities. low and behold, I decide to randomly see if Maitreya released anything new. As soon as I filtered the gumroad page by “newest”. I saw this mandala…and froze…it was like seeing a long lost parent, so happy, so amazed. I haven’t even purchased the mandala yet but this is a must, as I feel a stronger pull than ever to be connected to the source.


This is very very strong. I am not at all energy sensitive. I bought this mandala this morning and used it for 2 hours now. Feels like a huge weight on me, does not feel like that in a bad way, but the energy is very thick like a cloud around me.


Feels great so far! At work so I haven’t printed it yet but I put it in my audio talisman folder on phone (filip swilinski’s software). Will this work as wallpaper?


All the DM’s from Maitreya do seem to work as wallpapers. What I’m wondering is what the specific range for this mandala is, also…do maitreya mandalas have the ability to transfer the energies they emanate through sound waves?..let’s say for instance that I use a mandala as a wallpaper. When I play an audio of any sort, would the energy be carried through those sound waves?


Yeah I was a little worried someone will ask me for review, while my review will be extremely unfair today :).

Unfair review
When I took the mandala, within minutes it put a smile on my face which lasts and lasts, and a very calming feeling that everything is fine (even though it’s not, it’s very far from fine), I just surrender, that’s all :). It is kind of similar feeling to what I got from SZ, but better, stronger, and automatic. With SZ I was talking, told all my frustrations to it (this has very therapeutical effect even without any field).

Explanations - why unfair
But this is unfair, because I’m also a nootropic guy. Experiments already done in the past, currently I have daily schedule, but today, for the second time, I took Phenibut. A very strong nootropic, and very dangerous.
So I may be reviewing Phenibut here, even if effects started after wearing mandala.

Second problem is I don’t have stable sensitivity. Things work super, then not at all (and all the spectrum in between). Some tool works great, let’s say AudioTalisman, but after some time I find I need to listen to audio, AT does not work… I don’t get it to be honest :). I also consider myself rather a noob here - I haven’t managed to connect with HS, many mandalas don’t work for me (for instance RS) - so I call them in my head “advanced mandalas”.

Third thing is I use many tools at once. So I rather have synergistic effect. If I remove some mandalas (or other tools) I think are not needed, I see I lose many effects, and need to bring them back. Just like you had with Energy Increaser.
Many times I would like to review some mandala, to let Maitreya know how it worked, to exchange experiences with people - I like reading other peoples’ reviews, but I end up not knowing in which topic I should write :).

I plan to experiment with Phenibut more in upcoming weeks, so unless I get tremendous material changes in life (financial freedom, a home/house which I like, or something), I wouldn’t like to review anything. Too easy to make mistake here with mental or spiritual stuff.
Oh, and regarding this plan - I had funny experience today, I wanted to take some vitamins, magnessium, and heard (in mind voice) and felt a very strong “no, don’t take that”. I think “nah, I’ll take it” and hear “no, don’t, just trust me”. Whether that was Phenibut or God, I don’t know. But I obeyed :).

I would like to hear your review too, if you ever buy this field, it would be great if you could share opinion :).

For now, maybe other people could do the comparison review, if someone wishes to :).


Very detailed response, thank you. I’ll say this, moreso than just about anything else - don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s okay to share with us what you experienced without it being perfectly conformed to strict scientific controls & protocols. We’re all learning here together, so feel free to jump in as it feels right.

I’m interested in this one, but I’ve got a backlog of about a dozen MF products I’d like to buy, and about as many from Sapien as well. We’ll see how it goes.


Just an update, used the mandala for a couple hours, planned to keep it on longer, but there are other energies from other producers I wanna try today lol. Let me say this though, this mandala is now a staple in my toolbox. I felt peace, bliss, purity, excitement, joy and happiness and the experience of the energy is so beautiful that my eyes watered from the happiness of feeling like I was finally home, after having lost my way and suffered for so long. Here, I am welcome, I valued and I am loved. There is no love, not even self love that compares to this feeling in my opinion. (Technically there is only one “self”), but I’m sure you get what I mean. A few of the things that had plagued me for so long have energetically lost their power and hold on me. Maitreya, thank you for energetically helping me find my way home, back to source. Makes being in this world much more bearable. eternal blessings to you and the people/entities that helped you bring this tool into reality.


Sorry to challenge your sale, but could you explain why we need to pay $88 for something that is already present?

I love everything you guys do, but if you try to sell me God, you need a better sales pitch.

You cannot evoke something that’s already present and active. We can, however, talk to it since it’s right here and there. I’m doing it right now.

Sounds like there’s an $88 cause.

PS: I’m just messing with the team to up their game. You heat what you want to expand.
Do not start an argument out of this unless you can be cool and fun. :wink:


Yes, will work as wallpaper and the range is 30 cm.


This field is like calling a name. Just like when you call a person he comes and makes you feel his presence, the same manner when you use this field, the supreme energy manifests everywhere around you. As the Universe is Omnipresent, the supreme energy can manifest anywhere and any time. It is also very important to know that the invocation with all humility, respect and with great necessity makes the presence stronger.

The supreme inner energy that is immanent in every creature and in all beings, living and non-living. It’s the indweller or the Antaryamin who resides formless or in any form desired. It’s the force that can come to you whenever you want and wherever you want to guide and help you.

The calmness that the field can give is to be experienced and cannot be compared to anything. Dont believe us try and see yourself. :wink:


haha, thanks for the dear explanation. Allow me to nudge you one more time because I’m 100% sure we are just having a language barrier.

By definition, when something is omnipresent, it means it cannot come or go. It’s always everywhere. It is immutable in terms of presence.

So I was expecting you to say something like “the field changes your vibration/perception to experience the presence of God, etc”.

And the $88 cause was just to tease you : ) Keep up the good work.