Divinity Activation

This field is for anyone who has: has a severe illness or accident, a feeling that you are ill or dying, feeling directionless or depressed, feeling abandoned or betrayed by Spirit, feeling like you cannot cope, feeling like you need to run away, feeling like you have gone backward, reliving childhood traumas and decisions, feeling stuck or feeling a need to clear out all the old stuff such as karmic patterns. At the same time, it fills those spaces with aspects of your Divinity, strengthening your connection with Source and your Higher Self.

This field works similar to the Trauma & Incident Clearing field, but with a direct connection to your Higher Self, determining what needs to be transmuted, cleared, and/or processed, and does so in the best way possible for you at that time. It works on all karmic patterning as well, thanking Source and your Higher Self for the lessons and experiences you needed, and then letting them go - as well as the energy and patterns tied to those experiences.

This field reabsorbs into Source all the general and specific karmic energy patterning from all your lifetimes at once without slogging through and processing all the third-dimensional experiences. Your Spirit/Higher Self decides which patterns are to be removed/transmuted and which orientations of Divinity are to be infused. This process powerfully affects every person you have ever known, in this incarnation and in any lifetime. Often, your personal relationships shift immediately.

This results in: freeing up specific and general karmic pattern that has been holding you back from moving to your next step or higher levels of consciousness, major shifts in personal relationships and dissolving karmic-based relationships, strengthening your relationship with Source/Spirit and your Higher Self, breaking through into a higher dimensional reality, and a deep sense of freedom and completion of the old game of separation from Source - with a whole new level of vision and determination emerging as your old reality disappears and a new world is simultaneously born.

Digital Mandala:


I’ve only been wearing it for a couple of hours or so; since it was released. I can already tell it’s working. I’ll notice an uncomfortable memory coming up and then being alleviated or having an understanding brought in towards it that relieves it.

That understanding must be the “orientations of Divinity” mentioned being “infused”. It does seem like that is exactly what is happening.

I look forward to seeing how it works in real time when some people actively look for traumas and try to push buttons.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the other sides of this field such as affecting relationships.

I’m getting more excited about this one after using it a little longer. In the background I can tell something like rem is going on. Actually it always is for all of us whether we can tell or not. But now I can see in that level of my brain this process is ongoing of a painful memory coming up and then being reconciled with a higher truth.

And actually most of the time it’s better than that. The memory comes up with the reconciliation already worked into it so it’s already transformed into something non-harmful by the time it reaches my conscious mind.

The part that excites me though is seeing it work when interacting with people. I almost requested something like this I was going to call it “Adaptive Healing” or “Adaptive Trauma Clearing” but I never did because I couldn’t find just the right words to explain what I was asking for.

But it’s doing that thing I would have asked for. So in real time if someone intentionally or inadvertently pushes a button on an old wound it’s healed at that very moment. It’s as quick working as adaptive shield. So it’s like I finally have the other half of the Adaptive Shield program. Stop harm from coming in. And stop having wounds in you that outer influences can resonate with and cause you to get back in touch with.

Long story short; it’s freaking great.


I agree. I played the YouTube audio only once last night, and that was enough. Almost immediately, like withing 2 seconds of feeling the energy flowing, I heard myself within react (I have grown accustomed to communicating with the different parts of me - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc. Think of aura layers as different consciousnesses that collectively make up you in different ‘dimensions’ for lack of a better term, each which you can learn to communicate with, and they with the consciously aware you).

The reaction within was “Do you have any idea what you just did?!?” The tone was not shock or anger, it was amazement, surprise, & wonder. Like, are you aware just how positive this is?

I then proceeded to go through a process of identifying & letting go of whatever needed to be gone. I wasn’t consciously aware of what these things were, but I could feel the emotions come & go, and sometimes I’d get very brief remembrances come up, like less than a second.

It was all very quick, very efficient, very effective - but I was very focused on this field & actively using my attention to make it work best. I never thought of using the mandala as a passive shielding/healing effect, very insightful @Atreides, thanks!


I absolutely love this.

Yes… Exactly I know what you mean.

@NotFrank I like to share my experiences because that’s what I value reading here from others. “Do unto others…” you know. You’re welcome.


Loving this field so far as well. I got the mandala. Haven’t tried the audio yet.


@Maitreya can you post the boosted audio on gumraod as well?

Literally too elite at this point.



A separate field for burning off karma would be great.

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Burning karma is the old-energy way of doing things. Why walk when you can fly?



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You’re saying its old way but I dont see any single field for that purpose?

That’s my point. It’s outdated, obsolete, ineffective.


I’m feeling that my spirit is being tortured and the feeling is very hurtful… This feeling popped up once again in my life. Still cannot figure out what the lesson is. Hope this one can help.


This might be a bit long but I need to talk about my whole perspective on the subject, this field seems to strengthen the connection with the higher self, clear blocks that prevent connection or even make your higher self accept the connection. I went through a seminar in 2018 where my higher self would be activated and I would have full connection with it, many people who do this seminar, in this case most of them, get a really extraordinary connection and are able to discover a lot of things about themselves from that, also get help to unlock many psychic potentials, my process was one of the few that failed. 1 year later I found out that my higher self would not like to show my past lives for various reasons, but then in the middle of 2020 I started trying to connect, something I had already given up on, while I got some results, it was small things, but after using this field for a few days i really felt that my requests and meditations were answered more strongly than before, after spending more than a year meditating every day i feel that now the results are worth it, but of course, this is still not is at the level I would like it to be, my suggestion is a specific field or mandala to unlock connection with the higher self, this field could cover most aspects that prevent connection, change your own beliefs to believe you are worthy of a connection, which is something normal and not unattainable, remove specific alien entities or implants designed to block your connection to your higher self, create etheric armor using your own self so that nothing external can weaken, distort, manipulate, or block the connection to your higher self, strengthen the ability to intuitively feel and understand dreams, visions, or feelings that your higher self passes on to you, I know we have had a field recently launched for this, but I don’t know if it has the same purpose I have in mind, anyway.


You feel this before or only after using Divinity Activation? If only after, do you think it was already something you were experiencing but just blocking out or numbing out and then DA brought your attention to it because you need to do something about it?

I know when I use this I see synchronicities happen that lead me to face people or events that are uncannily like hurtful events or people of the past. Sometimes I can clearly see that at the same time it’s bringing a situation like that it’s bringing me an ability to no longer feel bothered by it. Other times it’s harder to handle like maybe I’m not ready yet or maybe just not willing.


This feeling that came to me was after a few days of my first listen.
For my first listen I caught some synchronicities too but the events were those I consciously knew they were only tests for me to pass so I didn’t feel painful but cautious.

This feeling is sth that I suffered several times through my whole lifetime. eg: When I was a student preparing for entrance exam stuff and I was numb then but deeply inside felt tortured.

The more recent one is during my first listen to “attract the best job” from Maitreya field here, I had a strong depression feeling and cannot help crying. So I decided to stop looking for a job. But actually my career( originally I was intent to look for a job of the same career) is quite happy except that it consumes a lot of my daily energy and makes me feel exhausted.

The torture feeling came back to me again I believe it was a hint to remind me of my listen to “attract the best job” experience, and I decide to listen to DA again to comfort myself. But I think you could be right, maybe the effect of my first listen to DA was lasting for a few days.

Until now I only grasp that the soul is telling me that I should not live my life tiredly no matter I am willing to or not. But my soul does not tell me how to live an easy life :sob:. Sad.

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Does this field have purging symptoms? I have been feeling some intense emotions.

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I think it does, the first night I looped, I got nightmares, my bed was wet because I was sweating like crazy!

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Yup, it can cause a healing crisis where the person needs it the most.