What are your favorite "beautiful aura" fields?

These are the fields that I know give a beautiful aura to give the appearance of beauty, magnetism and attractiveness.

Which are your favorite fields to appear attractive, sexy, friendly, and be the center of everyone’s attention?

I guess these fields do not go well with say Dragon Aura or Angelic Presence fields?


There is a mandala also for it on patreon … Something like attractive charismatic aura…

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Oh really? I missed it I think, let me search patreon

Found it, attractive charismatic aura.

@Maitreya do all these do different things? Magnetism bundle, beautiful cloak, magnificent presence and charismatic aura? If not which one covers everything? Thanks

If anyone else is looking for it …

Here https://www.patreon.com/posts/attractive-and-52333843

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This could also help:

Become the Best Version of Yourself

This audio is programmed to bring out the best in you from your subconsciousness mind.

It will change your behavior with the information from your subconsciousness mind. You will have improvment in every area in yourself - how you talk, how you act, how you look, It will bring out the best in you.

Audio is programmed to charge and open your heart and second chakra so you can become like a magnet for love and sex attraction to other people.

It fills your inner being with unconditional love, self confidence and self-worth boosting.

There is also program to your subconsciousness mind that works for drawing people to you - to like you, to search your attention, to love to talk to you.


its also a Pendant on MF on the Etsy site. theres like 10 Pendants there from Maitreya Fields that Id love to have including this one Best Self.

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Hey.have you used this mandla.what results you got?