Fields Storage Creator

Fields Storage Creator

Put a metal object in front of the speaker so the field can find it and know where to store the energy. This audio will create one big energy field in the object with which you can storage 3 fields at the same time for 12 hours. When you go out of your house and you don’t have time to listen to the fields, you put the metal object in your pocket and and it will keep working while you are out and about. The big field will restart after 12 hours and you can put other fields in it without the need of doing anything else.

You put a metal object in front of speakers with this audio ON + the other fields you want to be in the object. You can make that simultaneously, not one by one.

Audio can store only energy types of structures: fields, morphic fields, frequencies, reiki asmr, etc. It won’t work with affirmations or subliminals.

When you do this be the only one in the room so the field to work only on you the next hours.

Gumroad version:


Is the range also 5 meters like the mandalas?

And does it have to be metal? :stuck_out_tongue:

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From 5 to 10-15 meters, this will depend also from the auric field to the person who carries it.

Yup, we didn’t wanted to put crystals or other things to don’t mess the things up.


My speaker is metal and I have other metal items here. All items will now have field?


We have thought about that :slight_smile: The range field to find the object is 10cm.


I will create 10 fields now! I am thinking of using quarters. :slight_smile:


You can use different items to have more fields with you. Some people are sharing that they are using 20-30 fields a day. With this field you have one more thing - it extends the time the fields will work with your energy body for 12 hours without the need to stay in front of your speakers.


Is this the right procedure?

  • I keep quarter in front of speaker
  • I start this audio on speaker
  • I start Greek God Body on my phone
  • I start God of Gods body on my laptop

Now the quarter has both fields. To have more fields, I need more devices to play audios all at same time right?

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Yes or more easy way - open new tabs or use different softwares to play a few fields simultaneously.





So if someone puts androstenone on an item, its gonna be warzone lol.

Or test booster, everyone around is also gonna get increase of test…

I think its better if u program to only work on 1 person Mai.

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This is nice. I’m going to try it out later today

I would like that, but i can’t imagine how the field will know who is his creator. :smiley: Maybe i can make a correction to the distance in it, like 2 meters? :thinking:

Or to program it this way - when it’s played, the person who is in range of 5 meters to be the only one who will be affected…? :slight_smile:


Honestly I think even 1 meter or half a meter.

I mean, if u go out youre not gonna be 5 meters from the field lol, its gonna be on you.


Maitreya, if I play the same audio from 10 tabs - will the item now have 10-times boosted field? :pray:


Don’t think so :smiley:


I personally like the idea that it’ll affect anyone in range, mostly for the specific situation I’m thinking about where I’d like to charge a coin with positivity and luck and something emotionally healing and leave it in the room of a “non-believer”, as it were. But I can see the drawbacks.


Both can work, you decide.

Update though so we know how it works :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry Maitreya, one question.

This audio is 15-min. God Body is longer. So I use this audio twice while playing god body?


Yeah but 5 meters is waay to much dude.

Imagine being in crowded place lol.

Its good for pranking ofcourse, but eh, I like the idea of mandalas working only when worn.