Your experiences with AP field from Patreon

I used to practice AP by using many methods,and always fail at the vibratory stage.That was about 9 months ago,since then I have practiced a lot of energy work and listening to sapien and maitreya fields I believe I am ready more than ever.I will be able to practice again in 2 weeks when time allows it but until then;how did u guys use it in,how long,was it only used to help u ap or u also prepared urself for ap by using it but didnt actively try,all success stories are welcome so lets share and figure out the best way to use that almighty field.

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I also pause questions about this field. Does it only upload knowledge related to astral travel into our subconscious ?!Does it provide us with the energy necessary for separation and and flight into the astral world ?! after how many days can we expect complete successful experiences. thank you Thank you all

It gives you the energy to do it, not knowledge.


Astral Projection | Maitreya Fields on Patreon

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So can I use it for hours while multitasking and then when I finally decide to do it,it will be way easier?Second question,would it help me when I decide to practice AP,like help push me out of body?

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