Working Astral Projection field

Hello @Maitreya and fellow people. I would like to know why there is no working Astral projection field until now. I came to know that a field is present in Patreon of Maitreya page. But it is too lengthy.

I have astral projected using Theta field from Sapien Medicine a very few time. But it was a very time consuming process. It took around 2 months to initially make a projection.

I don’t find any Mandala or a boosted version for Astral projection in Maitreya website or Gumroad.

Will there be a strong field that can work well for Astral travel? A short one too, like many other fields?


What do you play the audio off of? iPhone or android?

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I play using my Android devices


Sorry provided the answer in my last post

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What music program do you use to put your music on android?

The stock player … I have Samsung and play it using Samsung Music app. Will there be a difference? Maitreya fields depend on the frequency unlike Sapien’s?

No there won’t be a difference.

Okey. How effective is Maitreya
's Astral Field? I am using a boosted version of a field and I can sense it strongly. So I thought @Maitreya might make a field just for Astral Projection. Something shorter and boosted one just like the Lucid Dreaming field or a Mandala.

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I have no experience with it.

No problem. I think Maitreya might see and reply.

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Sapien is developing an astral travel album with the help of 5 researchers /testers:


We will re-work with the field to be effective for everyone.


Thank you…

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Yes waiting for that. The technique is almost getting finalized and soon it will be made into a field.

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why angry jaaj

He’s fake ?

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I use his all the time and I get great results, ok thank u for putting in a way that wasn’t condescending.
true he is unknown , unclean I hope not I enjoy his ,though he also pulls from the collective thoughts and makes them u can see it too I don’t think a being that advanced would do something nasty.
my opinion of course lol .

how is things with ur ascension pendant I wore my for a really long time I quit cause it was too much and I wasn’t changing my external life ill tell u mine I really brought hatred of others anyway that mine lol and it made me want smash my head in to a wall lol too far probably, when i bought it i was like why didnt i buy divine balance lol

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