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I don’t know about you guys, but the forum gets kinda messy when everyone is asking questions in new threads. Should we maybe try using this one thread for questions and see where things go from there?

Otherwise, I will delete this thread.


This is a good idea, a place to ask general questions, or which involve two or more different fields.:+1:

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Why when we listen to energy audio with headphones, our aura is not affected, without our aura also being in and around our ears…lol ?! It is always said that listening to maitreya energy audios through a speaker gives better results because the audio also affects our aura.
Why is affecting the aura so much more important than affecting the subconscious ?! Unless the subconscious resides in our aura where maybe it is because our subconscious reads and listen much more easily to everything that our aura communicates.

Example of audio that you must absolutely listen to with speakers: The Eternal Aura Cleaner …

Thank you all.


good question.

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Is it really possible to win the lottery using audios? I mean, I think it’s possible, but I don’t think it’s that simple, what do you think of that? Did any of you win high prizes?

Headphones work also.
Speakers are better, because the field through sound can integrate more easily to your aura (this is your field). 95% of your mind is controlled by the subconscious and only 5% we can use most of the time. Of course there are people who break that rule, but in society when you go to work, talk with people , have hundred things to do - you are not aware 100% of the time. You go on autopilot…

It can be said that our bodies are our subconsciousness. Imagine now you are a baby and try to walk. You fall hundred times before you can coordinate (your mind wants and sees in other people HOW TO, but you can’t still). When there are repeating thoughts and actions the physical body after that knows what to do even when you are not aware of that.
See tomorrow how you are going to work. Most of the people didn’t see anything on the way and can’t remember anything for traffic, etc. Because you subconsciousness makes this for you until you are thinking other things (you are not even on the road in your mind).
So, headphones work, but speakers are better as it integrates more easily.


I was going to answer this, but already a great answer from Maitreya

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@Maitreya I had a question about this audio:
When you said “Through forms”, did you mean thought forms?

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@Maitreya does editing the tags affect the fields? I have two audios now named “mix - by” it won’t be changing the filename which I seen you claim both is fine. I don’t remember which one you stated specifically the field was attached to the filename.

Thanks, fixed this.

Not anymore, we stop to attach the fields to names, because we use royalty free music and on other devices have very strange names.

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Maitreya has your custom request option disappeared from Gumroads? I can’t find it.

it’s not on gumroad at the moment, but don’t worry, It will be restored again.


Sorry, at the moment we are not planning to open customs.

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visualization is necessary when using fields?

I know you have said about the volume of the audio, so if I have the audio playing on my phone loud but can’t really hear the track is it still affecting your aura even though you can’t really hear the audio?

Not at all

So long as it’s above 10%. It’s just a good barometer to have it consciously audible

@Maitreya @Genius What do you guys like to do in your own time?

I don’t have much free time, but when i do - swimming and walking in mountains. :smiley:
This idea is awesome for new topic - People Hobbies or What to do during a pandemic? lol


Hmm, for photographic memory which would field would you recommend I use?